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ยอ ยักษ์[a character from the Ramayana epic, a] giant [or] demonThe 34th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ย (ย)
TIS-620 value: 0xย (ย)

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Page 20
ยืนยาว yeuunM yaaoMadjective[is] enduring; long-standing; lifelong
ยืนสง่าyeuunM saL ngaaLverbto stand tall; stand with dignity; be proud of oneself
ยืนหยัด yeuunM yatLadjective[is] steadfast; persistent; persevereing; insistent
ยืนอยู่ yeuunM yuuLadjectivestanding; [is] standing
ยื่น yeuunFverbto extend; to hang out; to project; to protrude; to stick out; to bulge; hand over
verbto submit (e.g. a form), file (e.g., a petition), send (e.g. an official letter)
noun[การยื่น] presenting; extending; presentment
verb[ยื่นมือ] to stretch out one's hand; interfere
ยื่นคำขาดyeuunF khamM khaatLverb, phraseto deliver an ultimatum; present an ultimatum
ยื่นซองขาวyeuunF saawngM khaaoRverb, phraseto lay off, dismiss, fire, expel, axe, discharge, sack; give a pink slip
ยื่นญัตติyeuunF yatH dtiLverb, phraseto file a motion (in parliament, e.g.)
ยื่นถวายฎีกาyeuunF thaL waaiR deeM gaaMverbto file a petition (e.g. for clemency) to the King
ยื่นแบบyeuunF baaepLverbto file a form [e.g., file a tax retun]
ยื่นแบบแสดงรายการได้ที่ไหน?yeuunF baaepL saL daaengM raaiM gaanM daiF theeF naiRexample sentence"Where are tax returns to be filed?"
ยื่นใบลาออก yeuunF baiM laaM aawkLverbto submit a resignation
ยื่นมือyeuunF meuuMverb[ยื่นมือ] to stretch out one's hand; interfere
ยื่นหน้าyeuunF naaFverbto interfere; meddle
ยื่นหมูยื่นแมวyeuunF muuR yeuunF maaeoMverb, phraseto give something in exchange; sway; provide a quid pro quo
ยื่นอุทธรณ์yeuunF ootL thaawnMverbto present an appeal; to appeal
ยื่นเอกสารyeuunF aehkL gaL saanRverb, phrase, formalto submit a document
ยืนยัน yeuunM yanMverbto insist, affirm, or confirm
noun[คำยืนยัน] confirmation; assurance (written or oral)
ยืม yeuumMverbto borrow
verb[กู้ยืม] to borrow; take on loan
ยืมมือyeuumM meuuMto do something through someone else
ยืมแล้วไม่คืนyeuumM laaeoH maiF kheuunMverb, phraseto borrow money but refuse to repay the loan
ยืมหอกสนองคืนyeuumM haawkL saL naawngR kheuunMverb, phraseto turn your enemy’s weapons against them
ยื้มyeuumHverbto ooze; flow slowly
ยื้อyeuuHverbto wrestle something free; to forcibly wrangle something away
ยื้อแย้งyeuuH yaaengHverbto talk one's way out of doing something
ยื้อยุดyeuuH yootHverbto pull; seize; wrest; draw; hold back; restrain
ยุ yooHverb, transitive, intransitive, colloquialto cheer
[ยั่วยุ] to incite; provoke; instigate; urge; stir up; encourage; spur; stimulate; fomen
ยุส่งyooH sohngLverbto encourage (by not prohibiting or preventing)
ยุกต์ yookHadjective, loanword, Sanskritcorrect; proper
adjectiveconnected; attached; hitched-up
adjectivedevoted; dedicated
ยุกติ yookH dtiLnoun, Pali, Sanskritconnection
ยุกยิกyookH yikHverbto fidget
ยุไข่yooH khaiL[alternate spelling of ยะไข่]
ยุค yookHnounera; age; period; times
ยุคการผลิตเชิงอุตสาหกรรมyookH gaanM phaL litL cheerngM ootL saaR haL gamMnounThe Industrial Age
ยุคข่าวสารyookH khaaoL saanRproper noun, phraseThe Information Age
ยุคทองyookH thaawngMnoungolden age
ยุคนี้ yookH neeHadverbthese days
ยุคนี้ไม่ได้มีแต่ลูกเทวดานะ ผู้ปกครองเทวดาก็มีyookH neeH maiF daiF meeM dtaaeL luukF thaehM waH daaM naH phuuF bpohkL khraawngM thaehM waH daaM gaawF meeMexample sentence"In today’s world its not just the students who are treated as little princes and princesses; some parents also want to be treated as royalty."
ยุคปัจจุบัน yookH bpatL jooL banMadverbnowadays
ยุคแรก yookH raaekFadverb, phraseearly
ยุคล่าอาณานิคมyookH laaF aaM naaM niH khohmMnoun, phrasethe Colonial Era
ยุควีรธรรมyookH weeM raH thamMnounAge of Chivalry
ยุคศักดินาyookH sakL diL naaMnounthe age of feudalism
ยุคสงครามเย็นyookH sohngR khraamM yenMnounera of the Cold War
ยุคสมัย yookH saL maiRnoun, phrasedate; (time) priod; current times; era
ยุคสัมฤทธิ์yookH samR ritHnounBronze Age
ยุคหินเก่าyookH hinR gaoLadjective[is] stone age; paleolithic
ยุคอาหารราคาถูกสิ้นสุดลงแล้วyookH aaM haanR raaM khaaM thuukL sinF sootL lohngM laaeoHexample sentence"The era of cheap food is over."
ยุคล yooH khohnMnoun, loanword, Palipair; two; both
ยุคลyooH khohnM laH[alternate pronunciation of ยุคล ]
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