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หลายคนอาจจะอยากรู้ว่าบรรดาเจ้าสัวสอนลูกกันอย่างไร อยากรู้วิธีคิด วิธีการเลี้ยงลูกว่าสอนให้เป็นคุณหนูเทวดาหรือคุณหนูติดดิน
laaiR khohnM aatL jaL yaakL ruuH waaF banM daaM jaoF suaaR saawnR luukF ganM yaangL raiM yaakL ruuH wiH theeM khitH wiH theeM gaanM liiangH luukF waaF saawnR haiF bpenM khoonM nuuR thaehM waH daaM reuuR khoonM nuuR dtitL dinM
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiหฺลาย-คน-อาด-จะ-หฺยาก-รู้-ว่า-บัน-ดา-เจ้า-สัว-สอน-ลูก-กัน-หฺย่าง-ไร-หฺยาก-รู้-วิ-ที-คิด-วิ-ที-กาน-เลี้ยง-ลูก-ว่า-สอน-ไฮ่-เป็น-คุน-หฺนู-เท-วะ-ดา-หฺรือ-คุน-หฺนู-ติด-ดิน
IPAlǎːj kʰon ʔàːt tɕàʔ jàːk rúː wâː ban daː tɕâw sǔːa sɔ̌ːn lûːk kan jàːŋ raj jàːk rúː wíʔ tʰiː kʰít wíʔ tʰiː kaːn líːaŋ lûːk wâː sɔ̌ːn hâj pen kʰun nǔː tʰeː wá daː rɯ̌ː kʰun nǔː tìt din
Royal Thai General Systemlai khon at cha yak ru wa banda chaosua son luk kan yang rai yak ru withi khit withi kan liang luk wa son hai pen khun nu thewada rue khun nu tit din

 [example sentence]
"Many people would like to know what wealthy tycoons teach their children. They want to know how they think [and] how they raise their children to be either a stuck-up princess or a down-to-earth, practical person."

componentsหลายคนlaaiR khohnMlots of people; a lot of people
อาจจะaatL jaL[auxiliary verb combination] may (possibility); might; maybe; perhaps will; probably; possibly
อยาก yaakL[auxiliary verb] to want; desire; crave for
รู้ว่าruuH waaFknew that...; know that...; knowing what
บรรดา banM daaMall; in general; those
เจ้าสัว jaoF suaaR[แต้จิ๋ว  dialect] wealthy business owner
สอน  saawnRto teach; to instruct; to train
ลูก luukFchild; offspring; son or daughter [including figurative usage for certain ideas]; cub; young animal
กัน ganMeach other; one another; collectively; commonly; together
อย่างไรyaangL raiMlike what; anyhow; how
อยาก yaakL[auxiliary verb] to want; desire; crave for
รู้ ruuHto know a subject or piece of learned information
วิธี wiH theeMmethod; way; mode of operation; procedure
คิด khitHto think, consider, imagine, expect, compute, to count, wonder
วิธี wiH theeMmethod; way; mode of operation; procedure
การเลี้ยงgaanM liiangHtaking care of; raising
ลูก luukFchild; offspring; son or daughter [including figurative usage for certain ideas]; cub; young animal
ว่า waaF[proposition complementizer] that...; as... [see examples]
สอน  saawnRto teach; to instruct; to train
ให้เป็นhaiF bpenMto create; to be; be able to do something
คุณหนูkhoonM nuuRlittle rich kid
เทวดา thaehM waH daaMa male angel
หรือ reuuRor
คุณหนูkhoonM nuuRlittle rich kid
ติด dtitL[preposition usage] attached to; on
ดิน dinMdirt; earth; soil; ground; land; kingdom; realm

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