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เมื่อใครคนหนึ่งให้สิ่งของแก่เรา หรือช่วยเหลือเรา เราจะแสดงความรู้สึกสำนึกในบุญคุณผู้นั้น ด้วยการกล่าวคำว่า ขอบใจ ขอบคุณ หรือ ขอบพระคุณ
meuuaF khraiM khohnM neungL haiF singL khaawngR gaaeL raoM reuuR chuayF leuuaR raoM raoM jaL saL daaengM khwaamM ruuH seukL samR neukH naiM boonM khoonM phuuF nanH duayF gaanM glaaoL khamM waaF khaawpL jaiM khaawpL khoonM reuuR khaawpL phraH khoonM
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiเมื่อ-ไคฺร-คน-หฺนึ่ง-ไฮ่-สิ่ง-ของ-แก่-เรา-หฺรือ-ช่วย-เหฺลือ-เรา-เรา-จะ-สะ-แดง-คฺวาม-รู้-สึก-สำ-นึก-ไน-บุน-คุน-พู่-นั้น-ด้วย-กาน-กฺล่าว-คำ-ว่า-ขอบ-ไจ-ขอบ-คุน-หฺรือ-ขอบ-พฺระ-คุน
IPAmɯ̂ːa kʰraj kʰon nɯ̀ŋ hâj sìŋ kʰɔ̌ːŋ kɛ̀ː raw rɯ̌ː tɕʰûaj lɯ̌ːa raw raw tɕàʔ sà dɛːŋ kʰwaːm rúː sɯ̀k sǎm nɯ́k naj bun kʰun pʰûː nán dûaj kaːn klàːw kʰam wâː kʰɔ̀ːp tɕaj kʰɔ̀ːp kʰun rɯ̌ː kʰɔ̀ːp pʰráʔ kʰun
Royal Thai General Systemmuea khrai khon nueng hai sing khong kae rao rue chuai luea rao rao cha sadaeng khwam ru suek samnuek nai bun khun phu nan duai kan klao kham wa khop chai khop khun rue khop phrakhun

 [example sentence]
"When someone gives you something or provides you some assistance, you should show your appreciation for his kindness by saying ขอบใจ, ขอบคุณ, or ขอบพระคุณ."

componentsเมื่อ meuuaF[indicating a point in time] when; on (a date)
ใครคนหนึ่งkhraiM khohnM neungLthe one particular person; someone in particular
ให้ haiFto give; to let; to send to; to allow; to convey towards; to pay (attention); to have someone do something
สิ่งของsingL khaawngRobject; thing
แก่ gaaeL[indicating the object of an action] for; to
เรา raoMwe; us; our
หรือ reuuRor
ช่วยเหลือchuayF leuuaRto assist; to help; to save
เรา raoMwe; us; our
เรา raoMwe; us; our
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
แสดงความรู้สึกsaL daaengM khwaamM ruuH seukLdemonstrate
สำนึกsamR neukHconscience; consciousness
ใน naiMin; inside; within; amidst; into; on; at a particular time
บุญคุณboonM khoonMa strong sense of obligation or duty, towards parents, for example
ผู้ phuuFperson, human, one (who...); [Thai prefix corresponding to the English suffixes] '-er' or '-or'
นั้น nanHthat one; object at a medium distance; those
ด้วย duayFtogether; along with; also; too; as well; likewise; in addition to doing some other thing (as another action performed by the same subject)
การ gaanM[placed before a verb or noun to create a noun which indicates a general activity, process, or state] the process of..., the activity of..., an enactment of..., the state of... [see notes]
กล่าว glaaoLto speak; say; utter; tell or relate; to address; mention; declare
คำ khamMword; term; discourse
ว่า waaF[proposition complementizer] that...; as... [see examples]
ขอบใจkhaawpL jaiMto thank someone with lower rank or status (e.g. one's younger brothers or sisters or one's students)
ขอบคุณkhaawpL khoonM[spoken formally to a person of higher rank or status, e.g. parents, teachers] "Thank you" [male: add ครับ ; female: add ค่ะ ]
หรือ reuuRor
ขอบพระคุณkhaawpL phraH khoonMto thank; be thankful for; be grateful to; give thanks

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