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ชอ ช้างelephant; pachyderm; Elephas maximusThe 10th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ช (ช)
TIS-620 value: 0xช (ช)

1745 Thai words on 35 Pages

Page 21
ชำระ chamM raHverb, transitive, intransitive, formalto clean; to cleanse; to wash; to rinse
verb, transitive, intransitive, formalto pay off debts
verb, transitive, formal[of legal cases] to judge; to arbitrate; to abjudicate
verb, transitive, formal[of พจนานุกรม  (dictionaries) and พระไตรปิฎก (the Tripitaka)] to amend, to improve, to revise, to reform, to better, to clarify
ชำระความ chamM raH khwaamMverb, intransitive, phraseto ajudicate; arbitrate
ชำระแค้นchamM raH khaaenHverb, phraseto take revenge
ชำระเงิน chamM raH ngernMverbto incur a cost; pay off (a debt)
ชำระจิตวิญญาณให้บริสุทธิ์chamM raH jitL winM yaanM haiF baawM riH sootLverb, intransitiveto circumcise [or, specifically] to purify spiritually
ชำระพจนานุกรม chamM raH phohtH jaL naaM nooH grohmMverb, intransitive, phraseto edit, revise, amend and clarify พจนานุกรม  (dictionaries)
ชำระพระไตรปิฎก chamM raH phraH dtraiM bpiL dohkLverb, intransitive, phrase, formalto revise, amend and clarify พระไตรปิฎก (the Tripitaka)
ชำระร่างกาย chamM raH raangF gaaiMnounto bathe; to wash (some)one's body
ชำระล้างchamM raH laangHverbto cleanse; clean
ชำระสะสาง chamM raH saL saangRverb, transitive, intransitive, phraseto try a case; to make something clear; to purge all the mess
ชำระหนี้ chamM raH neeFverb, intransitive, phraseto repay a debt
ชำเรา chamM raoMverbto rape; to take by force
ชำแรกchamM raaekFto edge through a crowd; to penetrate
ชำเลืองchamM leuuangMverbto glance; look sideways; look from the corner of the eye
ชิ chiHinterjection[an exclamation of disgust or contempt] sheez!
ชิคาโก chiH khaaM go:hMproper noun, geographical, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Chicago
ชิคุนกุนยาchiH khoonM goonM yaaMnounChikungunya disease
noun[โรคชิคุนกุนยา] Chikungunya disease
ชิง chingMverbto snatch away, to wrest away from, to contest or compete for, to vie
verb[ช่วงชิง] to snatch; grab; scramble for; seize; wrest; catch
verb[ช่วงชิง] to compete; vie for; struggle; contest
verb[กำลังช่วงชิง] <subject> is competing (for)
ชิงชังchingM changMverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, formalto hate; to detest; to abhor; to despise; to dislike; to loathe
ชิงชัยchingM chaiMverbto compete; fight; contest; vie; contend
ชิงช้า chingM chaaHnounplayground swing
ชิงช้าสวรรค์ chingM chaaH saL wanRnounFerris wheel
ชิงโชคchingM cho:hkFverb, phraseto compete for a prize; enter into a competition
ชิงดีชิงเด่นchingM deeM chingM denLverbto compete for a better position; grab the honours; push oneself forward; strive for fame
ชิงตัว chingM dtuaaMverbabduct; kidnap
ชิงทรัพย์chingM sapHverbto rob; steal
ชิงธงนำchingM thohngM namMverbto struggle for leadership
ชิงรางวัลchingM raangM wanMverbto compete for a prize; enter into a competition
ชิงสุกก่อนห่ามchingM sookL gaawnL haamLverbto act prematurely; to do something before its time.
ชิงไหวชิงพริบ chingM waiR chingM phripHverbto outsmart; outwit; to gain an advantage over others
ชิงอำนาจchingM amM naatFverbto sieze power
ชิ่งchingFverbto run away; dodge; evade; avoid; elude
ชิ้งฉ่องchingH chaawngLnoun, colloquialto pee; urine
verb, colloquial[ไปชิ้งฉ่อง] to go pee; to urinate
ชิงช้าชาลี chingM chaaH chaaM leeMproper noun[name of] the vine, Tinospora sinensis (Lour.) Merr. et Hook. f. (Menispermaceae), which looks similar to บอระเพ็ด  but smoother, used as a medicinal herb (สมุนไพร  สมุนไพร)
proper noun[the title of a romantic novel by บแรม สโตเกอร์]
ชิงแชมป์chingM chaaemMnounchampionship
noun[ชิงแชมป์โลก] world championship
ชิงแชมป์โลกchingM chaaemM lo:hkFnoun[ชิงแชมป์โลก] world championship
ชิชะ chiH chaH[an interjection used to express anger or displeasure]
ชิด chitHpreposition[is] close; nearby
verb, transitive, intransitive, formal[ประชิด] to approach; to close in; to come or get very close to; to come nearer; to be contiguous; to come up against; to near (a place)
adjective[ประชิด] [is] adjoining, adjacent to
proper noun, personChid [a Thai given name] (close, near, touching)
noun[ลูกชิด] a [specific] Thai dessert
noun[ลูกชิด] inner seed of palm fruit
ชิดขวาchitH khwaaRverb, phrasekeep right; stay to the right; on the right hand side
ชิดชิดเข้าไปอีกหน่อยchitH chitH khaoF bpaiM eekL naawyLexample sentence"Move a bit nearer to us"
ชิดซ้ายchitH saaiHverb, phrasekeep left; stay to the left; on the left-hand side
ชิดลม chitH lohmMproper noun, geographical[ถนนชิดลม] [name of a road in Bangkok] Chitlom; Chidlom
ชิตchitHproper noun[common Thai male nickname] Chit
ชิตเงียบไปครู่หนึ่ง ก่อนจะตอบ "ไม่นะ กูเองถึงแม้จะอยู่บ้างไม่อยู่บ้าง แต่ทุกครั้งที่อยู่ก็ไม่เคยเจออะไร แล้วหมวกทั้งสามใบก็ไม่ใช่ของกูด้วย"chitH ngiiapF bpaiM khruuF neungL gaawnL jaL dtaawpL maiF naH guuM aehngM theungR maaeH jaL yuuL baangF maiF yuuL baangF dtaaeL thookH khrangH theeF yuuL gaawF maiF kheeuyM juuhrM aL raiM laaeoH muaakL thangH saamR baiM gaawF maiF chaiF khaawngR guuM duayFexample sentence"Chit was quiet for a moment before answering, “No. Even though I have been there off and on, every time I had been there nothing happened and none of three hats are mine.”."
ชิตบอกติดราชการสำคัญ ให้ใช้ได้เต็มที่ จะอยู่กี่วันก็ได้chitH baawkL dtitL raatF chaH gaanM samR khanM haiF chaiH daiF dtemM theeF jaL yuuL geeL wanM gaawF daiFexample sentence"Chit said that he was on important official business [and] we could use [the room] as much and for as long as [we] wanted to."
ชิตเพื่อนผมเช่าอพาร์ตเมนต์ไว้ห้องหนึ่งchitH pheuuanF phohmR chaoF aL phaatF maehnM waiH haawngF neungLexample sentence"My friend, Chit, rents an apartment."
ชิน chinMadjectivefamiliar with; accustomed to; used to
ชินหู chinM huuRadjective[is] familiar sounding
ชิ้น chinHnounpiece (of food or wood, e.g.); chunk; slice or lump; element
classifier[numerical classifier for pieces of food; for a piece of writing; pieces of work]
ชิ้นงานchinH ngaanMnounpiece work; work element
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