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เชื่อว่าหลายฝ่ายคงไม่ขัดข้อง และเห็นด้วยกับแนวทางนี้ด้วยซ้ำ เพราะดูจะเข้าที่เข้าทางกว่ารูปแบบเดิม
cheuuaF waaF laaiR faaiL khohngM maiF khatL khaawngF laeH henR duayF gapL naaeoM thaangM neeH duayF samH phrawH duuM jaL khaoF theeF khaoF thaangM gwaaL ruupF baaepL deermM
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiเชื่อ-ว่า-หฺลาย-ฝ่าย-คง-ไม่-ขัด-ค่อง-และ-เห็น-ด้วย-กับ-แนว-ทาง-นี้-ด้วย-ซ้ำ-เพฺราะ-ดู-จะ-เค่า-ที่-เค่า-ทาง-กฺว่า-รูบ-แบบ-เดิม
IPAtɕʰɯ̂ːa wâː lǎːj fàːj kʰoŋ mâj kʰàt kʰɔ̂ːŋ lɛ́ʔ hěn dûaj kàp nɛːw tʰaːŋ níː dûaj sám pʰrɔ́ʔ duː tɕàʔ kʰâw tʰîː kʰâw tʰaːŋ kwàː rûːp bɛ̀ːp dɤːm
Royal Thai General Systemchuea wa lai fai khong mai khatkhong lae hen duai kap naeo thang ni duai sam phro du cha khao thi khao thang kwa rup baep doem

 [example sentence]
"We believe that many of the factions will not object and will agree with these paths, because they see that (these paths) will fall into place better than the original did."

componentsเชื่อ cheuuaFto believe; to trust; to have faith in; to rely on
ว่า waaFto speak; say; aver; think
หลาย laaiRseveral; numerous; a variety; many; sundry; diverse; [the prefix] "multi-"; many
ฝ่าย faaiLside; party; faction; group
คง khohngMprobably; most likely
ไม่ maiFnot; no
ขัดข้อง khatL khaawngFto object to; dissent; have objections
และ laeHand
เห็น henRto see; visualize
ด้วย duayFtogether; along with; also; too; as well; likewise; in addition to doing some other thing (as another action performed by the same subject)
กับ gapLwith; to; for
แนว naaeoMline; column; row; bank
ทาง thaangMdirection, way, path, course, the way
นี้ neeHthis; these
ด้วย duayFtogether; along with; also; too; as well; likewise; in addition to doing some other thing (as another action performed by the same subject)
ซ้ำ samH[is] repeated; recurrent
เพราะ phrawHbecause; because of; due to; owing to
ดู duuMto look at; examine; or inspect; to watch (for example, a film)
จะ jaL[auxiliary verb indicating future tense—must be used with another verb] will; shall
เข้า khaoFto enter; go in; penetrate; insert; approach; begin
ที่ theeFat; on the site of; within; amidst; in the location of
เข้า khaoFto enter; go in; penetrate; insert; approach; begin
ทาง thaangMdirection, way, path, course, the way
กว่า gwaaL[suffix used for comparisons] than; more; -er
รูป ruupFshape; form; contour; appearance; similarity-to
แบบ baaepLplan; kind; design; pattern; style; model; type; [formal term officially endorsed by the Royal Institute] version (of software)
เดิม deermMthe origin; beginning; start

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