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แพร่  phraaeF 
contents of this page
1.Phrae, a province in northern Thailand with a 1995 population of 493,505 (rank 47 of 76) publicize; broadcast; make public; disseminate

Royal Institute - 1982
แพร่  /แพฺร่/
[กริยา] กระจายออกไป, แผ่ออกไป.

pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiแพฺร่
Royal Thai General Systemphrae

1.   [proper noun, geographical]
Phrae, a province in northern Thailand with a 1995 population of 493,505 (rank 47 of 76)

synonymพร.phraaeF[abbreviation for แพร่ ] PRE
2.   [verb]
to publicize; broadcast; make public; disseminate

synonymsกระจาย graL jaaiMto disperse; distribute; broadcast; spread; scatter
กระพือ graL pheuuMto spread; circulate; broadcast; disseminate; propagate; expand; dilate; extend
examplesเผยแพร่pheeuyR phraaeFto broadcast; publicize; spread; disseminate
รากเผยแพร่raakF pheeuyR phraaeFpublicity; dissemination
แพร่หลายphraaeF laaiR[is] widespread; current
แพร่ภาพphraaeF phaapF[of TV] to broadcast; to telecast
gaanM phraaeF graL jaaiM bpaiM thuaaF lo:hkF
โลกาภิวัตน์  (globalization)
แพร่สนั่นphraaeF saL nanLto spread; circulate; disseminate; propagate; get around; go around
แพร่สะพัดphraaeF saL phatHto spread; become widespread; [is] widely talked about
แพร่ข่าวphraaeF khaaoLto spread news; broadcast
gaanM saawnR reuuR pheeuyR phraaeF khamM saawnR khaawngR phraH yaehM suuM khritH
Christian evangelism
แพร่พันธุ์phraaeF phanMto breed; multiply; propagate
แพร่หลายphraaeF laaiRto spread out; extend; flow outward; permeate
แพร่ระบาดphraaeF raH baatL[of a disease] to spread; become an epidemic
phraaeF graL jaaiM phaanL thaangM inM thuuhrM netH yaangL ruaatF reoM
to go viral on the Internet
แพร่เชื้อphraaeF cheuuaHto spread a disease; infect (someone)
ro:hkF raH baatL theeF phraaeF bpaiM thuaaF lo:hkF
epidemic which has spread throughout the world
การแพร่ระบาดgaanM phraaeF raH baatLoutbreak; epidemic; spread (of a disease)
ศูนย์บริหารสถานการณ์แพร่ระบาดของโรคติดเชื้อไวรัสโคโรนา 2019
suunR baawM riH haanR saL thaanR naH gaanM phraaeF raH baatL khaawngR ro:hkF dtitL cheuuaH waiM ratH kho:hM ro:hM naaM
Center for the Administration of the Spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic Management
แพร่ขยายphraaeF khaL yaaiRto expand, radiate, disseminate, diffuse, scatter
suaamF theeF thuukL sookL lakH saL naL yaawmF maiF phraaeF graL jaaiM cheuuaH ro:hkF
"Toilet facilities which (are maintained according to) good hygienic conditions do not spread (harmful) germs."
wiH theeM bpaawngF ganM khaiF leuuatF aawkL theeF deeM theeF sootL kheuuM gaanM khuaapF khoomM gaanM phraaeF graL jaaiM khaawngR yoongM laaiM
"The best way to protect against dengue fever is to prevent the spread of disease bearing mosquitoes."
เจ้าหน้าที่พยายามที่จะควบคุม เชื้อมรณะที่กำลังแพร่กระจาย
jaoF naaF theeF phaH yaaM yaamM theeF jaL khuaapF khoomM cheuuaH maH raH naH theeF gamM langM phraaeF graL jaaiM
"The authorities are trying to control the spread of the deadly disease."

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