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ฟอ ฟันtoothThe 31st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ฟ (ฟ)
TIS-620 value: 0xฟ (ฟ)

468 Thai words on 10 Pages
ฟ.ฟ้องฟังฟั่นเฟือนฟาสต์ฟื้นเฟรดเดอริก นูแมนแฟนไฟ...

Page 4
ฟั่นเฟือน fanF feuuanMadjectivedisorganized; frantic; distraught
ฟาfaaMnoun, loanword, Latin[music] fa, the fourth note of the major diatonic scale
ฟ้า faaHnounthe sky; firmament; heaven
noun[สีฟ้า] the color light blue; sky blue    
noun, proper noun, person, pronoun[เจ้าฟ้า] prince or princess, the child of the king and queen
ฟ้าก็มืดลง ไม่มีแสงสว่างfaaH gaawF meuutF lohngM maiF meeM saaengR saL waangLexample sentence"The sky has gone dark; no light remains."
ฟ้าคะนองfaaH khaH naawngMnounthunder
ฟ้าชาย faaH chaaiMnouncrown prince
ฟ้าดินfaaH dinMnoun, formalheaven and earth
ฟ้าเบื้องบนน้ำเบื้องล่างดินขวางหน้าfaaH beuuangF bohnM naamH beuuangF laangF dinM khwaangR naaFThe heavens above, the waters below, the land stands before our eyes
ฟ้าประทานสวรรค์สร้างfaaH bpraL thaanM saL wanR saangFnoun, phrasethe best thing one could ever wish for; a gift from heaven
ฟ้าผ่าfaaH phaaLnoun, verb, intransitivea thunderbolt, a lightning strike or discharge
ฟ้าผ่าfaaH phaaLadverbout of the blue; without explanation; suddenly
ฟ้าฝนfaaH fohnRnounweather
ฟ้าพลบแล้วfaaH phlohpH laaeoHexample sentence"It's getting dark outside."
ฟ้าร้อง faaH raawngHverbthe action of thunder in the sky
ฟ้าแลบ  faaH laaepFnoun, formallightning
ฟ้าแลบfaaH laaepFproper nounPhar Lap, the name of a famous Australian race horse that won the Melbourne cup in 1930 and died in America under suspicious circumstances
ฟ้าแลบแปลบปลาบและส่งเสียงกระหึ่มfaaH laaepF bplaaepL bplaapL laeH sohngL siiangR graL heumLexample sentence"The sky flashed with lightning and resounded with thunder."
ฟ้าแลบมาจากทิศใต้ ตามมาด้วยเสียงฟ้าผ่าดังเปรี้ยงfaaH laaepF maaM jaakL thitH dtaiF dtaamM maaM duayF siiangR faaH phaaL dangM bpriiangFexample sentence"Lightning came from the South, followed by a loud thunderclap."
ฟ้าสว่างเรืองไรfaaH saL waangL reuuangM raiMphrasethe sky shines brilliantly
ฟ้าสางfaaH saangRnoundawn; daybreak; sunrise
ฟ้าสีฟ้า faaH seeR faaHnounblue sky
ฟ้าใสfaaH saiRexample sentence"The sky is clear."
ฟ้าหลังฝน faaH langR fohnRexample sentence, idiom"There'll be rainbow after rain" — "There'll be laughter after pain"
ฟ้าหลัวfaaH luaaRnoundim weather; dusky
ฟาก faakFnounside; shore; bank
nounbamboo floor
ฟากฟ้า faakF faaHnounhorizon
ฟากฟ้าfaakF faaHnounsky; heavens
ฟาง faangMnounstraw; threshed grain stalks
adjective(vision) [is] blurred
ฟางเส้นสุดท้าย faangM senF sootL thaaiHexample sentence, idiomthe last straw; the straw that broke the camel's back
ฟ่าง faangFnoun(grain) millet
ฟาด faatFverb, transitive, colloquialto slash; strike; whip; throw; flog; flip; slap
verb, colloquial[slang] to eat up or drink up
ฟาดเคราะห์faatF khrawHverbto drive off bad luck; ward off a large loss by suffering a smaller loss
ฟาดงวงฟาดงาfaatF nguaangM faatF ngaaMverb, phraseto lash out; become infuriated; fly into a rage
ฟาดฟันfaatF fanMverbto fight; struggle; to fight tooth and nail
ฟาดหัวฟาดหางfaatF huaaR faatF haangRto lash out; to become infuriated
ฟาติมาfaaM dtiL maaMFatima [a given name]
ฟาติมาห์faaM dtiL maaM[alternate spelling of ฟาติมา]
ฟาทอมfaaM thaawmM[alternate spelling of ฟาท่อม]
ฟาท่อมfaaM thaawmFnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] fathom
ฟายfaaiMverbto scoop up with the palms of the hands
ฟายมือfaaiM meuuMverbto scoop up with the palms of the hands
ฟายมือfaaiM meuuMnounan ancient formal measure equal 8 of which are equal to one ทะนาน; a 'handful'
ฟ่าย faaiFnounopposing sides (argument, politics)
ฟาร์ม faamMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] farm
ฟาเรนไฮต์ faaM raehnM haiMloanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Fahrenheit
ฟาเร็นไฮท์faaM renM haiM[alternate spelling of ฟาเรนไฮต์ ]
ฟาโรห์faaM ro:hMnoun[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] pharaoh
ฟาวล์faaoMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] foul
loanword, Englishfoul [in football/soccer]
ฟาสซิสต์faatF sitHnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] fascist
ฟาสต์faatFloanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] fast
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