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maaeF baanF khamM nuaanM khaaF namH manM gapL khaaF aaM haanR laaeoH yangM khitH waaF siiaR khaaF namH manM khapL bpaiM seuuH theeF soopH bpuuhrM maaM getL seungF yuuL haangL jaakL baanF bpaiM khreungF chuaaF mo:hngM yangM thuukL gwaaL seuuH raanH glaiF baanF
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiแม่-บ้าน-คำ-นวน-ค่า-น้ำ-มัน-กับ-ค่า-อา-หาน-แล้ว-ยัง-คิด-ว่า-เสีย-ค่า-น้ำ-มัน-ขับ-ไป-ซื้อ-ที่-ซุบ-เปอ-มา-เก็ด-ซึ่ง-หฺยู่-ห่าง-จาก-บ้าน-ไป-คฺรึ่ง-ชั่ว-โมง-ยัง-ถูก-กฺว่า-ซื้อ-ร้าน-ไกฺล้-บ้าน
IPAmɛ̂ː bâːn kʰam nuːan kʰâː nám man kàp kʰâː ʔaː hǎːn lɛ́ːw jaŋ kʰít wâː sǐːa kʰâː nám man kʰàp paj sɯ́ː tʰîː súp pɤː maː kèt sɯ̂ŋ jùː hàːŋ tɕàːk bâːn paj kʰrɯ̂ŋ tɕʰûːa moːŋ jaŋ tʰùːk kwàː sɯ́ː ráːn klâj bâːn
Royal Thai General Systemmae ban khamnuan kha nam man kap kha ahan laeo yang khit wa sia kha nam man khap pai sue thi suppoemaket sueng yu hang chak ban pai khrueng chuamong yang thuk kwa sue ran klai ban

 [example sentence]
"Housewives figure (and compare) the cost of fuel with the cost of food and still figure that it is better to spend money on fuel costs and drive to the supermarket which is a half-hour farther away from home than it is to buy (food) at the shops closer to their homes."

componentsแม่บ้านmaaeF baanFhousekeeper; housewife
คำนวณ khamM nuaanMto calculate; compute; figure out
ค่า khaaFvalue; price; charge; cost; expense
น้ำมันnamH manMoil; gasoline; fuel
กับ gapLwith; to; for
ค่า khaaFvalue; price; charge; cost; expense
อาหาร aaM haanRfood; meal; diet
แล้ว laaeoH[adverbial word indicating past tense or aspect marker indicating present perfect (past continued to present)] in the past; completed; still; to make done
ยัง yangMyet; since; not yet; still
คิดว่าkhitH waaFto count; think that...
เสีย siiaRto spend; use up; lose; give up; sacrifice; pay
ค่า khaaFvalue; price; charge; cost; expense
น้ำมันnamH manMoil; gasoline; fuel
ขับ khapLto drive; operate; chauffer
ไป bpaiMto go; <subject> goes
ซื้อ seuuHto buy or purchase
ที่ theeFat; on the site of; within; amidst; in the location of
ซุปเปอร์มาเก็ตsoopH bpuuhrM maaM getLsupermarket
ซึ่ง seungF[the relative pronouns] that; which
อยู่ yuuLis (located at); to reside; to live (at); stay; exist at a particular point in time
ห่าง haangL[is] distant; far from; far away; far apart
จาก jaakLfrom
บ้าน baanFhouse; home; place (or one's place); village
ไป bpaiMto go; <subject> goes
ครึ่งชั่วโมงkhreungF chuaaF mo:hngMone half-hour; half hour
ยัง yangMyet; since; not yet; still
ถูกกว่าthuukL gwaaL[is] cheaper than...
ซื้อ seuuHto buy or purchase
ร้าน raanHstore or shop; commercial establishment; a place where merchandise is sold; restaurant
ใกล้บ้านglaiF baanFclose to home

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