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ชอ ช้างelephant; pachyderm; Elephas maximusThe 10th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ช (ช)
TIS-620 value: 0xช (ช)

1745 Thai words on 35 Pages

Page 27
ชุมชนและหลายภาคส่วนจึงเริ่มให้ความรู้แก่ชาวบ้านchoomM chohnM laeH laaiR phaakF suaanL jeungM reermF haiF khwaamM ruuH gaaeL chaaoM baanFexample sentence"Communities and many agencies have thus begun to educate the local people."
ชุมชนเสมือนจริงchoomM chohnM saL meuuanR jingMnoun, phrasevirtual community
ชุมชนออนไลน์choomM chohnM aawnM laiMnounonline community
ชุมชนแออัดchoomM chohnM aaeM atLnounovercrowded slum
ชุมนุม choomM noomMverb, formalto gather together; to muster; to congregate; to assemble; to congress
noun[การชุมนุม] gathering; congress; meeting
noun[ผู้ชุมนุม] protester; person joining a gathering
ชุมนุมชนchoomM noomM chohnMnoun, phrasecommunity; congregation; concentration of people
ชุมนุมบนถนนมาครบ ๑๐๐ วัน ทำให้นายกรัฐมนตรีต้องระเห็จจากทำเนียบรัฐบาลchoomM noomM bohnM thaL nohnR maaM khrohpH raawyH wanM thamM haiF naaM yohkH ratH thaL mohnM dtreeM dtawngF raH hetL jaakL thamM niiapF ratH thaL baanMexample sentence"The 100-day long street demonstrations have caused the Prime Minister to flee from the Government House."
ชุมนุมห้อมล้อมทำเนียบรัฐบาลและปกป้องมิให้หมายจับที่ออกโดยศาลอาญาได้บังเกิดผลในทางความเป็นจริงchoomM noomM haawmF laawmH thamM niiapF ratH thaL baanM laeH bpohkL bpaawngF miH haiF maaiR japL theeF aawkL dooyM saanR aaM yaaM daiF bangM geertL phohnR naiM thaangM khwaamM bpenM jingMexample sentence"The demonstrations throng around the Government House and prevent the arrest warrant issued by the Criminal Court from being becoming realized in fact."
ชุมพร choomM phaawnMproper noun, geographicalChumphon, a province in southern Thailand with a 1995 population of 432,867 (rank 57 of 76)
ชุมรุมchoomM roomMnounaccommodations, abode, residence, apartment, board, boardinghouse, crib, digs, hotel, house, housing, lodging, pad, quarters, rooms, shelter
ชุ่ย chuyFadjective[is] careless; slipshod; slovenly; casual
adjective[ชุ่ย ๆ] [is] careless; sloppy; slovenly careless
ชุ่ย ๆchuyF chuyFadjective[ชุ่ย ๆ] [is] careless; sloppy; slovenly careless
ชุลมุน choonM laH moonMadjective[is] disorderly; undisciplined; chaotic
verbmove in a disorderly manner; mill around/about; rush in a disorderly manner
ชู chuuMverbto elevate; raise; lift; to hold something up high in one’s hand
ชู ๓ นิ้วchuuM saamR niuHverb, phrase, Sanskritto give a three-fingered salute
ชูกำลังchuuM gamM langMverbto enerize; invigorate; stimulate
ชูคอchuuM khaawMadjective[is] conceited; arrogant; proud; haughty
ชูจุดขายchuuM jootL khaaiRverb, phraseto promote; emphasize a selling point
ชูใจchuuM jaiMverbto encourage; make someone feel good; raise someone's spirits
ชูชีพ chuuM cheepFnounaquatic life preserver; lifebelt; life ring
ชูป้ายchuuM bpaaiFverbto openly proclaim one's beliefs; openly protest against something.
ชู้ chuuHnoun, colloquiala man who is having relations (an affair) with a married woman
ชู้รักchuuH rakHnounlover; paramour
ชู้สาวchuuH saaoRverb, phraseto have adulterous relations; act promiscuously
ชู้เด็ก chuuH dekLnounyoung lovers, a girl or boy lover
ชูรส chuuM rohtHnounflavoring; seasoning; spice
ชู่ว์ chuuFinterjection, colloquial[used to urge silence] "Shh!" — "Hush!"
ชูวิทย์chuuM witHproper nounChuwit [a Thai given name]
เช เกบาราchaehM gaehM baaM raaM[alternate spelling of เช เกวารา]
เช เกวาราchaehM gaehM waaM raaMproper noun, person, loanwordChe Guevara
เช็ก chekH[alternate spelling of เช็ค ]
เช็กบิลchekH binMphrase"(at a restaurant) "Check please."
เช็กบิลchekH binMverbto mete out retribution; to take to task
เชกสเปียร์chaehkF saL bpiiaM[alternate spelling of เช็กสเปียร์ ]
เช็กสเปียร์ chekH saL bpiiaMproper noun, person, loanword, EnglishShakespeare
เช็กอินchekH inMverb[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] check-in (at a hotel, e.g.)
เช็กเอาท์chekH aoMverb, loanword, English[Thai transcription of English] "to check out" (as from a hotel)
เชโกสโลวาเกีย chaehM go:htL lo:hM waaM giiaMnoun, proper noun, geographical, person, adjectiveCzech
เช็ค chekHnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] check; a financial check (draft) or the bill at a restaurant
noun, verb, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] shake; a (milk) shake; to shake hands
proper noun, geographicalCzech
[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] check; to check; validate
เช็คดู chekH duuMverbto check; examine; inspect
เช็คเด้ง chekH dengFnounbounced check; returned for insufficient funds
เช็คเดินทาง chekH deernM thaangMnountraveler's check
เช็คบิล chekH binMverb(at a restaurant) "Check please."
เช็คบิลchekH binMverb, phraseto mete out retribution; to take to task
เช็คบิลด้วย chekH binM duayFexample sentence, colloquial"Check, please." — "Bill, please."
เช็คแฮนด์ chekH haaenMverb, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword, "shake hand"] to shake hands
เช็คอินchekH inMverb, loanword, Englishto check in
เช็คเอาท์chekH aoMverb, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] check out (of a hotel, e.g.)
เช้ง chengHnoun, adjective[is] showy; elaborately dressed
เช้งวับchengH wapHadverbbeautifully; stunningly; in a fashionable manner
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