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เขาอวดว่าเขาจะเปิดสถานที่หรู วิจิตรตระการตา แต่พอเอาเข้าจริง เขาไม่ได้ทำอะไรแบบนั้นเลยครับ ก็มันเป็นผับกระจอก ๆ แบบชาวบ้าน ๆ ที่มีคาราโอเกะเท่านั้น
khaoR uaatL waaF khaoR jaL bpeertL saL thaanR theeF ruuR wiH jitL dtraL gaanM dtaaM dtaaeL phaawM aoM khaoF jingM khaoR maiF daiF thamM aL raiM baaepL nanH leeuyM khrapH gaawF manM bpenM phapL graL jaawkL graL jaawkL baaepL chaaoM baanF theeF meeM khaaM raaM o:hM gehL thaoF nanH
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiเขา-อวด-ว่า-เขา-จะ-เปิด-สะ-ถาน-ที่-หฺรู-วิ-จิด-ตฺระ-กาน-ตา-แต่-พอ-เอา-เค่า-จิง-เขา-ไม่-ได้-ทำ-อะ-ไร-แบบ-นั้น-เลย-คฺรับ-ก้อ-มัน-เป็น-ผับ-กฺระ-จอก-กฺระ-จอก-แบบ-ชาว-บ้าน-ที่-มี-คา-รา-โอ-เกะ-เท่า-นั้น
IPAkʰǎw ʔùːat wâː kʰǎw tɕàʔ pɤ̀ːt sà tʰǎːn tʰîː rǔː wíʔ tɕìt tràʔ kaːn taː tɛ̀ː pʰɔː ʔaw kʰâw tɕiŋ kʰǎw mâj dâj tʰam ʔàʔ raj bɛ̀ːp nán lɤːj kʰráp kɔ̂ː man pen pʰàp kràʔ tɕɔ̀ːk kràʔ tɕɔ̀ːk bɛ̀ːp tɕʰaːw bâːn tʰîː miː kʰaː raː ʔoː kèʔ tʰâw nán
Royal Thai General Systemkhao uat wa khao cha poet sathan thi ru wichit trakan ta tae pho ao khao ching khao mai dai tham arai baep nan loei khrap ko man pen phap krachok krachok baep chao ban thi mi kharaoke thao nan

 [example sentence]
"He was bragging that he was going to open a dazzling, upscale establishment, but when it really came down to it, he really didn’t do anything like that! It was just a typical little neighborhood pub with karaoke!"

componentsเขา khaoR[3rd person singular or plural pronoun] he; she; him; her; they; them
อวด uaatLto boast; brag; show off; display; flaunt
ว่า waaF[proposition complementizer] that...; as... [see examples]
เขา khaoR[3rd person singular or plural pronoun] he; she; him; her; they; them
จะ jaL[imminent aspect marker]
เปิด bpeertLto open; to turn on; engage
สถานที่saL thaanR theeFplace
หรูruuR[is] luxurious; fancy; magnificent
วิจิตร wiH jitL[is] exquisite (of a painting); fine; elaborate
ตระการตาdtraL gaanM dtaaM[is] pleasing to the eye; pretty to look at
แต่ dtaaeLbut; even; however; rather
พอเอาเข้าจริงphaawM aoM khaoF jingMwhen it really comes down to it; when the rubber meets the road; but in practice
เขา khaoR[3rd person singular or plural pronoun] he; she; him; her; they; them
ไม่ได้maiF daiF[auxiliary verb] did not...; didn't...; does not; is not
ทำ thamMto do or perform an action; cause or effect a result; work
อะไรแบบนั้นaL raiM baaepL nanHsomething like that; anything like that
เลย leeuyM[used for emphasis at the end of a statement] " all." — " much!" — "...extremely!; completely, directly; simply, without doing anything else first; right away
ครับ khrapH[word added by a male speaker to the end of every sentence to convey politeness or] "yes"; "that's right"; "I see."
ก็ gaawFalso; too; as well; well...; [suggestion] should...
มัน manM[the indefinite pronoun for referring to animals or things] it, they, them
เป็น bpenMto be; <subject> is
ผับphapL[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] pub
กระจอก ๆgraL jaawkL graL jaawkL[is] very shoddy; very cheaply made
แบบ baaepLplan; kind; design; pattern; style; model; type; [formal term officially endorsed by the Royal Institute] version (of software)
ชาวบ้านchaaoM baanFvillagers; "common folks"; the people; the hoi polloi, the salt of the earth; ordinary people
ที่มีtheeF meeMwhich has; which have; who has; who have; there are
คาราโอเกะkhaaM raaM o:hM gehL[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] カラオケ; karaoke
เท่านั้นthaoF nanHjust; only; no more than that

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