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วอ แหวนa ring (worn on the finger)The 37th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ว (ว)
TIS-620 value: 0xว (ว)

1437 Thai words on 29 Pages

Page 12
วางกำลังwaangM gamM langMverb, phraseto position (military) forces
วางของมั่วไปหมด หาอะไรก็ไม่เจอwaangM khaawngR muaaF bpaiM mohtL haaR aL raiM gaawF maiF juuhrMexample sentence"Everything is all jumbled up; [you] can’t find anything!"
วางขายwaangM khaaiRverbto market; put (something) up for sale
วางไข่waangM khaiLverbto lay eggs
วางเงินwaangM ngernMverb, intransitiveto pay down; to put down a deposit
วางใจwaangM jaiMadjective[วางใจ] [is] certain; assured; (having put one's mind) at ease
วางเฉยwaangM cheeuyRverbto ignore; neglect; be inattentive; pay no heed to; pay no attention to; be indifferent
วางเดิมพันwaangM deermM phanMverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquial, idiomto hedge one's bet
วางตนwaangM dtohnMverb, intransitiveto behave; to conduct oneself; to adopt an attitude
วางตลาดwaangM dtaL laatLverbto market; put (something) up for sale
วางตัวเป็นกลางwaangM dtuaaM bpenM glaangMverbto act as a neutral (in war)
วางตา waangM dtaaMverb, intransitiveto take one's eye off of something
วางตาแล้วไม่อยากถอนสายตาwaangM dtaaM laaeoH maiF yaakL thaawnR saaiR dtaaMexample sentence"Once I cast my gaze on her, I did not want to tear my eyes [away]."
วางโตwaangM dto:hMverbto act big; swagger
วางถุงกาวwaangM thoongR gaaoMexample sentence"Stop deluding yourself!" "Don’t be an idiot!"
วางท่า waangM thaaFverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquial[showing disapproval] to put on airs; to put on an affected pose
วางบนwaangM bohnMverbto place or put (something) on
วางบรรทัดฐานwaangM banM thatH thaanRverb, phraseto set a standard; lay down norms
วางแผน waangM phaaenRverbto plan; make a plan
วางแผนครอบครัวwaangM phaaenR khraawpF khruaaMverb, phraseto do family planning
วางเพลิง waangM phleerngMverbto commit arson; set a fire
วางเพลิงwaangM phleerngMverbto defame; slander; frame; malign
วางภูมิwaangM phuuM miHverb, intransitiveto stand on one's dignity
วางมัดจำ waangM matH jamMverb, intransitiveto put up earnest money, a deposit, a downpayment
วางมาดwaangM maatFverbto put on airs; show off
วางมาตรฐานwaangM maatF dtraL thaanRverbstandardize
วางมาตรการwaangM maatF dtraL gaanMverbto take measures; lay down measures; set a policy and rules
วางยาwaangM yaaMverbto poison; give someone poison
วางยาพิษ waangM yaaM phitHverb, transitiveto poison; to drug
วางระเบิดwaangM raH beertLverbto bomb
วางระเบียบwaangM raH biiapLverblay down regulations; establish rules; to institute guidelines
วางลง waangM lohngMverbplace down; put down; lay down (something)
วางไว้ waangM waiHverbplace; lay; lay down; put down; set down
วางไว้ข้างหน้าwaangM waiH khaangF naaFverblay before; place ahead of
วางไว้ที่ไหนจำไม่ได้waangM waiH theeF naiR jamM maiF daiFexample sentence"I can't remember where I put it."
วางศิลาฤกษ์waangM siL laaM reerkFto lay a foundation stone
วางสาย waangM saaiRverbhang up telephone
วางหนังสือไว้ที่นี่ดีกว่า ไม่งั้นมันจะเปียกถ้าถือออกไปด้วยwaangM nangR seuuR waiH theeF neeF deeM gwaaL maiF nganH manM jaL bpiiakL thaaF theuuR aawkL bpaiM duayFexample sentence"Leave the book here or it will get wet when we go outside."
วางหมากwaangM maakLto make a strategic move (as in a game); plan a strategy
วางหมากถัดไปwaangM maakL thatL bpaiMverb, phrase[วางหมากถัดไป] to make the next move (in chess, e.g.)
วางหู waangM huuRverbhang up telephone
วางหูโทรศัพท์ waangM huuR tho:hM raH sapLverb, intransitiveto hang up the phone
วางอยู่waangM yuuLadjective[is] located; placed at; dependent on
วางอำนาจwaangM amM naatFverbto abuse (one's) power; to act tyrannically
ว่าง waangFadjective[is] vacant; free; available; empty
noun[ที่ว่าง] empty room; vacancy; space; empty space
ว่างงานwaangF ngaanMadjective[is] unemployed
ว่างเปล่า waangF bplaaoLadjective[is] nothing; empty
ว่างเมื่อไรก็ดูwaangF meuuaF raiM gaawF duuMexample sentence"Whenever [they] have free time, [they] go to the movies."
ว่าง ๆ อย่าลืมคิดถึงกันนะจอห์นฉันจะคิดถึงคุณwaangF yaaL leuumM khitH theungR ganM naH jaawnM chanR jaL khitH theungR khoonMexample sentence"Whenever you have a free moment, don't forget to think about me, John; I will think about you."
วางตัวwaangM dtuaaMverbto behave; conduct oneself; mind one's manners
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