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อม  ohmM 
contents of this page
1.อมohmMto embezzle
2.อมohmMto be contained; to hide; to hold back; keep to oneself
3.อมohmMviolence; strength; power
4.อมohmMto suck on an item while keeping in the mouth
5.ลูกอมluukF ohmMlozenge; piece of sucking candy

Royal Institute - 1982
อม  /อม/
[กริยา] เอาสิ่งของใส่ปากแล้วหุบปากไว้ไม่กลืนลงไป, โดยปริยายหมายความว่า ไม่แสดงออกมา เช่น อมภูมิ.
[กริยา] กลมกลืน, ปนกัน, เช่น อมเปรี้ยวอมหวาน เขียวอมเหลือง.

pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiอม
Royal Thai General Systemom

1.   [verb]
to embezzle

2.   [verb]
to be contained; to hide; to hold back; keep to oneself

related wordเก็บ gepLto collect; preserve; keep; fetch; pick up (a purse, e.g.)
examplesโกเมนสีส้มอมแดงgo:hM maehnM seeR sohmF ohmM daaengMjacinth
พลอยสีส้มอมแดงphlaawyM seeR sohmF ohmM daaengMjacinth
raaeF ratH dtaL naH chaatF seeR namH ngernM reuuR namH ngernM ohmM khiaaoR
turquoise—an opaque mineral, a basic hydrous copper อลูมิเนี่ยมฟอสเฟต (aluminum phosphate) often containing a small amount of iron, sky-blue or greenish-blue in color, as a gem cut en cabochon
อมสีohmM seeR[of clothing] colorfast; to retain dyed color
อมไต๋ohmM dtaiRto have something up one's sleeve; to have an ulterior motive
สีเหลืองอมส้มseeR leuuangR ohmM sohmF[the color] saffron
maaiH thaoR gaaeL meeM seeR namH dtaanM ohmM khiaaoR
"The mature vine is greenish brown."
3.   [noun]
violence; strength; power

4.   [verb]
to suck on an item while keeping in the mouth

examplesยาอมแก้คอเจ็บyaaM ohmM gaaeF khaawM jepLthroat lozenges; throat pastilles
อมยิ้มohmM yimHlollipop
gaanM ohmM reuuR liiaM ohngM khaH chaatF
fellatio; oral stimulation of the penis [esp.] to orgasm
เด็กอมมือdekL ohmM meuuMa minor; an innocent person; a childish person
อมนกเขาohmM nohkH khaoR[colloquial] oral sex; to give oral sex; perform fellatio
อมยิ้มohmM yimHsmilingly
อมยิ้มohmM yimHto smile knowingly; smile in a reserved or noncommittal manner
อมเลือดอมฝาดohmM leuuatF ohmM faatLto look healthy with a good complexion
อมโรคohmM ro:hkF[is] prone to sickness; sickly
สิงห์อมควันsingR ohmM khwanMheavy smoker; a person addicted to tobacco
เอาลูกเขามาเลี้ยง เอาเมี่ยงเขามาอม
aoM luukF khaoR maaM liiangH aoM miiangF khaoR maaM ohmM
"Put another man’s child in your bosom, and he’ll creep out at your elbow."
ohmM phraH bpraL thaanM maaM phuutF gaawF maiF cheuuaF
"Even if you put a Buddha in your mouth while you are talking, I won't believe you."
waanR ohmM khohmR gleuunM
"If it is sweet, savor it; it its bitter, swallow it." — "Like it or leave it." — "Take it come what may."
หวานอม ขมกลืน
waanR ohmM khohmR gleuunM
"Make the best of a bad situation." "Grin and bear it."
dekL chaawpF ohmM khaaoF johnM gaaemF dtuyL
"The child likes to suck in rice [into his mouth] until his cheeks swell up."
5. ลูกอม  luukF ohmM  [noun]
lozenge; piece of sucking candy

classifierลูก luukF[numerical classifier for children, round fruit, balls, midsized hard round objects, and storms]
related wordลูกกวาด luukF gwaatLhard candy; toffee; sweets
ลูกอมรสใหม่ รสชาติจี๊ดจ๊าด
luukF ohmM rohtH maiL rohtH chaatF jeetH jaatH
"The new candy ball flavor has a really strong sour taste."

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