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หากชาวโรฮิงญามีเพียงเจ็ดพันกว่าคน ก็จะไม่มีปัญหาใดเลย เพราะในพม่ามีชนหมู่น้อยหลายเผ่าอยู่แล้ว
haakL chaaoM ro:hM hingM yaaM meeM phiiangM jetL phanM gwaaL khohnM gaawF jaL maiF meeM bpanM haaR daiM leeuyM phrawH naiM phaH maaF meeM chohnM muuL naawyH laaiR phaoL yuuL laaeoH
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiหาก-ชาว-โร-ฮิง-ยา-มี-เพียง-เจ็ด-พัน-กฺว่า-คน-ก้อ-จะ-ไม่-มี-ปัน-หา-ได-เลย-เพฺราะ-ไน-พะ-ม่า-มี-ชน-หฺมู่-น้อย-หฺลาย-เผ่า-หฺยู่-แล้ว
IPAhàːk tɕʰaːw roː hiŋ jaː miː pʰiːaŋ tɕèt pʰan kwàː kʰon kɔ̂ː tɕàʔ mâj miː pan hǎː daj lɤːj pʰrɔ́ʔ naj pʰá mâː miː tɕʰon mùː nɔ́ːj lǎːj pʰàw jùː lɛ́ːw
Royal Thai General Systemhak chao rohingya mi phiang chet phan kwa khon ko cha mai mi panha dai loei phro nai phama mi chon mu noi lai phao yu laeo

 [example sentence]
"If there were only 7 thousand or so Rohingya individuals, there would be no problem because Burma already has many small tribes living there."

componentsหาก haakLallowing that; if; despite; rather
ชาว chaaoMfolk; people; people of
โรฮิงญาro:hM hingM yaaMRohingya (Muslim minority group in Western Burma)
มี meeMto have or possess; to be available
เพียง phiiangMonly; merely; uAp until the point; as much as; as far as; till; just until
เจ็ด jetLseven; the number or quantity seven
พัน phanMthousand; the number one thousand (1,000)
กว่า gwaaL[suffix used for comparisons] than; more; -er
คน khohnMperson; guy; people; man; human being
ก็ gaawF[a particle or conjunction that emphasizes that which follows]
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
ไม่มีปัญหาmaiF meeM bpanM haaR"No problem." — [subject] doesn't have a problem..."
ใด daiM[is] any
เลย leeuyM[used for emphasis at the end of a statement] " all." — " much!" — "...extremely!; completely, directly; simply, without doing anything else first; right away
เพราะ phrawHbecause; because of; due to; owing to
ใน naiMin; inside; within; amidst; into; on; at a particular time
พม่า phaH maaFBurma; Burmese
มี meeM[existential construction] there is; there are
ชน chohnMto collide; to crash; bump; bump together
หมู่ muuLgroup; race; flock; herd; crowd; corporation; company; collection; squad; clusters; series; class; genus; rove
น้อย naawyH[is] little; small; minor; tiny; less; few; slight; a little bit; a small amount
หลาย laaiRseveral; numerous; a variety; many; sundry; diverse; [the prefix] "multi-"; many
เผ่า phaoLtribe
อยู่ yuuLis (located at); to reside; to live (at); stay; exist at a particular point in time
แล้ว laaeoH[positioned at the end of a clause indicating current position, fulfilment of a condition, emphasis, or confirmation] already; any more

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