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ยอ ยักษ์[a character from the Ramayana epic, a] giant [or] demonThe 34th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ย (ย)
TIS-620 value: 0xย (ย)

1341 Thai words on 27 Pages

Page 18
ยินยอมโดยจำนนyinM yaawmM dooyM jamM nohnMverbto agree willingly; surrender submissively
ยินยอมพร้อมใจyinM yaawmM phraawmH jaiMverb, phraseto consent by mutual agreement
ยินและโทนิก yinM laeH tho:hM nikHnoungin and tonic
ยิบyipHadjective[is] dense; packed-in; close; fine; detailed
adverbdensely; closely
ยิบตาyipH dtaaMadverbto the very end
ยิปซัมyipH samM[alternate spelling of ยิปซั่ม]
ยิปซั่มyipH samFnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] gypsum
ยิปซีyipH seeMnoun, adjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] gypsy
ยิมyimMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] gym
ยิ้ม yimHverbto smile; <subject> smiles
verb[ไม่ยิ้ม] <subject> doesn't smile; <subject> hasn't smiled
verb[ได้ยิ้ม] [past and perfect tenses] <subject> has smiled; <subject> smiled; <subject> did smile
verb[ไม่ได้ยิ้ม] <subject> didn't smile
verb[จะยิ้ม] <subject> will smile
verb[จะไม่ยิ้ม] <subject> won't smile
verb[จะได้ยิ้ม] <subject> will be able to smile
verb[จะไม่ได้ยิ้ม] <subject> won't be able to smile
verb[ต้องยิ้ม] <subject> has to smile
verb[ไม่ต้องยิ้ม] <subject> doesn't have to smile
verb[จะต้องยิ้ม] <subject> will have to smile
verb[จะต้องไม่ยิ้ม] <subject> will have to not smile
verb[จะต้องได้ยิ้ม] <subject> will have to be able to smile
verb[จะต้องไม่ได้ยิ้ม] <subject> will have to be unable to smile
verb[เคยยิ้ม] <subject> has already smiled; <subject> has (ever) smiled
verb[ไม่เคยยิ้ม] <subject> has never smiled
verb[เพิ่งยิ้ม] <subject> has just smiled
verb[เพิ่งจะยิ้ม] <subject> has just recently smiled
verb[เพิ่งได้ยิ้ม] <subject> did just smile
verb[กำลังยิ้ม] <subject> is (in the process of) smiling
verb[กำลังจะยิ้ม] <subject> is about to smile; <subject> was about to smile
verb[ยังยิ้ม] <subject> still smiles
verb[ยังไม่ยิ้ม] <subject> still hasn't smiled
verb[ยังไม่ได้ยิ้ม] <subject> still hasn't been able to smile
verb[ยังไม่เคยยิ้ม] <subject> still has never smiled
verb[ยังไม่ต้องยิ้ม] <subject> still doesn't have to smile
verb[คงยิ้ม] <subject> probably smiles
verb[คงไม่ยิ้ม] <subject> probably doesn't smile
verb[คงได้ยิ้ม] <subject> has probably smiled; <subject> probably smiled; <subject> probably did smile
verb[คงจะยิ้ม] <subject> probably will smile; <subject> may smile; <subject> might smile
verb[คงจะไม่ยิ้ม] <subject> probably won't smile; <subject> may not smile; <subject> might not smile
verb[คงจะได้ยิ้ม] <subject> will probably be able to smile
verb[คงจะไม่ได้ยิ้ม] <subject> will probably be unable to smile; <subject> probably wouldn't have smiled
verb[คงจะกำลังยิ้ม] <subject> is probably (in the process of) smiling
verb[มักจะยิ้ม] <subject> will usually smile
verb[มักจะไม่ยิ้ม] <subject> will usually not smile
verb[ย่อมจะยิ้ม] <subject> will inevitably smile
verb[ย่อมจะไม่ยิ้ม] <subject> will inevitably not smile
verb[ควรยิ้ม] <subject> should smile
verb[ควรไม่ยิ้ม] <subject> shouldn't smile
verb[ควรจะยิ้ม] [future tense] <subject> ought to smile
verb[ควรจะไม่ยิ้ม] [future tense] <subject> ought to not smile
verb[อยากยิ้ม] <subject> wants to smile
verb[ไม่อยากยิ้ม] <subject> doesn't want to smile
verb[ต้องการยิ้ม] <subject> needs to smile
verb[ไม่ต้องการยิ้ม] <subject> doesn't need to smile
verb[ชอบยิ้ม] <subject> likes to smile
verb[ไม่ชอบยิ้ม] <subject> doesn't like to smile
verb[ทำให้ยิ้ม] to cause to smile
verb[ทำให้ไม่ยิ้ม] to cause to not smile
[เพื่อยิ้ม] in order to smile
noun[การยิ้ม] [the activity of] smiling
adjective[น่าจะยิ้ม] worthy of smiling
adjective[น่าจะไม่ยิ้ม] worthy of not smiling
adjective[น่ายิ้ม] worth smiling to
noun[ที่ยิ้ม] that (about) which (someone) is smiling
ยิ้มกริ่มyimH grimLverb, intransitiveto smile and beam with joy
ยิ้มเขินyimH kheernRverbto smile shyly
ยิ้มง่ายไม่เหนื่อย โกรธง่ายเหนื่อยyimH ngaaiF maiF neuuayL gro:htL ngaaiF neuuayLadverb, example sentence"Easy smiles will not tire you out; being angry will exhaust you."
