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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5064 Thai words on 102 Pages

Page 100
โกฏิ go:htLnoun, formal, loanword, Palicurved end; edge
noun, formal, loanword, Palicusp; horn
noun, formal, loanword, Palisummit; knot, the highest point
noun, adjective, formal, ancient, loanword, Pali10 million
โกดังgo:hM dangMnoun, loanword, Malaygodown; storehouse; warehouse
โกดังเก็บศพgo:hM dangM gepL sohpLnounmortuary
โกตาบารู go:hM dtaaM baaM ruuMproper noun, geographicalKota Bahru, a city in Malaysia
โกโตgo:hM dto:hMnoun, loanword, Japanese[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] 箏; koto, a Japanese zither
โกน go:hnMverbto shave
noun, loanword, Peguan/Monchild; son or daughter
โกนจุกgo:hnM jookLnountonsure (shaving off top knot)
โกนหนวด go:hnM nuaatLverbto shave [the face]
โก๋นgo:hnRnoun[Tinh and Isaan dialect] a small hole in a tree trunk
noun[ผึ้งโก๋น] [a certain] bee that builds its nest in a tree hollow
โกนากรี go:hM naakF reeMproper noun, geographicalConakry, the capital city of กินี  (Guinea)
โกโนเรีย go:hM no:hM riiaMnoun, loanword, English[โรคโกโนเรีย] [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] gonorrhea
โกเบgo:hM baehMnoun, loanword, Japanese[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] 神戸市; Kobe, a city in Japan
โกเมน go:hM maehnMnoun, pronoun, formalgarnet
โกเมนสีส้มอมแดง go:hM maehnM seeR sohmF ohmM daaengMnoun, proper noun, phrase, formaljacinth
โกย gooyMverbto sweep; collect in a pile; scoop up
verbto flee; to rush away
โกรกgro:hkLverbto blow gently (as the wind); blow
โกรกธารgro:hkL thaanMnouncanyon
โกร่ง gro:hngLnounapothecary's mortar
nouncoin till
โกรดgro:htLadjective, poeticagile; nimble
โกรธ gro:htLadjective[is] mad; angry; pissed off
adjectiveinfuriating; eliciting anger; worthy of anger
verb[จะโกรธ] will become angry; will anger
noun[ความโกรธ] anger
โกรธกันgro:htL ganMadjectiveangry with each other
โกรธเกรี้ยวgro:htL griaaoFadjective[is] angry; furious
โกรธเคืองgro:htL kheuuangMadjective[is] angry; annoyed; indignant; offended; irate
โกรธจัดgro:htL jatLadjective[is] furious; angry; raging; seething with rage; fuming with anger
โกรธเป็นฟืนเป็นไฟ gro:htL bpenM feuunM bpenM faiMadjective, idiom[is] furious
โกรธเป็นฟืนเป็นไฟgro:htL bpenM feuunM bpenM faiMverbto throw a fit; express anger
โกรธไม่ลง gro:htL maiF lohngMverb, phrase[is] unable to get angry at; unable to bring myself to get mad
โกรธแสนโกรธคนตรงหน้าจนอยากจะบีบให้แหลกคามือgro:htL saaenR gro:htL khohnM dtrohngM naaF johnM yaakL jaL beepL haiF laaekL khaaM meuuMexample sentence"He was so angry at the person facing him he felt like squishing him to death (crushing him) in his hand."
โกรธ อยาก รัก โลภความรู้สึกพวกนี้ล่ะที่มีมากจนขาดการยับยั้งชั่งใจทำให้หน้ามืดตามัว หรือ เห็นกงจักรเป็นดอกบัวได้ gro:htL yaakL rakH lo:hpF khwaamM ruuH seukL phuaakF neeH laF theeF meeM maakF johnM khaatL gaanM yapH yangH changF jaiM thamM haiF naaF meuutF dtaaM muaaM reuuR henR gohngM jakL bpenM daawkL buaaM daiFexample sentence"Anger, desire, love, greed...It’s all these very feelings...that, when you have too much you lack self-restraint and it makes you oblivious, or you just see something so destructive as something beneficial."
โกรธแค้นgro:htL khaaenHadjective[is] angry; annoyed; indignant; offended; irate
โกร๋น gro:hnRadjective[is] bare; barren; bald; denuded; thin; naked
โกรเวอร์gro:hM wuuhrMproper noun, personGrover [an English given name]
โกรเวอร์ คลีฟแลนด์gro:hM wuuhrM khleefF laaenMproper noun, personGrover Cleveland
โกโรโกโสgo:hM ro:hM go:hM so:hRadjectivedilapidated; rundown; rickety; ramshackle
โกลน glo:hnMnounstirrup
โกลาหลgo:hM laaM hohnRadjective[is] confused; chaotic; disorderly
noun[ความโกลาหล] confusion; tumult; uproar; chaos; commotion
โกศgo:htLnoun, Pali, Sanskritfunerary urn; an ornate, vertical and cylinder-shaped coffin with a pinnacle-like lid (typically) for royal use
nounpupa; chrysalis
nounstorehouse; treasury; safe; repository
nounpod; sheath; scabbard
nounlexicon; dictionary; information repository
โกษgo:htLnounfunerary urn
โกหก go:hM hohkLverbto lie; to deceive; to bluff; to fib
โกหกพกลมgo:hM hohkL phohkH lohmMadjective, phrase[is] full of hot air; untruthful; blowing smoke
โก้หร่านgo:hF raanLadjective[archaic term for] fashionable [nowadays used to describe clothing which is stylish and attractive in an overly noticeable or garish way]
โก้หรูgo:hF ruuRadjectivesnazzy; chic
โกโหตุgo:hM ho:hR dtooLloanword, Pali[special Pali blessing word]
ใกล้ glaiFadjective, preposition[is] near; close
adjective[ใกล้ ๆ] [is] very near; close by
adverb[ใกล้กัน] next to; beside; close to
ใกล้กันglaiF ganMadverb[ใกล้กัน] next to; beside; close to
ใกล้กับ glaiF gapLadverbnext to (attached to); near
ใกล้กับglaiF gapLprepositionnear
ใกล้ค่ำglaiF khamFnounevening; twilight
ใกล้เคียง glaiF khiiangMadjective, preposition[is] adjoining; near; local; neighborhood; approximate
ใกล้เคียงglaiF khiiangMadjective[is] similar to
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