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ปอ ปลาfishThe 27th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ป (ป)
TIS-620 value: 0xป (ป)

3136 Thai words on 63 Pages

Page 30
ปอท.bpaawM aawM thaawMproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for กองบังคับการปราบปรามการ กระทำความผิดเกี่ยวกับอาชญากรรมทางเทคโนโลยี] TCSD
ปอนbpaawnMadjective[is] sloppy
ป้อน bpaawnFverbto feed a person or animal
verbto enter or input (in a computer sense)
ป้อนตลาดbpaawnF dtaL laatLverbto supply the market
ป้อนอาหาร bpaawnF aaM haanRverbto feed a person or animal with food
ปอนด์ bpaawnMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] pound (measure of weight or British monetary unit)
classifier[numerical classifier for a loaves of bread, cakes]
ปอนด์สเตอร์ลิงbpaawnM saL dtuuhrM lingMnoun[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword, "pound sterling"]
ปอเนาะbpaawM nawHnounPondok; Muslim religious school
ปอบbpaawpLnounan ogre
ป๊อบbpaawpHloanword, English[transcription of the English word "pop"]
ปอปลาร์bpaawpL laaMnoun, adjective[general] poplar
noun[ต้นปอปลาร์] poplar tree
ปอเปี๊ยะbpaawM bpiaH[alternate spelling of เปาะเปี๊ยะ ]
ป้อแป้bpaawF bpaaeFadjective, adjective, adverb[is] weak; sluggish; feeble; flabby
ปอมbpaawmMnoun, proper noun[short for] Pomeranian (dogs)
ป้อม bpaawmFnounfort; fortress; citadel
classifier[numerical classifier for forts, police boxes]
adjective[is] round
ป้อมตำรวจ bpaawmF dtamM ruaatLnounpolice kiosk or traffic monitoring platform
ป้อมปราการ bpaawmF bpraaM gaanMnounfortress; bastion; bulwark; citadel; fortification
ป้อมปืน bpaawmF bpeuunMnouna gun turret
ป้อมยามbpaawmF yaamMnounwatchman's kiosk
ป้อมสนามbpaawmF saL naamRnounfortification
ป้อมปราบศัตรูพ่ายbpaawmF bpraapL satL ruuM phaaiFproper noun[เขตป้อมปราบศัตรูพ่าย] [administrative district of Bangkok] Pom Prap Sattru Phai
ป้อมมหากาฬbpaawF mohmM haaR gaanMproper nounPom Mahakan [a historical fortress in Bangkok]
ปอยbpaawyMnouna bunch, tuft, [of hair] lock or strand
classifier[numerical classifier for tufts, locks, strands]
ปอยผม bpaawyM phohmRnouna lock, bunch, or wisp of hair
ป้อยอbpaawF yaawMverbto flatter; fawn upon; lavish praise on
ปอร์เช่bpaawM chehFproper noun, loanword, GermanPorche (automobile)
ปอร์ต bpaawdLnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] port
ปอร์ตหลุยส์bpaawdL luyR[alternate spelling of พอร์ตหลุยส์ ]
ปอร์โตแปรงซ์ bpaawM dto:hM bpraaengMproper noun, geographicalPort-au-Prince, the capital city of เฮติ  (Haiti)
ปอสาbpaawM saaRnounpaper mulberry, Broussonetia papyrifera
ปะ bpaLverbto mend, patch, repair (except electronic or mechanical things)
conjunctionin the event that...
verbto happen upon; to meet with; to stumble across; to discover
colloquial[colloquial shortening of] หรือเปล่า
ปะกางเกงbpaL gaangM gaehngMverbto mend pants
ปะชุนbpaL choonMverbto sew; mend; darn; embroider
ปะผุbpaL phooLverbto repair decayed portions; patch
ปะผุbpaL phooLverbto perform superficial repairs; do a patch job, rather than long-lasting replacements
ปะยาง bpaL yaangMverbrepair a tire
ป่ะbpaLcolloquial[informal abbreviation of the interrogatory หรือเปล่า spoken by a female]
interjection[slang for] Let's go!
ปะการัง bpaL gaaM rangMnouncoral
ปะการังเทียมbpaL gaaM rangM thiiamMnounartificial coral reefs
ปะกำ bpaL gamMnoun[กวย (Suay) language] a family's guardian spirit of the people
ปะดอง bpaL daawngMnoun[ผ้าปะดอง] diaper
ปะติดปะต่อbpaL dtitL bpaL dtaawLverbto put together; link up; join together
ปะติ๋ว bpaL dtiuRadjectivetrivial; minute; minor; unimportant
adjective, colloquial, idiom[ขี้ปะติ๋ว] trifling; petty; trivial
ปะทะbpaL thaHverb, transitive, intransitive, colloquialto crash; to clash
noun[การปะทะ] clash; conflict; confrontation; fight
ปะทะคารมbpaL thaH khaaM rohmMverbto debate; dispute; quarrel; squabble; argue
ปะทะโครม bpaL thaH khro:hmMverb, intransitive, phraseto clash intellectually; banter issues about; have a friendly disagreement about ideas
ปะทะต่อสู้bpaL thaH dtaawL suuFverbto meet face to face; to confront; to fight against; to combat; to conquer; to beat; to struggle with; to oppose
ปะทะกันbpaL thaH ganMverbto fight; batter; collide; conflict; encounter; attack
ปะทุbpaL thooHto erupt; burst out; flash up noisily; pop; break out
ปะทุอารมณ์bpaL thooH aaM rohmMverbto let one's feelings be known; emote; let one's emotions burst forth
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