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ปอ ปลาfishThe 27th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ป (ป)
TIS-620 value: 0xป (ป)

3413 Thai words on 69 Pages

Page 42
ปิซาbpiL saaMproper nounPisa [a city in Italy]
ปิฎก bpiL dohkLnoun, formal, loanword, Palia collection of writings; a section of the Lord Buddha's teachings
noun, formal, poetic, loanword, Palibasket; box
ปิด bpitLverbto close; turn off; to shut
verb[ไม่ปิด] <subject> doesn't close; <subject> hasn't closed
verb[ได้ปิด] [past and perfect tenses] <subject> has closed; <subject> closed; <subject> did close
verb[ไม่ได้ปิด] <subject> didn't close
verb[จะปิด] <subject> will close
verb[จะไม่ปิด] <subject> won't close
verb[จะได้ปิด] <subject> will be able to close
verb[จะไม่ได้ปิด] <subject> won't be able to close
verb[ต้องปิด] <subject> must close
verb[ไม่ต้องปิด] <subject> doesn't have to close
verb[จะต้องปิด] <subject> will have to close
verb[จะต้องไม่ปิด] <subject> will have to not close
verb[จะต้องได้ปิด] <subject> will have to be able to close
verb[จะต้องไม่ได้ปิด] <subject> will have to be unable to close
verb[เคยปิด] <subject> has already closed; <subject> has (ever) closed
verb[ไม่เคยปิด] <subject> has never closed
verb[เพิ่งปิด] <subject> has just closed
verb[เพิ่งจะปิด] <subject> has just recently closed
verb[เพิ่งได้ปิด] <subject> did just close
verb[กำลังปิด] <subject> is (in the process of) closing
verb[กำลังจะปิด] <subject> is about to close; <subject> was about to close
verb[ยังปิด] <subject> still closes
verb[ยังไม่ปิด] <subject> still hasn't closed
verb[ยังไม่ได้ปิด] <subject> still hasn't been able to close
verb[ยังไม่เคยปิด] <subject> still has never closed
verb[ยังไม่ต้องปิด] <subject> still doesn't have to close
verb[คงปิด] <subject> probably closes
verb[คงไม่ปิด] <subject> probably doesn't close
verb[คงได้ปิด] <subject> has probably closed; <subject> probably closed; <subject> probably did close
verb[คงจะปิด] <subject> probably will close; <subject> may close; <subject> might close
verb[คงจะไม่ปิด] <subject> probably won't close; <subject> may not close; <subject> might not close
verb[คงจะได้ปิด] <subject> will probably be able to close
verb[คงจะไม่ได้ปิด] <subject> will probably be unable to close; <subject> probably wouldn't have closed
verb[คงจะกำลังปิด] <subject> is probably (in the process of) closing
verb[มักจะปิด] <subject> will usually close
verb[มักจะไม่ปิด] <subject> will usually not close
verb[ย่อมจะปิด] <subject> will surely close
verb[ย่อมจะไม่ปิด] <subject> surely will not close
verb[ควรปิด] <subject> should close
verb[ควรไม่ปิด] <subject> shouldn't close
verb[ควรจะปิด] [future tense] <subject> ought to close
verb[ควรจะไม่ปิด] [future tense] <subject> ought to not close
verb[อยากปิด] <subject> wants to close
verb[ไม่อยากปิด] <subject> doesn't want to close
verb[ต้องการปิด] <subject> needs to close
verb[ไม่ต้องการปิด] <subject> doesn't need to close
verb[ชอบปิด] <subject> likes to close
verb[ไม่ชอบปิด] <subject> doesn't like to close
verb[ทำให้ปิด] to cause to close
verb[ทำให้ไม่ปิด] to cause to not close
[เพื่อปิด] in order to close
noun[การปิด] [the activity of] closing
noun[ที่ปิด] that which (someone) is closing
verbto affix, stick, attach, or pin up
to hide; to conceal; to cover up
adjective[is] closed
ปิดกระดุม bpitL graL doomMverbto button
ปิดกันให้แซ่ดbpitL ganM haiF saaetFadjective, phrase[is] a widely known secret; an open secret
ปิดกั้นbpitL ganFverbto obstruct; block
ปิดกี่โมง bpitL geeL mo:hngMexample sentence"What time does it close?"
ปิดความ bpitL khwaamMverbto hush up; conceal a matter; cover-up (a situation)
ปิดเครื่องbpitL khreuuangFverbto shut down (a machine)
ปิดฉาก bpitL chaakLverbto end the episode; finish the scene
ปิดช่องทุกช่องทนกับความร้อนอบอ้าวbpitL chaawngF thookH chaawngF thohnM gapL khwaamM raawnH ohpL aaoFexample sentence"[I] closed each and every opening and tolerated the stifling heat."
ปิดตาbpitL dtaaMverbto close one's eyes
ปิดตาตีหม้อ bpitL dtaaM dteeM maawFnoun, proper noun, phrase, colloquial[name of a traditional Thai game/entertainment in the past]
ปิดตำนานรักหนุ่มสาวคนเลี้ยงควาย พร้อมการว่างงานของนกเอี้ยงbpitL dtamM naanM rakH noomL saaoR khohnM liiangH khwaaiM phraawmH gaanM waangF ngaanM khaawngR nohkH iiangFexample sentence"Thus dies the legend of love that young men and women have for their buffalos; as well as the end of employment for the myna birds [who picked insects from the buffalo’s hides]."
