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สินไถ่ คือ จำนวนเงินที่ผู้ขายฝากต้องนำมาชำระแก่ผู้รับซื้อฝากเพื่อขอไถ่เอาทรัพย์คืนซึ่งอาจจะตกลงไว้ในสัญญาขายฝากหรือไม่ได้ตกลงไว้ก็ได้
sinR thaiL kheuuM jamM nuaanM ngernM theeF phuuF khaaiR faakL dtawngF namM maaM chamM raH gaaeL phuuF rapH seuuH faakL pheuuaF khaawR thaiL aoM sapH kheuunM seungF aatL jaL dtohkL lohngM waiH naiM sanR yaaM khaaiR faakL reuuR maiF daiF dtohkL lohngM waiH gaawF daiF
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiสิน-ไถ่-คือ-จำ-นวน-เงิน-ที่-พู่-ขาย-ฝาก-ต็้อง-นำ-มา-ชำ-ระ-แก่-พู่-รับ-ซื้อ-ฝาก-เพื่อ-ขอ-ไถ่-เอา-ซับ-คืน-ซึ่ง-อาด-จะ-ตก-ลง-ไว้-ไน-สัน-ยา-ขาย-ฝาก-หฺรือ-ไม่-ได้-ตก-ลง-ไว้-ก้อ-ได้
IPAsǐn tʰàj kʰɯː tɕam nuːan ŋɤn tʰîː pʰûː kʰǎːj fàːk tɔ̂ŋ nam maː tɕʰam ráʔ kɛ̀ː pʰûː ráp sɯ́ː fàːk pʰɯ̂ːa kʰɔ̌ː tʰàj ʔaw sáp kʰɯːn sɯ̂ŋ ʔàːt tɕàʔ tòk loŋ wáj naj sǎn jaː kʰǎːj fàːk rɯ̌ː mâj dâj tòk loŋ wáj kɔ̂ː dâj
Royal Thai General Systemsin thai khue chamnuan ngoen thi phu khai fak tong nam ma chamra kae phu rap sue fak phuea kho thai ao sap khuen sueng at cha tok long wai nai sanya khai fak rue mai dai tok long wai ko dai

 [example sentence]
"The redemption price is the amount of money which the conditional seller is required to pay to the conditional purchaser in order to redeem the property which the parties agreed to in the contract or perhaps which was not stated in the contract."

componentsสินไถ่sinR thaiLredemption price (in a conditional sales arrangment, e.g.)
คือ kheuuM[copula] to be; (conjunction used for equivalence definitions)
จำนวน jamM nuaanMamount; number; quantity (of countable nouns)
เงิน ngernMmoney; finance; silver
ที่ theeF[the relative pronouns] that; which; which is...
ผู้ขายฝากphuuF khaaiR faakLseller under a conditional sales agreement
ต้อง dtawngF[auxiliary verb] has to...; must...; is required to...; is duty-bound to...
นำมาnamM maaMto bring (from)
ชำระ chamM raHto pay off debts
แก่ gaaeL[indicating the object of an action] for; to
ผู้รับซื้อฝากphuuF rapH seuuH faakLpurchaser under a conditional sales agreement
เพื่อ pheuuaFfor; on behalf of; for the purpose of...
ขอ khaawRto ask for; to request; "I'd like..." — "May/Can I have...?"
ไถ่ thaiLto redeem (property); repent; redeem oneself
เอา aoMto take; get; bring
ทรัพย์ sapHasset; wealth; possessions; riches
คืน kheuunMgive back (to); to return (to)
ซึ่ง seungF[the relative pronouns] that; which
อาจจะaatL jaL[auxiliary verb combination] may (possibility); might; maybe; perhaps will; probably; possibly
ตกลงdtohkL lohngMto agree
ไว้ waiH[aspect marker indicating a completed event which is considered beneficial]
ใน naiMin; inside; within; amidst; into; on; at a particular time
สัญญา sanR yaaMlegal contract; promise; agreement; treaty; pact; deal
ขายฝากkhaaiR faakLto sell on consignment (personal property); sell on a conditional basis; sell with a right of redemption (real property)
หรือ reuuRor
ไม่ได้maiF daiF[auxiliary verb combination] did not...; is not; am not; does not
ตกลงdtohkL lohngMto agree
ไว้ waiH[aspect marker indicating a completed event which is considered beneficial]
ก็ได้gaawF daiFas well; also

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