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พูดง่าย ๆ ก็คือ การเบี้ยวหนี้สินก็เป็นวัฒนธรรมไทยเหมือนกัน เพราะจริง ๆลูกหนี้ไม่ได้คิดว่าตัวกำลังเบี้ยว แต่คิดว่าจะชดใช้ให้เป็นของอื่นแทนเงินบ้าง
phuutF ngaaiF ngaaiF gaawF kheuuM gaanM biaaoF neeF sinR gaawF bpenM watH thaH naH thamM thaiM meuuanR ganM phrawH jingM jingM luukF neeF maiF daiF khitH waaF dtuaaM gamM langM biaaoF dtaaeL khitH waaF jaL chohtH chaiH haiF bpenM khaawngR euunL thaaenM ngernM baangF
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiพูด-ง่าย-ง่าย-ก้อ-คือ-กาน-เบี้ยว-นี่-สิน-ก้อ-เป็น-วัด-ทะ-นะ-ทัม-ไท-เหฺมือน-กัน-เพฺราะ-จิง-จิง-ลูก-นี่-ไม่-ได้-คิด-ว่า-ตัว-กำ-ลัง-เบี้ยว-แต่-คิด-ว่า-จะ-ชด-ไช้-ไฮ่-เป็น-ของ-อื่น-แทน-เงิน-บ้าง
IPApʰûːt ŋâːj ŋâːj kɔ̂ː kʰɯː kaːn bîːaw nîː sǐn kɔ̂ː pen wát tʰá ná tʰam tʰaj mɯ̌ːan kan pʰrɔ́ʔ tɕiŋ tɕiŋ lûːk nîː mâj dâj kʰít wâː tuːa kam laŋ bîːaw tɛ̀ː kʰít wâː tɕàʔ tɕʰót tɕʰáj hâj pen kʰɔ̌ːŋ ʔɯ̀ːn tʰɛːn ŋɤn bâːŋ
Royal Thai General Systemphut ngai ngai ko khue kan biao ni sin ko pen watthanatham thai muean kan phro ching ching luk ni mai dai khit wa tua kamlang biao tae khit wa cha chotchai hai pen khong uen thaen ngoen bang

 [example sentence]
"Simply stated, defaulting on debts is ingrained within Thai culture because debtors never consider that they themselves are deadbeats, but, rather, they think that they might repay their debts through other than monetary means."

componentsพูด phuutFto speak; to talk; to say
ง่าย ๆngaaiF ngaaiFvery simple; very easy; very easily
ก็คือgaawF kheuuMthat is; is that; are those
การ gaanM[placed before a verb or noun to create a noun which indicates a general activity, process, or state] the process of..., the activity of..., an enactment of..., the state of... [see notes]
เบี้ยว biaaoFto default on a debt; be a deadbeat; back out on one's promise; violate one's word
หนี้สินneeF sinRdebt; liability
ก็ gaawFalso; too; as well; well...; [suggestion] should...
เป็น bpenMto be; <subject> is
วัฒนธรรมไทยwatH thaH naH thamM thaiMThai culture
เหมือนกันmeuuanR ganMalso; as well; too; too, as did (or as does) someone else, likewise (in comparison with someone else doing more or less the same thing); anyway, even at that
เพราะ phrawHbecause; because of; due to; owing to
จริง ๆ jingM jingMreally; certainly true
ลูกหนี้luukF neeFdebtor; borrower; person obligated to repay a debt
ไม่ได้maiF daiF[auxiliary verb combination] did not...; is not; am not; does not
คิดว่าkhitH waaFto count; think that...
ตัว dtuaaM[of a person] self; himself; herself; yourself; themselves; [things] itself
กำลัง gamM langM[auxiliary verb indicating the present participle, meaning "in the act of" or "in the process of", similar to the English suffix, "-ing"]
เบี้ยว biaaoFto default on a debt; be a deadbeat; back out on one's promise; violate one's word
แต่ dtaaeLbut; even; however; rather
คิดว่าkhitH waaFto count; think that...
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
ชดใช้ chohtH chaiHto reimburse; pay back
ให้เป็นhaiF bpenMto create; to be; be able to do something
ของ khaawngRthing; goods; possession; belonging; item; stuff
อื่น euunL[is] other
แทน thaaenMinstead; in place of
เงิน ngernMmoney; finance; silver
บ้าง baangFsometimes; anytime

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