ปิดทอง bpitL thaawngMverbto apply gold leaf or inlay, to gild
ปิดทองหลังพระ bpitL thaawngM langR phraHphrase, figurative, colloquial, idiom[a Thai idiom meaning] to not seek praise for one's good deeds; to do good by stealth
ปิดท้ายbpitL thaaiHverbto conclude; end; terminate; finish; wind up; cease; complete
ปิดเทอม bpitL theermMnounend-of-school vacation; term break
ปิดเทอมนี้ก็เลือกเลยว่าอยากไปอยู่ห้างไหน สาขาไหน จะเอ็มโพเรียม พารากอน เซ็นทรัล เดอะมอลล์ หรือโรบินสันbpitL theermM neeH gaawF leuuakF leeuyM waaF yaakL bpaiM yuuL haangF naiR saaR khaaR naiR jaL emM pho:hM riiamM phaaM raaM gaawnM senM thranM duhL maawnM reuuR ro:hM binM sanRexample sentence"During the term break they decide which mall and branch they wish to be in, including Emporium, Paragon, Central, The Mall, or Robinson."
ปิดเทอมนี้จะพาลูกไปหัดว่ายน้ำbpitL theermM neeH jaL phaaM luukF bpaiM hatL waaiF naamHexample sentence"During this school break, I’m going to take me kid to learn to swim."
ปิดเทอมนี้หลายคนก็เปลี่ยนบทบาทตัวเองไปรับออเดอร์ในร้านบ้างbpitL theermM neeH laaiR khohnM gaawF bpliianL bohtL baatL dtuaaM aehngM bpaiM rapH aawM duuhrM naiM raanH baangFexample sentence"...[but now], during this long term break many people swap roles and take orders for [food] shops."
ปิดเทอมเล็กbpitL theermM lekHverbshort-term school break
ปิดเทอมแล้ว หน้าบ้านปลอดมลพิษจากควันรถไปได้อีกเป็นเดือนbpitL theermM laaeoH naaF baanF bplaawtL mohnM laH phitH jaakL khwanM rohtH bpaiM daiF eekL bpenM deuuanMexample sentence"The school term is over and the front of our home is once again free from the air pollution given off by the auto exhaust for [the last] several months."
ปิดบัง bpitL bangMverbto conceal; hide
ปิดบัญชี bpitL banM cheeMverbclose an account
ปิดเบา ๆ bpitL baoM baoMverb, phrase(of, for example, the trunk lid) to close gently
ปิดประตูตีแมวbpitL bpraL dtuuM dteeM maaeoMverb, phraseto bully someone who does not have the ability to fight back; to mistreat someone behind closed doors; to exercise authority against a weaker person.
ปิดประตูไปได้แล้ว ดึกแล้ว เดี๋ยวยุงเข้าbpitL bpraL dtuuM bpaiM daiF laaeoH deukL laaeoH diaaoR yoongM khaoFexample sentence"[You] can close the door already: it’s late and the mosquitoes will come in."
ปิดประตูล็อกกุญแจไว้bpitL bpraL dtuuM lawkH goonM jaaeM waiHverb, phraseto lock the door and throw away the key; reject
ปิดปาก bpitL bpaakLverbto close the mouth; shut the mouth; be quiet
ปิดปากเสียงวิจารณ์bpitL bpaakL siiangR wiH jaanMverb, phraseto stifle criticism
ปิดไฟ bpitL faiMverbswitch off the electricity; turn off the light
ปิดไฟล้มตัวนอนที่เก้าอี้รับแขกbpitL faiM lohmH dtuaaM naawnM theeF gaoF eeF rapH khaaekLexample sentence"[He] turned off the light and fell asleep in the easy chair."
ปิดไม่มิดbpitL maiF mitHverb, phraseto fail to close completely; leave ajar
ปิดไม่สนิทbpitL maiF saL nitLverb, phraseto leave adjar; fail to close tightly
ปิดลบbpitL lohpHverb, phraseto close in negative territory; close down for the day
ปิดล้อมbpitL laawmHverbto blockade
ปิดไว้ bpitL waiHverbto seal (a package or envelope)
ปิดสวิตช์ bpitL saL witHverbturn off the switch
ปิดหน้า bpitL naaFverbto cover or conceal one's face
ปิดหู ปิดตา ปิดปากbpitL huuR bpitL dtaaM bpitL bpaakLexample sentence"See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."
ปิ๊ดbpitH[euphonious word]
ปิติ bpiL dtiLproper nounPiti [a Thai male given name]
noun[is] glad; happy; joyful
noun[ความปิติ] pleasure; gladness; joy
ปิติกำลังจะแต่งกลอนขึ้นbpiL dtiL gamM langM jaL dtaengL glaawnM kheunFexample sentence"Piti is going to compose a poem."
ปิติกินข้าวเสร็จไปbpiL dtiL ginM khaaoF setL bpaiMexample sentence"Piti finished eating (rice)."
ปิติกินหอยทากมาก่อนbpiL dtiL ginM haawyR thaakF maaM gaawnLexample sentence"Piti has eaten snails before."
ปิติเขียนจดหมายต่อไปbpiL dtiL khiianR johtL maaiR dtaawL bpaiMexample sentence"Piti continued writing the letter."
ปิติจะเขียนหนังสือbpiL dtiL jaL khiianR nangR seuuRexample sentence"Piti will write the book."
ปิติจะเรียนจบปริญญาตรีในปีนี้ แต่บังเอิญตายเสียก่อนbpiL dtiL jaL riianM johpL bpaL rinM yaaM dtreeM naiM bpeeM neeH dtaaeL bangM eernM dtaaiM siiaR gaawnLexample sentence"Piti would have completed his bachelor’s degree this year but he accidently died."
ปิติจะวิ่งbpiL dtiL jaL wingFexample sentence"Piti was about to run."
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