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ให้สำรวจดูว่าทรัพย์ที่สะสมไว้จากการทำงานหรือจากมรดกมีเหลือให้ใช้จ่ายได้อีก เท่าไหร่ต้องปรับวิถีชีวิตตามหลักเศรษฐกิจพอเพียง
haiF samR ruaatL duuM waaF sapH theeF saL sohmR waiH jaakL gaanM thamM ngaanM reuuR jaakL maawM raH dohkL meeM leuuaR haiF chaiH jaaiL daiF eekL thaoF raiL dtawngF bprapL wiH theeR cheeM witH dtaamM lakL saehtL thaL gitL phaawM phiiangM
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiไฮ่-สำ-หฺรวด-ดู-ว่า-ซับ-ที่-สะ-สม-ไว้-จาก-กาน-ทำ-งาน-หฺรือ-จาก-มอ-ระ-ดก-มี-เหฺลือ-ไฮ่-ไช้-จ่าย-ได้-อีก-เท่า-ไหฺร่-ต็้อง-ปฺรับ-วิ-ถี-ชี-วิด-ตาม-หฺลัก-เสด-ถะ-กิด-พอ-เพียง
IPAhâj sǎm rùːat duː wâː sáp tʰîː sàʔ sǒm wáj tɕàːk kaːn tʰam ŋaːn rɯ̌ː tɕàːk mɔː rá dòk miː lɯ̌ːa hâj tɕʰáj tɕàːj dâj ʔìːk tʰâw ràj tɔ̂ŋ pràp wíʔ tʰǐː tɕʰiː wít taːm làk sèːt tʰà kìt pʰɔː pʰiːaŋ
Royal Thai General Systemhai samruat du wa sap thi sasom wai chak kan tham ngan rue chak moradok mi luea hai chai chai dai ik thao rai tong prap withi chiwit tam lak settha kit pho phiang

 [example sentence]
"This will encourage you to calculate how much of the wealth you have accumulated from working or that you inherited will be available to spend or whether you need to adjust your lifestyle using the principles of sufficiency economics."

componentsให้ haiFto give; to let; to send to; to allow; to convey towards; to pay (attention); to have someone do something
สำรวจ samR ruaatLto survey; to explore; to inspect; examine; ascertain; to inventory
ดู duuMto look at; examine; or inspect; to watch (for example, a film)
ว่า waaF[proposition complementizer] that...; as... [see examples]
ทรัพย์ sapHasset; wealth; possessions; riches
ที่ theeF[the relative pronouns] that; which; which is...
สะสม saL sohmRto collect; amass; accumulate; bank; accumulated; cumulative
ไว้ waiH[aspect marker indicating a completed event which is considered beneficial]
จาก jaakLfrom
การทำงานgaanM thamM ngaanM[noun] working; action; function
หรือ reuuRor
จาก jaakLfrom
มรดก maawM raH dohkLestate; fortune; inheritance; legacy; bequest; heritage; heirloom
มี meeMto have or possess; to be available
เหลือ leuuaR[is] leftover; left over; [is] remaining or in surplus; [is] in excess
ให้ haiFto give; to let; to send to; to allow; to convey towards; to pay (attention); to have someone do something
ใช้จ่ายchaiH jaaiLspend
ได้ daiFcan; to be able; is able; am able; may; might [auxiliary of potential, denoting possbility, ability, or permission]
อีก eekLanother; additional; more
เท่าไหร่thaoF raiL[alternate, colloquial spelling and pronounciation of] เท่าไร ("How much?" or "How many?")
ต้อง dtawngF[auxiliary verb] has to...; must...; is required to...; is duty-bound to...
ปรับ bprapLto adjust; to tune; readjust; improve; better
วิถีชีวิตwiH theeR cheeM witHway of life
ตาม dtaamMaccording to; in accordance with
หลัก lakLbasis; foundation; principle; maxim; doctrine; tenet
เศรษฐกิจพอเพียงsaehtL thaL gitL phaawM phiiangMSufficiency Economics

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