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ปอ ปลาfishThe 27th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ป (ป)
TIS-620 value: 0xป (ป)

3093 Thai words on 62 Pages

Page 34
ปั้นจิ้มปั้นเจ๋อbpanF jimF bpanF juuhrRverb, phraseto suck up to; flirt with
ปั้นน้ำเป็นตัวbpanF naamH bpenM dtuaaMverbto lie; fabricate a lie; tell a lie; make up story
ปั้นมือ bpanF meuuMverbmold (with hands)
ปั้นยศbpanF yohtHverb, intransitive, figurativeto put on airs; to behave pretentiously
ปั้นรูป bpanF ruupFverbto sculpt
ปั้นเรื่อง bpanF reuuangFverb, phrase, figurative, colloquialto feign; to spin a yarn; to fabricate or make up a story
ปั้นสีหน้าbpanF seeR naaFverbto equivocate; compose one's face to hide one's true feelings
ปั้นหน้าbpanF naaFverbto hide one's true feelings; present a false impression
ปั้นจั่น bpanF janLnoun[construction equipment] crane
ปั้นจั่นขนาดใหญ่ bpanF janL khaL naatL yaiLnounderrick
ปันโจbpanM jo:hMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] poncho
noun[ผ้าปันโจ] poncho
ปั้นปึ่งbpanF bpeungLadjective[is] pompous
ปั่นแปะbpanL bpaeLverbto spin a coin; playing "heads or tails"
ปั้นหยาbpanF yaaRnouna [type of] structure with a four-faced roof
ปั๊บbpapHadverbat once; immediately; suddenly
ปับผาสะbpapL phaaR saLnounlung
ปัปผาสะbpapL phaaR saLnounlungs
ปั้มbpamF[alternate spelling of ปั๊ม]
ปั้มน้ำมันbpamF namH manMnounpetrol station; gas station; filling station; (automobile) service station
ปั๊มbpamHnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] to pump; a pump
verb, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] pump; to pump
classifier[numerical classifier for fuel pumps]
ปั๊มกุญแจbpamH goonM jaaeMverbto make a copy of a key
ปั๊มเชื้อเพลิง bpamH cheuuaH phleerngMnoun, formalfuel pump
ปั๊มทายาทbpamH thaaM yaatFverb, phrase, colloquialto start a family, have a child
ปั๊มน้ำbpamH naamHnounwater pump
ปั๊มน้ำมัน bpamH namH manMnounservice station; gas station; fueling station; service garage
ปั๊มลมbpamH lohmMnounair compressor
ปัวเปียbpuaaM bpiiaMverbto confuse
ปัศตัน bpatL saL dtanMnouna breach-loading gun such as a revolver or pistol
ปัสกาbpatL gaaMproper nounPassover
ปัสสาวะ bpatL saaR waHverbto pee; urinate
noun, adjective[น้ำปัสสาวะ] urine
noun[การปัสสาวะ] urination
ปัสสาวะbpatL saL waH[alternate pronunciation of ปัสสาวะ ]
ปัสสาวะรดที่นอน bpatL saaR waH rohtH theeF naawnMverbto wet the bed
ปัสสาวะรดในกางเกงbpatL saaR waH rohtH naiM gaangM gaehngMnoun, formalto wet (one's) pants
ปัสสาสะbpatL saaR saLnoun, loanword, Paliexhaling; breathing out
ปาbpaaMverbto throw; fling; cast; heave; hurl; sling; toss
ปาเข้าไปbpaaM khaoF bpaiMadverbas (much) as
ป่า bpaaLnounforest; woods; jungle; wild
adjective[is] wild
noun[คนป่า] a primitive; wild man
classifier[numerical classifier for jungles, rain forests]
ป่าเขาลำเนาไพรbpaaL khaoR lamM naoM phraiMnounrain forest; jungle; densly wooded hills
ป่าชายเลนbpaaL chaaiM laehnMnounsaltwater marsh
ป่าดงbpaaL dohngMnounforest; jungle; rain forest
ป่าดงดิบ bpaaL dohngM dipLnounjungle; rainforest
ป่าดงพงเขาbpaaL dohngM phohngM khaoRnoun, phrasehilly forest
ป่าดงพงพีbpaaL dohngM phohngM pheeMnoun, poeticforest; jungle; rain forest; wooded area
ป่าดิบ bpaaL dipLnounevergreen forest
ป่าดิบชื้นbpaaL dipL cheuunHnoun, phraserain forest; jungle
ป่าเถื่อน bpaaL theuuanLadjective, phrase[is] wild; savage; barbaric; barbarous; uncivil; uncultivated; uncivilized; rude
ป่าทึบ bpaaL theupHnounthick jungle
ป่าเบญจพรรณbpaaL baL yaehtL phanMnouna forest of mixed types of trees and vegetation
ป่าโปร่งbpaaL bpro:hngLnounwoods; open forest; savanna
ป่าผลัดใบbpaaL phlatL baiMnoundeciduous forest
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