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"ชอบหมวกน่าจะออกไปทางชอบสะสมหมวก พอเห็นหมวกก็ซื้อเก็บ แต่คนชอบใส่หมวก มักจะใส่แต่หมวกใบเดิมประจำ"
chaawpF muaakL naaF jaL aawkL bpaiM thaangM chaawpF saL sohmR muaakL phaawM henR muaakL gaawF seuuH gepL dtaaeL khohnM chaawpF saiL muaakL makH jaL saiL dtaaeL muaakL baiM deermM bpraL jamM
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiชอบ-หฺมวก-น่า-จะ-ออก-ไป-ทาง-ชอบ-สะ-สม-หฺมวก-พอ-เห็น-หฺมวก-ก้อ-ซื้อ-เก็บ-แต่-คน-ชอบ-ไส่-หฺมวก-มัก-จะ-ไส่-แต่-หฺมวก-ไบ-เดิม-ปฺระ-จำ
IPAtɕʰɔ̂ːp mùːak nâː tɕàʔ ʔɔ̀ːk paj tʰaːŋ tɕʰɔ̂ːp sàʔ sǒm mùːak pʰɔː hěn mùːak kɔ̂ː sɯ́ː kèp tɛ̀ː kʰon tɕʰɔ̂ːp sàj mùːak mák tɕàʔ sàj tɛ̀ː mùːak baj dɤːm pràʔ tɕam
Royal Thai General Systemchop muak na cha ok pai thang chop sasom muak pho hen muak ko sue kep tae khon chop sai muak mak cha sai tae muak bai doem pracham

 [example sentence]
"“Someone who likes hats, likes to collect them. When the see a hat, they just buy one. But, a person who likes to wear hats, usually will usually wear the same hat all the time.” "

componentsชอบ chaawpFto like; to prefer; to be pleased with; to be fond of; to admire; to be satisfied with; to be right for
หมวก  muaakLhat; cap
น่าจะnaaF jaL[auxiliary verb combination] is worthy of... [+ verb "-ing"]; ought to
ออกไปaawkL bpaiM[directional marker implying "outside of"; "outward"; "removal"; "departure"; or "into the future"]
ทาง thaangMdirection, way, path, course, the way
ชอบ chaawpFto like; to prefer; to be pleased with; to be fond of; to admire; to be satisfied with; to be right for
สะสม saL sohmRto collect; amass; accumulate; bank; accumulated; cumulative
หมวก  muaakLhat; cap
พอ phaawMupon; just when; as soon as; at the moment when
เห็น henRto see; visualize
หมวก  muaakLhat; cap
ก็ gaawF[a particle or conjunction that emphasizes that which follows]
ซื้อ seuuHto buy or purchase
เก็บ gepLto collect; preserve; keep; fetch; pick up (a purse, e.g.)
แต่ dtaaeLbut; even; however; rather
คน khohnMperson; guy; people; man; human being
ชอบ chaawpFto like; to prefer; to be pleased with; to be fond of; to admire; to be satisfied with; to be right for
ใส่ saiLto put on clothing; wear; encase
หมวก  muaakLhat; cap
มักจะmakH jaL[auxiliary verb combination] will usually; often
ใส่ saiLto put on clothing; wear; encase
แต่ dtaaeLonly
หมวก  muaakLhat; cap
ใบ baiM[numerical classifier for bottles, drinking glasses, backpacks, money, leaves, sheets, hats, the world, cards and other flat objects, eggs]; [colloquial classifier for eggs]
เดิม deermM[is] original; initial; first
ประจำ bpraL jamMregularly; constantly; often

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