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บอ ใบไม้leaf of a treeThe 26th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+บ (บ)
TIS-620 value: 0xบ (บ)

1820 Thai words on 37 Pages

Page 27
บู้buuFadjective[is] flattened; dented; bashed-in
บู้บี้buuF beeFadjective[is] distorted; deformed; dented
บู๊ buuHadjective, verb, loanword, Chinese[แต้จิ๋ว  dialect] military; of fighting; fierce; martial; military; valiant; 武 to fight
บูคาเรสต์ buuM khaaM raehtFproper noun, geographicalBucharest, the capital city of โรมาเนีย  (Romania)
บูแคนันbuuM khaaeM nanMproper noun, personBuchanan
บูจุมบูรา buuM joomM buuM raaMproper noun, geographicalBujumbura, the capital city of บุรุนดี  (Burundi)
บูชา buuM chaaMverbto worship; adore; cherish; venerate
บูชายัญbuuM chaaM yanMverbto offer as a sacrifice
บูด buutLverb, intransitive[of food] to spoil; to go bad
บูดเบี้ยวbuutL biaaoFadjective[is] twisted
บูดาเปสต์ buuM daaM bpaehtLproper noun, geographicalBudapest, the capital city of ฮังการี  (Hungary)
บู๊ต buutHloanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] boot; rugged footwear
verb[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] boot; to boot up a computer
บู๊ตยาง buutH yaangMnounrubber boot
บูธbuutLnoun[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] booth
บู๊ธbuutHnoun[Thai transctiption for foreign loanword] booth
บูมbuumMnoun[Thai transcription of foreign loan word] boom; (economic) boom
บูมเมอแรงbuumM muuhrM raaengMnoun[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] boomerang
บูร์กินาฟาโซ buuM giL naaM faaM so:hMproper noun, geographical[ประเทศบูร์กินาฟาโซ] Burkina Faso, a country in Africa
บูรณภาพbuuM raH naH phaapFnounintegrity; an organic entity
บูรณะbuuM raH naHverbrefit; reconstruct; renovate
noun[การบูรณะ] rebuilding; reconstruction; restoration
บูรณาการbuuM raH naaM gaanMnounintegration
บูรพาbuuM raH phaaMnoun, poeticthe East, the orient
adjective, poeticoriental; eastern
proper nounBurapa
noun[บูรพาทิศ] east; orient
บูรพาทิศbuuM raH phaaM thitHnoun[บูรพาทิศ] east; orient
บูลbuunMnoun, proper noun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] bull; a bulldog
บูลชิทbuunM chitHnoun, interjection, colloquial, vulgar, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] bullshit
บูเอโนสไอเรส buuM aehM no:htF aiM raehtFproper noun, geographicalBuenos Aires, the capital city of อาร์เจนตินา  (Argentina)
เบ้behFverbto twist; distort; contort
เบเกอรี่baehM guuhrM reeFnoun[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] bakery
เบ็คกี้bekL geeFproper noun, loanword, EnglishBecky [an English given name]
เบคอน baehM khaawnFnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] bacon
เบ่ง bengLverbto cry out in a raised voice
verbto squeeze out, to compress or depress with force
verb, colloquialto pose or swagger, to grandstand
เบ่งกล้ามbengL glaamFverbto flex a muscle
เบ่งบานbengL baanMadjective[is] cheerful; joyful; happy
เบ่งบานbengL baanMto bloom; blossom
เบจbaehtLnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] beige
noun[สีเบจ] [the color] beige
เบซิลbaehM sinMproper noun, loanword, EnglishBasil [an English given name]
เบซีเลตbaehM seeM laehtFformal, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] besylate
เบญจพรรณbaL yaehtL phanMadjective[is] miscellaneous
noun[referring to the five colors] cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and white
เบญจเพสbaehnM jaL phaehtFnountwenty five years old
เบญจมbaehnM jaL maHprefix, formal, poetic, loanword, Palithe fifth; being the fifth part
noun, formal, poetic, loanword, Palithe fifth solar day
เบญจมาศbaehnM jaL maatFnounChrysanthemum morifolium
เบญจาbaehnM jaaMnounbenja, a ceremonial dais
เบ็ด betLnounfishhook; barbed hook
เบ็ดราวbetL raaoMnoun[fishing] longline
เบ็ดเตล็ด betL dtaL letLadjectivemiscellaneous; various; varied; incidental; trifling
เบ็ดเสร็จbetL setLadjective[is] all-encompassing
เบ็ดเสร็จเด็ดขาดbetL setL detL khaatL[is] absolute and final
เบตงbaehM dtohngMproper nounBetong, the southernmost district in Thailand located in Yala Province
เบ็ตซี่betL seeFproper noun, loanword, EnglishBetsy [an English given name]
เบ็ตตี้betL dteeFproper noun, loanword, EnglishBetty [an English given name]
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