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ผมชอบโฆษณานี้ ก็เพราะมันสรุปรวมเอาเนื้อหาแก่นแท้ของความสามัคคีอย่างที่คนไทยทุกวันนี้เข้าใจไว้ได้หมดจดและชัดเจนดี ๆ
phohmR chaawpF kho:htF saL naaM neeH gaawF phrawH manM saL roopL ruaamM aoM neuuaH haaR gaenL thaaeH khaawngR khwaamM saaR makH kheeM yaangL theeF khohnM thaiM thookH wanM neeH khaoF jaiM waiH daiF mohtL johtL laeH chatH jaehnM deeM deeM
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiผม-ชอบ-โคด-สะ-นา-นี้-ก้อ-เพฺราะ-มัน-สะ-หฺรุบ-รวม-เอา-เนื้อ-หา-แก่น-แท้-ของ-คฺวาม-สา-มัก-คี-หฺย่าง-ที่-คน-ไท-ทุก-วัน-นี้-เค่า-ไจ-ไว้-ได้-หฺมด-จด-และ-ชัด-เจน-ดี-ดี
IPApʰǒm tɕʰɔ̂ːp kʰôːt sà naː níː kɔ̂ː pʰrɔ́ʔ man sà rùp ruːam ʔaw nɯ́ːa hǎː kɛ̀n tʰɛ́ː kʰɔ̌ːŋ kʰwaːm sǎː mák kʰiː jàːŋ tʰîː kʰon tʰaj tʰúk wan níː kʰâw tɕaj wáj dâj mòt tɕòt lɛ́ʔ tɕʰát tɕeːn diː diː
Royal Thai General Systemphom chop khotsana ni ko phro man sarup ruam ao nuea ha kaen thae khong khwam samakkhi yang thi khon thai thuk wan ni khao chai wai dai mot chot lae chat chen di di

 [example sentence]
"I like this advertisement because it summarizes the true essence of unity in a manner that todays Thais can completely and clearly understand."

componentsผม phohmR[used by male speakers] I; me; my
ชอบ chaawpFto like; to prefer; to be pleased with; to be fond of; to admire; to be satisfied with; to be right for
โฆษณา kho:htF saL naaMto advertise; to campaign
นี้ neeHthis; these
ก็ gaawF[a particle or conjunction that emphasizes that which follows]
เพราะ phrawHbecause; because of; due to; owing to
มัน manM[the indefinite pronoun for referring to animals or things] it, they, them
สรุป saL roopLto summarize, to sum up, make a peroration or abstract, to abridge
รวม ruaamMto combine; collect; add; include; incorporate; assemble; confederate
เอา aoMto take; get; bring
เนื้อหาneuuaH haaRgist; topic; overview; content
แก่น gaenLcore; hard core; heartwood; gist; centre; nucleus; essence
แท้ thaaeH[is] genuine; real; true
ของ khaawngRof; belonging to; that or those of; [a word used with a pronoun to indicate possesion, as in "John's truck"]
ความสามัคคีkhwaamM saaR makH kheeMunion; unity; unison; accord; accordance; concord; agreement; unanimity; uniformity; harmony; cooperation
อย่าง yaangLlike; as
ที่ theeF[the relative pronouns] that; which; which is...
คนไทย khohnM thaiMThai person; Thai people
ทุกวันนี้thookH wanM neeHnowadays; these days
เข้าใจkhaoF jaiMto understand; comprehend; appreciate
ไว้ waiH[usually used in an intransitive sense] to wear (clothes or hairstyle); to restore; to store; to keep; to preserve; to conserve; to maintain
ได้ daiFcan; to be able; is able; am able; may; might [auxiliary of potential, denoting possbility, ability, or permission]
หมดจดmohtL johtL[is] clear; flawless
และ laeHand
ชัดเจนchatH jaehnM[is] clear; easy to comprehend
ดี ๆdeeM deeMstraightforwardly; honestly; candidly; directly; genuinely; openly; sincerely; truthfully; easily; simply

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