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ปฤจฉาวิเศษณ์ คือ คำวิเศษณ์ที่ประกอบเนื้อความที่เป็นคำถาม หรือความสงสัย เช่น ใด ไหน ไร กี่ อะไร ทำไม ฉันใด เช่นไร ไหม อันใด อย่างไร เท่าไร ไย หรือหนอ ฯลฯ
bpritL chaaR wiH saehtL kheuuM khamM wiH saehtL theeF bpraL gaawpL neuuaH khwaamM theeF bpenM khamM thaamR reuuR khwaamM sohngR saiR chenF daiM naiR raiM geeL aL raiM thamM maiM chanR daiM chenF raiM maiR anM daiM yaangL raiM thaoF raiM yaiM reuuR naawR laH
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiปฺริด-ฉา-วิ-เสด-คือ-คำ-วิ-เสด-ที่-ปฺระ-กอบ-เนื้อ-คฺวาม-ที่-เป็น-คำ-ถาม-หฺรือ-คฺวาม-สง-สัย-เช่น-ได-ไหฺน-ไร-กี่-อะ-ไร-ทำ-ไม-ฉัน-ได-เช่น-ไร-ไหฺม-อัน-ได-หฺย่าง-ไร-เท่า-ไร-ไย-หฺรือ-หฺนอ-ละ
IPAprìt tɕʰǎː wíʔ sèːt kʰɯː kʰam wíʔ sèːt tʰîː pràʔ kɔ̀ːp nɯ́ːa kʰwaːm tʰîː pen kʰam tʰǎːm rɯ̌ː kʰwaːm sǒŋ sǎj tɕʰên daj nǎj raj kìː ʔàʔ raj tʰam maj tɕʰǎn daj tɕʰên raj mǎj ʔan daj jàːŋ raj tʰâw raj jaj rɯ̌ː nɔ̌ː lá
Royal Thai General Systempritcha wiset khue kham wiset thi prakop nuea khwam thi pen kham tham rue khwam songsai chen dai nai rai ki arai thammai chan dai chen rai mai an dai yang rai thao rai yai rue no la

 [example sentence]
“Interrogative modifier” is a modifier which is part of a question sentence structure or a structure indicating doubt, for example, “whichever,” “which,” “what,” “how many,” “what,” “why,” “why,” “how,” “(interrogatory),” “whichever,” “which way,” “how many,” “why,” “or what,” etc. Examples are:

componentsปฤจฉาวิเศษณ์bpritL chaaR wiH saehtL[Thai grammar] interrogatory modifier
คือ kheuuMnamely; as follows; thus; as in; to wit; simply; that is
คำวิเศษณ์khamM wiH saehtL[grammar] modifier; modifying word
ที่ theeF[the relative pronouns] that; which; which is...
ประกอบ bpraL gaawpLto combine; to put together; to build; to assemble; to make; to erect
เนื้อ neuuaHthe content, substance or material at hand
ความ khwaamMthe affair; subject; substance; or feeling of; the topic or essential matter of; facts
ที่ theeFat; on the site of; within; amidst; in the location of
เป็น bpenMto be; <subject> is
คำ khamMword; term; discourse
ถาม thaamRto ask (a question); to inquire; to quiz; to interrogate
หรือ reuuRor
ความ khwaamM[a prefix which converts an adjective or verb into a noun]
สงสัย sohngR saiRto doubt; suspect; wonder about
เช่น chenFexample; sample; specimen
ใด daiM[is] any
ไหน naiR[used as a question] which; where; when
ไร raiM[suffix indicating qualification, quantification, or interrogation, as indicated below]
กี่ geeLhow many
อะไร aL raiM[indicating a question] what
ทำไม thamM maiMwhy
ฉัน chanR[used by females in an informal setting—also used by males with intimate friends or lovers] I, me, my
ใด daiM[is] any
เช่น chenFexample; sample; specimen
ไร raiM[suffix indicating qualification, quantification, or interrogation, as indicated below]
ไหมmaiR[word added at the end of a statement to indicate a question]
อัน anMitem; a small thing; piece
ใด daiM[is] any
อย่าง yaangLvariety; style; pattern; type; kind; sort; mode; manner; method
ไร raiM[suffix indicating qualification, quantification, or interrogation, as indicated below]
เท่าไรthaoF much?... how many?; long?; to that extent
ไย yaiMwherefore
หรือ reuuRor
หนอ naawR[a word placed at the end of a sentence, after a phrase or behind a question word to show an act of pondering, reflecting, considering or contemplating (รำพึง )]
ฯลฯ laH[indicating "major omission"] etc.; et cetera; &c

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