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ภูตผีปีศาจ อสุรกาย และสัตว์ประหลาด
Ghosts - Demons - Monsters - Mythical Creatures

กอร์กอน gaawM gaawnM[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Gorgon
กิเลนgiL laehnM[from Chinese] unicorn; dragon-headed unicorn
คชสีห์khohtH chaH seeRfabulous lion with the trunk of an elephant
ครุฑkhrootHGaruda, a mythical bird-like creature described in the Mahabharata
khamM dteuuanM yaaL aanL khaL naL yuuL khohnM diaaoM
"Fair Warning: Don't read while you are alone!"
เงือก ngeuuakFmermaid; merman
ช็อค เอฟ เอ็มchawkH aehfL emMShockFM
ดีวีดีหนังผีdeeM weeM deeM nangR pheeRThai ghost movie DVDs
ดูให้ดีว่า ใครนั่งอยู่ข้าง ๆ คุณ ในโรงหนังมืด ๆ เย็นเยียบ และเงียบงัน
duuM haiF deeM waaF khraiM nangF yuuL khaangF khaangF khoonM naiM ro:hngM nangR meuutF meuutF yenM yiiapF laeH ngiiapF nganM
"Be careful who is sitting close to you in those dark, cold, noiseless moments in the theater!"
ผีตานีpheeR dtaaM neeMa kind of long-haired female ghost believed to inhabit banana trees
ถูกผีหลอกthuukL pheeR laawkLto be frightened (or spooked) by a ghost, phantom, specter or evil spirit (that haunts a place)
ถูกผีอำthuukL pheeR amMto be possessed by an evil spirit while asleep; to experience suffocating feelings or a nightmare while asleep
ถูกอำthuukL amM[of human] to be had or put on; [of evil spirit] to be possessed (by a ghost or evil spirit) while asleep
ทะเลมรณะthaH laehM maH raH naH[written Thai] deadly sea
ทิพย์ปิสาจthipH bpiL saatLheavenly demon
เทว thaehM waHa male angel; deity
เทวดา thaehM waH daaMa male angel
นาค  naakFNaga (snake, serpent demon); a mythological creature/serpent statue that can be found in almost all the temples (wat) in Thailand
นางเงือกnaangM ngeuuakFmermaid
บ้านผีสิงbaanF pheeR singRa haunted house, a spooky house
bpraaM gohtL gaanM neuuaR thamM maH chaatF
a supernatural or paranormal phenomenon; supernatural or paranormal phenomena
ปิศาจbpiL saatLdevil, monster, evil spirit
เปรต bpraehtLghost; spirit of a dead; particular demon from Thai mythology
ผี pheeRghost; spirit
ผีญี่ปุ่นpheeR yeeF bpoonLJapanese ghost
ผีดิบpheeR dipLa zombie; the uncremated dead; the spirit of an uncremated dead
ผีดิบpheeR dipLsomeone whose face or behaviour shows no feeling, deference, understanding, or interest in what is going on around them
ผีดิบดูดเลือดpheeR dipL duutL leuuatFvampire
ผีดิบแฟรงเก็นสไตน์pheeR dipL fraaengM genM saL dtaiMthe Frankenstein monster
ผีดูดเลือดpheeR duutL leuuatFvampire; blood-sucking creature
ผีเรือนpheeR reuuanMbenevolent spirit which dwells in the household
ผีสางpheeR saangRevil demon; devil spirit
ผีเสื้อสมุทรpheeR seuuaF saL mootLwater-borne demon
ผู้ทำพิธีไล่ผีphuuF thamM phiH theeM laiF pheeRexorcist
พราย phraaiMa water spirit or ghost
ภูตผีปีศาจphuutF pheeR bpeeM saatL[collective name for] ghosts; evil spirits; devils; demons; genies
มนุษย์หมาป่าmaH nootH maaR bpaaLwolfman, a man who turns into a wolf on certain occasions, as at the time of the full moon; werewolf
มอม maawmMa fictional creature typically resembling the form of a lion
มังกร mangM gaawnMdragon
มาร maaM raHthe demon Mara, a serpent who tempted Buddha
เมดูซา maehM duuM saaM[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Medusa
แม่นากเขตพระโขนงmaaeF naakF khaehtL phraH khaL no:hngRMae Naak Phra Khanong [name of a famous and infamous Thai ghost and her enduring legend]
ยมบาลyohmM maH baanMthe Prince of Devils
ยักษ์ yakH[a character from the Ramayana epic, a] giant [or] demon
ยักษ์ yakHgiant; ogre; colossus; monster; titan
รวมเรื่องผี ๆruaamM reuuangF pheeR pheeRa collection of ghost stories
ราหูraaM huuRdemon; a mythical demon which swallowed up the moon and the sun
เรื่องผีreuuangF pheeRa ghost story
ลิ้งค์สยองlingH saL yaawngRspooky
ไล่ผีlaiF pheeRto exorcize an evil spirit
วายุภักษ์waaM yooH phakH[name of] an imaginary bird in classic Thai literature
แวมไพร์ waaemM phaiM[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] vampire
สาง saangRghost; spirit; spook; apparition; spectre; wraith
สาง saangRtiger-like mythical animal
สามแพร่งsaamR phraaengFthree-forked crossroad; a crossroad with three paths merging or parting
สุสานเวิลด์ไวด์เว็บsooL saanR weernM waiM wepHthe WWW graveyard
เสือสมิงseuuaR saL mingRwerecat; mythical wild cat
หนังผีnangR pheeRghost, horror or scary movie; "The Exorcist" type of movie
หมอผีmaawR pheeRsocerer; witch-doctor; magician black magician; voodoo doctor; exorcist
อมนุษย์aL maH nootHmonster; inhuman being
aL sooL raH gaaiM fraaengM genM saL dtaiM
the Frankenstein monster
อสูร aL suunRgiant; fabulous giant; demon; beast
เอราวัณ aehM raaM wanMErawan; Indra's three-headed elephant

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