ยิ้มจนแก้มฉีก หมอไม่รับเย็บyimH johnM gaaemF cheekL maawR maiF rapH yepHverb, phrase[is] very happy; smiling with happiness
ยิ้มชื่นชมyimH cheuunF chohmMverbto smile appreciatively
ยิ้มไม่ออกyimH maiF aawkLverbto smile with difficulty
ยิ้มยิงฟันyimH yingM fanMverb, phraseto grin; smile broadly
ยิ้มเยาะyimH yawHverbto smile arrogantly
ยิ้มแย้มyimH yaaemH[ยิ้มแย้ม] [is] smiling
ยิ้มแย้มแจ่มใสyimH yaaemH jaemL saiRadjective, phrase[is] cheerful; in good spirits; cheery
ยิ้มไรวะ บ้าเปล่า yimH raiM waH baaF bplaaoLexample sentence, colloquial"Why are you smiling. Are you crazy or what?"
ยิ้มเศร้าyimH saoFverbto smile while masking sadness
ยิ้มสยาม yimH saL yaamRnoun, proper nounThai smile
ยิ้มสู้yimH suuFverbto smile in “it-cannot-get-any-worse-therefore-I-better-smile” manner
ยิ้มหวานyimH waanRverbto smile in a friendly manner
ยิ้มเหล่ใจyimH lehL jaiMverbto smile with an ulterior motive
ยิ้มแห้งyimH haaengFverbto smile in a nervous, apologetic manner
ยิ้มแหยyimH yaaeRverb, adverbto smile sheepishly
ยิ้มแหย ๆyimH yaaeR yaaeRverb[ยิ้มแหย ๆ] to smile in an apologetic manner; to take the heat out of an awkward, embarrassing situation
ยิมนาสติกyimM naatF dtikLnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] gymnastics
ยิว yiuMadjectiveJewish
noun[คนยิว] Jew; Jewish person
ยีyeeMverbto crush; mix together; blend
ยี่ yeeFprefix[prefix for] numbers in the twenties
noun, archaic[archaic] two; 2
ยี่สิบ yeeF sipLnoun, adjectivetwenty; 20
ยี่สิบเก้า yeeF sipL gaaoFnoun, adjectivetwenty-nine; 29
ยี่สิบเจ็ด yeeF sipL jetLnoun, adjectivetwenty-seven; 27
ยี่สิบแปด yeeF sipL bpaaetLnoun, adjectivetwenty-eight; 28
ยี่สิบสอง yeeF sipL saawngRnoun, adjectivetwenty-two; 22
ยี่สิบสาม yeeF sipL saamRnoun, adjectivetwenty-three; 23
ยี่สิบสี่ yeeF sipL seeLnoun, adjectivetwenty-four; 24
ยี่สิบสี่นาฬิกา yeeF sipL seeL naaM liH gaaMadverb00:00 h; 12 a.m.; midnight
ยี่สิบหก yeeF sipL hohkLnoun, adjectivetwenty-six; 26
ยี่สิบห้า yeeF sipL haaFnoun, adjectivetwenty-five; 25
ยี่สิบเอ็ด yeeF sipL etLnoun, adjectivetwenty-one; 21
ยี๋ yeeR[alternate spelling of หยี ]
ยีน yeenMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] gene
proper noun, personGene [an English given name]
noun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] jean(s); blue-jeans; denim pants
ยีนส์ yeenMnoun, plural, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] jeans; denim jeans
noun, plural, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] genes
ยี่บ yeepFnoun, colloquial[colloquial shortened form of] ยี่สิบ
ยี่บห้า yeepF haaFnoun, phrase, colloquial[colloquial shortened form of] ยี่สิบห้า (twenty)
ยี่เป็งyeeF bpengMnounMajor Lan Na festival coinciding with Loy Krathong.
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