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ผมหัวเราะตัวโยน "ไอ้หมวกแก๊ปทหารยิ่งน่าตลกเข้าไปใหญ่ แค่เห็นหน้าหมวกก็ขำแล้ว ดูสิ หน้าบึ้งตลอดเวลาเหมือนโรคจิต นั่น ๆ"
phohmR huaaR rawH dtuaaM yo:hnM aiF muaakL gaaepH thaH haanR yingF naaF dtaL lohkL khaoF bpaiM yaiL khaaeF henR naaF muaakL gaawF khamR laaeoH duuM siL naaF beungF dtaL laawtL waehM laaM meuuanR ro:hkF jitL nanF
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiผม-หัว-เราะ-ตัว-โยน-ไอ้-หฺมวก-แก๊บ-ทะ-หาน-ยิ่ง-น่า-ตะ-หฺลก-เค่า-ไป-ไหฺย่-แค่-เห็น-น่า-หฺมวก-ก้อ-ขำ-แล้ว-ดู-สิ-น่า-บึ้ง-ตะ-หฺลอด-เว-ลา-เหฺมือน-โรก-จิด-นั่น
IPApʰǒm hǔːa rɔ́ʔ tuːa joːn ʔâj mùːak kɛ́ːp tʰá hǎːn jîŋ nâː tà lòk kʰâw paj jàj kʰɛ̂ː hěn nâː mùːak kɔ̂ː kʰǎm lɛ́ːw duː sìʔ nâː bɯ̂ŋ tà lɔ̀ːt weː laː mɯ̌ːan rôːk tɕìt nân
Royal Thai General Systemphom huaro tua yon ai muak kaep thahan ying na talok khao pai yai khae hen na muak ko kham laeo du si na bueng talot wela muean rok chit nan

 [example sentence]
"I rocked back and forth with laughter, “The army cap is the funniest of all. Just looking at the front of the cap is amusing. See? It seems to be frowning all the time like it is demented.” "

componentsผม phohmR[used by male speakers] I; me; my
หัวเราะ huaaR rawHto laugh
ตัว dtuaaM[of a person] self; himself; herself; yourself; themselves; [things] itself
โยน yo:hnMto throw; pitch; cast; fling; hurl
[an alternate spelling or pronunciation]
aiF[titular honorific, used mostly in the country (the northern or northeastern provinces) by placing it in front of men's first names or nicknames] [see Notes]
หมวกแก๊ปmuaakL gaaepHcap
ทหาร thaH haanRmilitary; army; soldier
ยิ่ง yingFexcessively; extremely; very much; even more so
น่า naaF[a prefix to a verb or adjective indicating a likely or probable state, as in the English suffix] "-able"
ตลก dtaL lohkL[is] funny; comedic
เข้าไปใหญ่khaoF bpaiM yaiLeven more; more so; a lot
แค่ khaaeFas far as; to the extent that; only; merely
เห็น henRto see; visualize
หน้า  naaFface; front; facade; visage; (to nod) head
หมวก  muaakLhat; cap
ก็ gaawF[a particle or conjunction that emphasizes that which follows]
ขำ khamR[is] amused or amusing; funny
แล้ว laaeoH[positioned at the end of a clause indicating current position, fulfilment of a condition, emphasis, or confirmation] already; any more
ดู duuMto look at; examine; or inspect; to watch (for example, a film)
สิ siL[a particle placed at the end of a sentence to emphasize or indicate a request]
หน้าบึ้งnaaF beungFto frown; look displeased
ตลอดเวลาdtaL laawtL waehM laaMall the time
เหมือน meuuanR[is] similar; all the same; like; as
โรคจิตro:hkF jitLpsychosis
นั่น nanFthere (at a medium distance from here); those; that

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