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ชื่อคน » ชื่อเล่นไทย
Names » Common Thai Nicknames

กมล gaL mohnMGamon; Gamol; Kamon [a Thai male or female given name or nickname] (heart, mind)
กัน ganMGun; Kan [a common Thai nickname]
แก้ว gaaeoFGaeo, Kaeo [a common Thai male or female nickname]
ไก่ gaiL[common female Thai nickname] Kai
ขาว khaaoRKhaow [a common Thai nickname]
เขียว khiaaoRKhiew [a common Thai male nickname]
เคkhaehMKay [a Thai nickname]
เงาะ ngawHNgoh [a common Thai nickname]
จัน janMJun [a common Thai nickname]
จิต jitLJit [a common Thai female or male nickname]
จิ๋มjimRJim [a common Thai female nickname]
จุ๋ม joomRJoom [a common Thai female nickname]
เจ๋ง jengRJeng [a common Thai nickname]
เจตjaehtL[common Thai male nickname] Jaet
เจี๊ยบ jiiapHJiap [a common Thai female nickname]
แจนjaaenM[Thai female nickname] Jaen
แจ๋ว jaaeoRJaew [a common Thai female nickname]
ชา chaaMShaa; Chaa [a common Thai male nickname]
ชาติ chaatFChati; Charti [a Thai male given name or nickname] (life, birth, incarnation; nation, country)
ชิตchitH[common Thai male nickname] Chit
ชุ่ม choomFChoom [a Thai given name or nickname] (wet)
แช่ม chaaemFChaem [a common Thai nickname]
ณัฐnatHNat; Nut [a Thai male nickname]
ณี neeMNee [a Thai female given name or nickname]
ดวง duaangMDuang [Thai female nickname]
ดำ damMDam; Dum [a common Thai male nickname]
แดง daaengMDang; Daeng [a Thai male or female given name or nickname—See Notes] (red)
ตรีdtreeMTri [Thai male nickname]
ต๋องdtaawngRTawng [common Thai nickname]
ต้อม dtaawmFTom [a common Thai nickname]
ต้อย dtaawyFToy [a common Thai female nickname]
ต๋อยdtaawyRToi [a Thai male nickname]
ติ๋ม dtimRTim [a common Thai female nickname]
โต dto:hMToh [a Thai nickname]
นพnohpHNop [a common Thai nickname]
น้อย naawyHNoy; Noi [a common Thai male or female nickname]
นาก naakFNak; Naak; Naag [a Thai female given name or nickname] (gold, silver, and copper)
นาค naakFNaak [a Thai given name or nickname] (fabulous serpent)
น้ำตาลnamH dtaanMNamtan [a common Thai female nickname]
นิด nitHNid [a common Thai nickname—usually female]
นุขnookHNuk [a girl's nickname]
เนียร niianMNien [an Issan nickname]
แนนnaaenM[Nickname of a Thai woman] Naen
เบ๊บbepHPep [Thai female nickname]
ปลา bplaaMPlaa [a common Thai female nickname]
ป๋องbpaawngRBong [Thai nickname]
ปุ๊ก bpookHPook; Poog [a common Thai female nickname]
ปุ้ม bpoomFPoom [a common Thai male and female nickname]
ปุ้ย bpuyFPui [a Thai nickname]
ปุ๋ย  bpuyRPui [a common Thai female nickname]
ปู bpuuMPuu; Poo [a common Thai female nickname]
เปิ้ลbpeernFPen (diminutive suffix of "apple") [a Thai nickname]
เปี๊ยก bpiiakHPiak; Biak [a Thai nickname for a small person]
แป้ง bpaaengFPaeng [a common Thai female nickname]
แป๊บ bpaaepHPap [a Thai male nickname]
เผือก pheuuakLPeuak [a Thai nickname]
ไผ่ phaiLPhai [male Thai nickname]
พวน phuaanMPhuan [a Thai male nickname]
พา phaaMPhaa [common Thai woman's nickname]
เพิ่ม pheermFPerm [a Thai given name or nickname] (increase)
ฟัก fakHFak [a male nickname; a character from the Thai novel Khum Pipaaksaa (The Judgment) which won the รางวัลซีไรท์]
ฟ้าใสfaaH saiRFasi [a common Thai female nickname]
มณี maH neeMManee [a Thai female given name or nickname] (jewels, precious stones)
ม่วย muayFMuay [common Thai female nickname, from Chinese]
ม้า maaHMa [a common Thai male or female nickname] (horse)
เมย์ maehMMay [an English female given name, also used by Thai women]
แม้นmaaenHMaen [a Thai male nickname]
โม่งmo:hngFMong [a Thai nickname]
รัตน์ ratHRut; Rat; Rutna [a Thai female given name or nickname] (precious stone, gem)
รื่น reuunFRune [a Thai male or female given name or nickname] (happy, refreshing)
เล็ก lekHLek [a common Thai nickname]
วิชwitH[Thai male nickname] Wit
วิทย์witHWit [a common Thai male nickname]
วี weeMWee [a common Thai nickname, probably a variant of วีระ ]
ใส saiRSai [Thai nickname]
หน่อย naawyLNoy, Noi [a common Thai male or female nickname]
หนึ่ง neungLNung; Neung [a Thai nickname]
หนู nuuRNuu [a common Thai nickname]
หมิว miuRMiew; Meow [a common Thai nickname]
เหน่งnengLNeng [a common male Thai nickname]
อ้วน uaanFUan; Euan [a Thai nickname] (“fatty”, “fatso”)
อาร์มaamMArm [a common Thai male nickname]
อิง ingMIng [a common Thai nickname]
เอ๋ehREh [Thai nickname]
เอก aehkLAke; Ehk; Aek [Thai nickname for a firstborn son]
เอื้อย euuayFEuuy [a Thai female nickname]
แอ๊ด aaetHAed [a Thai nickname]
แอนaaenMEhn; Aehn [a Thai nickname]
แอมaaemMAam [Thai male or female nickname]

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