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ฝอ ฝาlid or cover of a pot or bowl; capThe 29th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ฝ (ฝ)
TIS-620 value: 0xฝ (ฝ)

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Page 3
ฝันเรื่อง fanR reuuangFverbdream about (something)
ฝันว่าจูบกับคนรัก จะได้รับเคราะห์เล็ก ๆ น้อย ๆ จากคนใกล้ตัวfanR waaF juupL gapL khohnM rakH jaL daiF rapH khrawH lekH lekH naawyH naawyH jaakL khohnM glaiF dtuaaMexample sentence"If you dream that you are kissing the one you love, you will suffer misfortune from those close to you."
ฝันสยองfanR saL yaawngRnounterrifying nightmare
ฝันเห็นคนตายหรือศพ ทำนายว่าจะได้ลาภจากเสี่ยงโชคfanR henR khohnM dtaaiM reuuR sohpL thamM naaiM waaF jaL daiF laapF jaakL siiangL cho:hkFexample sentence"If you dream of seeing a corpse, one can predict that you will get rich through a game of chance."
ฝันเฟื่องfanR feuuangFverbto daydream of the impossible; fantasize about the impossible
ฝา faaRnounlid or cover of a pot or bowl; cap
nouninterior wall
classifier[numerical classifier for cover, top, cap]
prefix[euphonious prefix]
ฝากระดานfaaR graL daanMnounwooden partition
ฝากั้นfaaR ganFnouninterior wall; partition
ฝาขัดแตะfaaR khatL dtaeLnounwoven wall; interior wall made from woven mat
ฝาครอบ faaR khraawpFnoun(bottle) stopper; lid; cap
ฝาครอบดุมล้อ faaR khraawpF doomM laawHnounhubcap
ฝาครอบหัวนมยาง faaR khraawpF huaaR nohmM yaangMnounlid or screw-on cap for a baby's bottle
ฝาจุก faaR jookLnouna cork bottle stopper
ฝาชี faaR cheeMnouncover used to keep flies off food, typically a bamboo basket in the shape of a cone; currently made from plastic or screening material
ฝาชีครอบอาหารfaaR cheeM khraawpF aaM haanRnouncover used to protect food against insects
ฝาน้ำมันfaaR namH manMnoungas cap
ฝาปิดfaaR bpitLnountop; lid
ฝาปิดชักโครกfaaR bpitL chakH khro:hkFnountoilet lid
ฝาผนังfaaR phaL nangRnoun[ฝาผนัง] interior wall
ฝาแฝดfaaR faaetLnoun[ฝาแฝด] twin; twins; a double
ฝาสานไม้ไผ่faaR saanR maaiH phaiLnounwoven bamboo wall
ฝาสูบfaaR suupLnouncylinder head (of an automobile engine, e.g.)
ฝาหม้อfaaR maawFnounpot lid
ฝาห้องfaaR haawngFnouninterior wall of a room
ฝ่า faaLnounthe palm of the hand or sole of the foot
verbto violate; disobey; infringe; trespass; go against
ฝ่าคืบfaaL kheuupFnoun[ฝ่าคืบ] [a unit of linear measure] a palm span
ฝ่าเท้าfaaL thaaoHnounsole of the foot (human)
ฝ่าฝืนfaaL feuunRverbto violate
ฝ่าพระบาทfaaL phraH baatLnoun, proper noun, person, pronoun, formal[royal use only — second person singular pronoun used to address:
  1. the royal family member with the royal title พระเจ้าวรวงศ์เธอ (Pra Jao Worawong Ther) who is not in charge of any of the Thai government department (ทรงกรม);
  2. the royal sub-family member (พระอนุวงศ์) with the royal title พระวรวงศ์เธอ (Pra Worawong Ther) who is in charge of a government department;
  3. the royal sub-family member with the royal title "Pra Worawong Ther" who are not in charge of any government department;
  4. a royal sub-family member with the royal title หม่อมเจ้า (Mom Jao).
] "You"
ฝ่าไฟแดงfaaL faiM daaengMverbto run a red light
ฝ่ามือ faaL meuuMnounthe palm of the hand
ฝ้า faaFadjectivemisty; frosted; hazy
nounscab on a wound
ฝ้าเพดานfaaF phaehM daanMnounceiling
ฝ้าฟางfaaF faangMadjective[is] dim; hazy; indistinct; clouded
ฝาก faakLverbto deposit; leave; entrust (something); consign
to bring as a gift
ฝากขอโทษอาจารย์ด้วยที่ไม่ได้ไปเรียนfaakL khaawR tho:htF aaM jaanM duayF theeF maiF daiF bpaiM riianMexample sentence"Please apologize to the teacher for me for not being able to go to class."
ฝากข้อความไว้ว่าพรุ่งนี้ฉันจะมาใหม่ faakL khaawF khwaamM waiH waaF phroongF neeH chanR jaL maaM maiLexample sentence"Leave a message that I will come again tomorrow."
ฝากของfaakL khaawngRverbto deposit (check) one's belongings
ฝากขอบคุณคนทำอาหารด้วยนะคะ faakL khaawpL khoonM khohnM thamM aaM haanR duayF naH khaHexample sentence"Please say thank you to the cook."
ฝากขายfaakL khaaiRverbto consign (goods for sale)
ฝากความทรงจำถึงเพื่อนfaakL khwaamM sohngM jamM theungR pheuuanFexample sentence"[that] you will still remember me, my friend."
ฝากเงินfaakL ngernMverbto deposit funds
ฝากเนื้อฝากตัวfaakL neuuaH faakL dtuaaMverb, phraseto attach oneself to somebody; become dependent on someone else
ฝากโน้ต faakL no:htHphrase, colloquialleave a message
ฝากผีฝากไข้faakL pheeR faakL khaiFverb, intransitiveto ask to take care of one during sickness; to rely (on a daughter) in old age
ฝากฝังfaakL fangRverbto entrust; put into the care of; put something in somebody's charge
ฝากรักfaakL rakHverb, intransitivegive one's heart
ฝากลวดลายfaakL luaatF laaiMverb, intransitiveto give a good account of oneself before departing
ฝากไว้ faakL waiHverbdeposit; leave; entrust (something)
ฝากไว้ก่อน faakL waiH gaawnLverb, intransitiveto let a debt or account ride
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