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ยอ ยักษ์[a character from the Ramayana epic, a] giant [or] demonThe 34th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ย (ย)
TIS-620 value: 0xย (ย)

1273 Thai words on 26 Pages

Page 3
ย่อหน้า yaawF naaFverb, intransitive, phraseto begin a new paragraph; to indent
ย่อหน้าyaawF naaFclassifier[numerical classifier for paragraphs]
ย่อหย่อน yaawF yaawnLverbto decrease; diminish; decline; drop; lessen; lower; reduce
ยอกyaawkFverb, particle[a euphonious sound placed after ยัก]
verb, intransitive, colloquialto prick; to sting; to pierce; to pain; to feel an acute pain; to ache
ยอกย้อน yaawkF yaawnHadjectiveobfuscated; complex; complicated
ยองyaawngMnoun[a kind of] deer; stag
[is] shining; glittering; sparkling; lustrous; incandescent; glistening; luminous; bright; glowing
nounfiber; filament; string; thread; cord; vein
verb(to sit) on one's heels
verb[ยอง ๆ] to sit or squat on one's heels, the Thai fashion of sitting on the ground
ยอง ๆ yaawngM yaawngMverb[ยอง ๆ] to sit or squat on one's heels, the Thai fashion of sitting on the ground
ย่อง yawngFverbto tiptoe
ย่องเบาyawngF baoMverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto burglarize
ยอชต์yaawtFnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] yacht; a large pleasure boat
ยอด yaawtFnountop; pinnacle; tip; peak; summit; crown; zenith
adjectiveexcellent; superb; perfect; great
noun, formalbudgetary item; grand total; total
ยอดขายyaawtF khaaiRnounsales totals; sales results
ยอดขายyaawtF khaaiRnouncirculation (newspapers)
ยอดเขา yaawtF khaoRnounpeak of a mountain; summit
ยอดเงินyaawtF ngernMnounthe grand total; the balance
ยอดจำหน่ายช่วงนี้เข้าเป้าทุกคนจึงได้รับโบนัสสองเท่าyaawtF jamM naaiL chuaangF neeH khaoF bpaoF thookH khohnM jeungM daiF rapH bo:hM natH saawngR thaoFexample sentence"The sales targets have been reached; everyone thus received a double bonus."
ยอดจำนวน yaawtF jamM nuaanMnounnumeric total
ยอดด้วน yaawtF duaanFnouncreeper Sarcostimma acidum
ยอดด้วนyaawtF duaanFadjective(fig.) [is] sterile; infertile
ยอดดอยyaawtF daawyMnounpeak of a mountain; summit
ยอดทรงกรวยyaawtF sohngM gruayMnounthe funnel-shaped top portion of a Chedi (เจดีย์ )
ยอดนงคราญyaawtF nohngM khraanMnoun, poetic[term of endearment] sweetheart
ยอดนักรักyaawtF nakH rakHnoun, phrase, figurative, colloquial, idiomCasanova; Don Juan
ยอดนิยมyaawtF niH yohmMadjectivehighly popular; highly fashionable
ยอดยกไปyaawtF yohkH bpaiMnoun, phrase, formal[finance, banking] balance
ยอดเยี่ยม yaawtF yiiamFadjective[is] best; superior; excellent; top; perfect; terrific; super; wonderful
ยอดรวมyaawtF ruaamMnountotal; totality; sum; whole; full amount
ยอดหญิงyaawtF yingRnounthe perfect woman
ยอดฮิตyaawtF hitHadjective(the) most-frequently hit; (the) top-hitting
ยอนyaawnMverbto insert
ย้อน yaawnHadjective, verbto reverse; to retrace; turn back; return; retrace one's steps; rebound; come back
verb, transitive, intransitiveto sass or sass back; to answer back in an impudent manner; retort; reply; answer; respond; counter
ย้อนกลับ yaawnH glapLverbto turn back; return; retrace; go back; to u-turn
ย้อนกลับมาyaawnH glapL maaMverbto retrace one's footsteps; to return back to where one came from
ย้อนเกล็ดyaawnH gletLverb, phraseto rub someone the wrong way; get under one's skin
ย้อนทางyaawnH thaangMverbto turn back; to change direction
ย้อนยุคyaawnH yookHadjective[is] dated; old-fashioned; traditional; from a past era; reflective of the past
ย้อนแย้งyaawnH yaaengHadjective[is] contrary to
ย้อนรอยyaawnH raawyMverb[ย้อนรอย] to retrace; reverse one's steps; retrace one's steps
ย้อนศรyaawnH saawnRverbto drive the wrong way; to go against the traffic arrow; to go against the flow
ย้อนแสงyaawnH saaengRadverb, phraseagainst the light; directly into the light source
ย้อนหลัง yaawnH langRadjective[is] retroactive
ย้อนอดีตyaawnH aL deetLverbto retrace the past; recollect
ยอบyaawpF[euphoious suffix]
verbto stoop; crouch; bend; lower; hunch
[is] depleted; reduced; dissipated; emptied; exhausted; spent; consumed
ยอบตัวyaawpF dtuaaMverbto crouch; prostrate; kowtow
ยอบ้านyaawM baanFnoun[ต้นยอบ้าน] Morinda citrifolia, or great morinda, Indian mulberry
ยอม yaawmMverb, transitive, intransitiveto allow, yield, let, accept, agree to; is willing to
nounacceptance; consent
auxiliary verb[auxiliary verb] allow
verb[ต้องยอม] must accept
ยอมกันyaawmM ganMverbto harmonize; get along with harmoniously
ยอมกันyaawmM ganMadjective[is] reconciled; [is] in harmony; to compromise; come to terms; [is] in concord
ยอมความyaawmM khwaamMnouna legal compromise
ยอมงอ ไม่ยอมหัก yaawmM ngaawM maiF yaawmM hakLexample sentence, idiom"Better bend than break."
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