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โกรธ อยาก รัก โลภความรู้สึกพวกนี้ล่ะที่มีมากจนขาดการยับยั้งชั่งใจทำให้หน้ามืดตามัว หรือ เห็นกงจักรเป็นดอกบัวได้
gro:htL yaakL rakH lo:hpF khwaamM ruuH seukL phuaakF neeH laF theeF meeM maakF johnM khaatL gaanM yapH yangH changF jaiM thamM haiF naaF meuutF dtaaM muaaM reuuR henR gohngM jakL bpenM daawkL buaaM daiF
pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiโกฺรด-หฺยาก-รัก-โลบ-คฺวาม-รู้-สึก-พวก-นี้-ล่ะ-ที่-มี-มาก-จน-ขาด-กาน-ยับ-ยั้ง-ชั่ง-ไจ-ทำ-ไฮ่-น่า-มืด-ตา-มัว-หฺรือ-เห็น-กง-จัก-เป็น-ดอก-บัว-ได้
IPAkròːt jàːk rák lôːp kʰwaːm rúː sɯ̀k pʰûːak níː lâʔ tʰîː miː mâːk tɕon kʰàːt kaːn jáp jáŋ tɕʰâŋ tɕaj tʰam hâj nâː mɯ̂ːt taː muːa rɯ̌ː hěn koŋ tɕàk pen dɔ̀ːk buːa dâj
Royal Thai General Systemkrot yak rak lop khwam ru suek phuak ni la thi mi mak chon khat kan yapyang chang chai tham hai na muet ta mua rue hen kong chak pen dok bua dai

 [example sentence]
"Anger, desire, love, greed... It’s all these very feelings... that, when you have too much you lack self-restraint and it makes you oblivious, or you just see something so destructive as something beneficial."

componentsโกรธ gro:htLinfuriating; eliciting anger; worthy of anger
อยาก yaakL[auxiliary verb] to want; desire; crave for
รัก rakHto love; <subject> loves
โลภ lo:hpF[is] greedy; covetous
ความรู้สึกkhwaamM ruuH seukLa feeling; emotion; an emotional feeling; affect
พวกนี้phuaakF neeHthese; these people; (referring to items) such
ล่ะ laF[informal, spoken pronunciation of ละ —a particle used at the end of a statement or question to add an imperative quality]
ที่ theeF[the relative pronouns] that; which; which is...
มี meeM[existential construction] there is; there are
มาก maakFmuch; many; very; more; so much; a great deal; seriously
จน johnMuntil; up until; as far as; up to; to; till
ขาด khaatLto miss or be absent from an event
การยับยั้งชั่งใจgaanM yapH yangH changF jaiMrestraint; caution; self-restraint
ทำให้thamM haiF[prefix which creates a verb from an adjective, corresponding to the English suffix (adj.)-en] to cause to be...; to make...; to effect...; to render as...
หน้ามืดตามัวnaaF meuutF dtaaM muaaM[is] so deluded as to; to have the poor judgment to...; oblivious; lost; blinded; obfuscated; myopic; have tunnel-vision; ill-advised; insane in the membrane
หรือ reuuRor
เห็นกงจักรเป็นดอกบัวhenR gohngM jakL bpenM daawkL buaaMto mistakenly seen wrong for right; see something destructive as beneficial
ได้ daiFcan; to be able; is able; am able; may; might [auxiliary of potential, denoting possbility, ability, or permission]

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