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ยอ ยักษ์[a character from the Ramayana epic, a] giant [or] demonThe 34th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ย (ย)
TIS-620 value: 0xย (ย)

1341 Thai words on 27 Pages

Page 3
ย่อ yaawFverbto abbreviate; shorten; abridge
adjective[is] shortened; abbreviated; reduced; abridged
verb, transitiveto indent
noun[การย่อ] abbreviation
noun[คำย่อ] abbreviation
verbto bend down; stoop down
ย่อความyaawF khwaamMverbto abridge; to summarize
ย่อตัวyaawF dtuaaMverbto crouch down; bow down; drop down
ย่อท้อ yaawF thaawHadjective[is] discouraged; disheartened; intimidated; lacking in will power
ย่อส่วนyaawF suaanLverbto reduce in size; condense; shrink; scale down; downsize
ย่อหน้าyaawF naaFnoun, verb, phrase, formala paragraph
ย่อหน้า yaawF naaFverb, intransitive, phraseto begin a new paragraph; to indent
ย่อหน้าyaawF naaFclassifier[numerical classifier for paragraphs]
ย่อหย่อน yaawF yaawnLverbto decrease; diminish; decline; drop; lessen; lower; reduce
ยอก yaawkFverb, particle[a euphonious sound placed after ยัก ]
verb, intransitive, colloquialto prick; to sting; to pierce; to pain; to feel an acute pain; to ache
ยอกย้อน yaawkF yaawnHadjectiveobfuscated; complex; complicated
ยอง yaawngMnoun[a kind of] deer; stag
[is] shining; glittering; sparkling; lustrous; incandescent; glistening; luminous; bright; glowing
nounfiber; filament; string; thread; cord; vein
verb(to sit) on one's heels
verb[ยอง ๆ] to sit or squat on one's heels, the Thai fashion of sitting on the ground
ยอง ๆ เหลาyaawngM laoRnounroadside restaurant; food vendor on the side of a road or alley
ยอง ๆ yaawngM yaawngMverb[ยอง ๆ] to sit or squat on one's heels, the Thai fashion of sitting on the ground
ย่อง yawngFverbto tiptoe
ย่องเบาyawngF baoMverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto burglarize
ยอชต์ yaawtFnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] yacht; a large pleasure boat
ยอด yaawtFnountop; pinnacle; tip; peak; summit; crown; zenith
adjectiveexcellent; superb; perfect; great
noun, formalbudgetary item; grand total; total
ยอดขายyaawtF khaaiRnounsales totals; sales results
ยอดขายyaawtF khaaiRnouncirculation (newspapers)
ยอดขายของสินค้านับว่าสูงจากปีก่อนมากyaawtF khaaiR khaawngR sinR khaaH napH waaF suungR jaakL bpeeM gaawnL maakFexample sentence"The merchandise sales are higher than last year."
ยอดเขา yaawtF khaoRnounpeak of a mountain; summit
ยอดเงินyaawtF ngernMnounthe grand total; the balance
ยอดจำหน่ายช่วงนี้เข้าเป้าทุกคนจึงได้รับโบนัสสองเท่าyaawtF jamM naaiL chuaangF neeH khaoF bpaoF thookH khohnM jeungM daiF rapH bo:hM natH saawngR thaoFexample sentence"The sales targets have been reached; everyone thus received a double bonus."
ยอดจำนวน yaawtF jamM nuaanMnounnumeric total
ยอดใช้บัตรเครดิตลดฮวบฮาบ ธปท.. เผยคนไม่อยากมีหนี้เพิ่มyaawtF chaiH batL khraehM ditL lohtH huaapF haapF thaawM bpaawM thaawM pheeuyR khohnM maiF yaakL meeM neeF pheermFexample sentence"The use of credit cards fell off dramatically; the Bank of Thailand revealed that people did not want to increase their indebtedness."
ยอดด้วน yaawtF duaanFnouncreeper Sarcostimma acidum
ยอดด้วนyaawtF duaanFadjective(fig.) [is] sterile; infertile
ยอดดอยyaawtF daawyMnounpeak of a mountain; summit
ยอดทรงกรวยyaawtF sohngM gruayMnounthe funnel-shaped top portion of a Chedi (เจดีย์ )
ยอดนงคราญyaawtF nohngM khraanMnoun, poetic[term of endearment] sweetheart
ยอดนักรักyaawtF nakH rakHnoun, phrase, figurative, colloquial, idiomCasanova; Don Juan
ยอดนิยม yaawtF niH yohmMadjective[is] highly popular; highly fashionable
ยอดยกไปyaawtF yohkH bpaiMnoun, phrase, formal[finance, banking] balance
ยอดเยี่ยม yaawtF yiiamFadjective[is] best; superior; excellent; top; perfect; terrific; super; wonderful
ยอดเยี่ยมกระเทียมดองyaawtF yiiamF graL thiiamM daawngMadjective, phrase[is] absolutely the best; the best ever
ยอดรวมyaawtF ruaamMnountotal; totality; sum; whole; full amount
ยอดหญิงyaawtF yingRnounthe perfect woman
ยอดฮิตyaawtF hitHadjective(the) most-frequently hit; (the) top-hitting
ยอน yaawnMverbto insert
ย้อน yaawnHadjective, verbto reverse; to retrace; turn back; return; retrace one's steps; rebound; come back
verb, transitive, intransitiveto sass or sass back; to answer back in an impudent manner; retort; reply; answer; respond; counter
ย้อนกลับ yaawnH glapLverbto turn back; return; retrace; go back; to u-turn
ย้อนกลับมาyaawnH glapL maaMverbto retrace one's footsteps; to return back to where one came from
ย้อนเกล็ดyaawnH gletLverb, phraseto rub someone the wrong way; get under one's skin
ย้อนเกล็ดyaawnH gletLverb, phraseto retaliate against; get even with
ย้อนทางyaawnH thaangMverbto turn back; to change direction
ย้อนยุคyaawnH yookHadjective[is] dated; old-fashioned; traditional; from a past era; reflective of the past
ย้อนแย้งyaawnH yaaengHadjective[is] contrary to
ย้อนรอยyaawnH raawyMverb[ย้อนรอย] to retrace; reverse one's steps; retrace one's steps
ย้อนวันวานyaawnH wanM waanMadverblooking back to the past; considering the past; reflecting about what had happened
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