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มีข่าวออกมาว่านางเอกใหม่คนนี้มีประวัติไม่ดี ทั้งติดยางอมแงม ทำตัวเหลวแหลกแต่คุณแม่จับใส่ตะกร้าล้างน้ำ แล้วดันเข้าวงการบันเทิง
meeM khaaoL aawkL maaM waaF naangM aehkL maiL khohnM neeH meeM bpraL watL maiF deeM thangH dtitL yaaM ngaawmM ngaaemM thamM dtuaaM laayoR laaekL dtaaeL khoonM maaeF japL saiL dtaL graaF laangH naamH laaeoH danM khaoF wohngM gaanM banM theerngM
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiมี-ข่าว-ออก-มา-ว่า-นาง-เอก-ไหฺม่-คน-นี้-มี-ปฺระ-หฺวัด-ไม่-ดี-ทั้ง-ติด-ยา-งอม-แงม-ทำ-ตัว-เหฺลว-แหฺลก-แต่-คุน-แม่-จับ-ไส่-ตะ-กฺร้า-ล้าง-น้าม-แล้ว-ดัน-เค่า-วง-กาน-บัน-เทิง
IPAmiː kʰàːw ʔɔ̀ːk maː wâː naːŋ ʔèːk màj kʰon níː miː pràʔ wàt mâj diː tʰáŋ tìt jaː ŋɔːm ŋɛːm tʰam tuːa lěːw lɛ̀ːk tɛ̀ː kʰun mɛ̂ː tɕàp sàj tàʔ krâː láːŋ náːm lɛ́ːw dan kʰâw woŋ kaːn ban tʰɤːŋ
Royal Thai General Systemmi khao ok ma wa nang ek mai khon ni mi prawat mai di thang tit ya ngom ngaem tham tua leo laek tae khun mae chap sai takra lang nam laeo dan khao wong kan ban thoeng

 [example sentence]
"Rumor has it that this new leading lady has a checkered history; she became addicted to drugs and let herself go physically. However, her mother cleaned her up and pushed her into the entertainment [industry]."

componentsมี meeM[existential construction] there is; there are
ข่าว khaaoLnews; tidings; information received; message
ออกมาaawkL maaMto come out (and do something)
ว่า waaF[proposition complementizer] that...; as... [see examples]
นางเอกnaangM aehkLfemale star; heroine; leading actress; actress in a leading role; female protagonistle; leading lady
ใหม่ maiL[is] new; modern; fresh
คนนี้khohnM neeHthis person; this man; this woman
มี meeMto have or possess; to be available
ประวัติ bpraL watLhistory; record; story; account; chronicle
ไม่ดีmaiF deeM[is] bad; not good
ทั้ง thangHall; entire; whole; wholly; both (...and); while
ติดยาdtitL yaaMto become addicted to drugs
งอมแงมngaawmM ngaaemMextremely; severely; almost to death; beyond recovery; thoroughly bad
ทำตัวthamM dtuaaMto act; to behave; to conduct oneself
เหลวแหลกlaayoR laaekLto break into splinters; fall to pieces; be shattered; smash into fragments
แต่ dtaaeLbut; even; however; rather
คุณแม่khoonM maaeFrespectful way to call one's mother
จับ japLto arrest; catch; get a hold of; touch; capture; seize; grope
ใส่ตะกร้าล้างน้ำsaiL dtaL graaF laangH naamHto make a silk purse out of a sow's ear; reestablish someone's bad name; a girl's parents making good their daughter's reputation after an incident or history which damaged her reputation
แล้ว laaeoH[positioned at the beginning of a clause indicating the ordering of events or agreement with main clause] next; then; afterwards; so; finally; and
ดัน danMto push; press; force; insist; support
เข้า khaoFto enter; go in; penetrate; insert; approach; begin
วงการwohngM gaanMcircle of influence or activity; society; industry; consortium
บันเทิงbanM theerngMto amuse; cheer up; entertain

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