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รอ เรือboat; ship; barge; vesselThe 35th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ร (ร)
TIS-620 value: 0xร (ร)

3043 Thai words on 61 Pages

Page 6
ร่มกันแดด rohmF ganM daaetLnoun, formalbeach umbrella
ร่มกันฝนrohmF ganM fohnRnounumbrella
ร่มเกล้า rohmF glaoFnoun, phrase, formal, poetic[used with the kings only] one who engenders peace, averts distress and worry, and brings about security; protector
ร่มเกศ rohmF gaehtLnoun, phrase, formal, poetic[ร่มเกล้า]
ร่มเงา rohmF ngaoMnounshaded area; the shade
ร่มชายหาด rohmF chaaiM haatLnounbeach umbrella
ร่มชูชีพ rohmF chuuM cheepFnounparachute
ร่มเย็นrohmF yenMadjective[is] cool and shady
ร่มเย็นrohmF yenMadjective[is] peaceful; secure
ร่มเย็นเป็นสุขrohmF yenM bpenM sookLadjective[is] peaceful and happy; happy and content
ร่มรำไรrohmF ramM raiMnounpartial shade
ร่มรื่นrohmF reuunFadjective[is] shady; cool; (of weather) pleasant
รมช.ratH thaL mohnM dtreeM chuayF waaF gaanMnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for รัฐมนตรีช่วยว่าการ] deputy minister
รมณี rohmM maH neeMnoun, poeticwoman; lady
รมต.ratH thaL mohnM dtreeMnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for รัฐมนตรี]
รมย์rohmMnoun, loanword, Palipleasure; delight; joy; glee
รมว.ratH thaL mohnM dtreeM waaF gaanMproper noun, person, abbreviation[abbreviation for รัฐมนตรีว่าการ] Minister
รย.raH yaawngMproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ระยอง ] RYG
รร. ตท.ro:hngM riianM dtriiamM thaH haanRnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for โรงเรียนเตรียมทหาร]
รรท.rakH saaR raatF chaH gaanM thaaenMadjective, abbreviation[abbreviation for รักษาราชการแทน]
รวง ruaangMnounbunch; cluster; hive; water trough
verbto dig; to screw; to make a hole
classifier[numerical classifier for bunches, hives]
รวงผึ้ง ruaangM pheungFnounhoneycomb; beehive
ร่วง ruaangFverbto fall off; to drop from; to fall (as in the price of a stock market)
ร่วงโรยruaangF rooyMverbto fade; wither; wilt
ร่วงหล่นruaangF lohnLverbto fall
รวดruaatFadjectivespeedy; throughout; lively
noun, colloquialround; time; stretch; circle (of rope, wire, string); hoop; loop
adverbone after the other; all at one time; in one stretch; all at once
รวดรัดruaatF ratHadverbimmediately; quickly; urgently
รวดร้าวruaatF raaoHadjective[is] painful
รวดเร็วruaatF reoMadjective, phrasefast; quick
รวดเร็วฉับไวruaatF reoM chapL waiMadverb, phrasequickly and expeditiously
รวดเร็วปานสายฟ้าruaatF reoM bpaanM saaiR faaHadjective[is] lightning fast
รวนruaanMadjective[is] provokative; belligerent; quarrelsome
verb[รวนเร] to waver; to vacillate; to be uncertain
adjective[of, for example, a frame, chassis or machine, is] askew; out of whack; haywire; [of an engine, is] troublesome
verb[of a crowd] to crush forward, press forward
verbto broil meat
รวนเรruaanM raehMverb[รวนเร] to waver; to vacillate; to be uncertain
ร่วนruaanFadjective[is] crumbly; rotten; loose
adjective[ร่วนซุย] [is] friable; (of soil) loose, crumbly
ร่วนซุยruaanF suyMadjective[ร่วนซุย] [is] friable; (of soil) loose, crumbly
รวบ ruaapFverbto gather; to compile; collect; grasp; grab; concentrate; to muster; to rally
รวบตัวruaapF dtuaaMverbto catch; arrest; apprehend
รวบรวม ruaapF ruaamMverbto compile; gather; collect
รวบรัดruaapF ratHadverbbriefly; concisely; without delay
verbto cut short; to curtail; to cut off; to abridge
adverb[อย่างรวบรัด] summarily; in a summary way; by truncating
รวม ruaamMverbto combine; collect; add; include; incorporate; assemble; confederate
adjective, formalin total; gross; including all
adverb[โดยรวม] completely; as a whole; entirely
[ภาพรวม] overall image; full perspective; the big picture
รวมกลุ่ม ruaamM gloomLverb, phraseto congress
รวมกันruaamM ganMverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto gather; join together
รวมกันเราอยู่ แยกหมู่เราตาย ruaamM ganM raoM yuuL yaaekF muuL raoM dtaaiMexample sentence, idiom"Union is strength." — "Together we live; separate we die."
รวมกิจการruaamM gitL jaL gaanMnounbusiness merger
รวมขั้วruaamM khuaaFto join an alliance of political parties
รวมเข้าruaamM khaoFverbto add and combine together
รวมตัวruaamM dtuaaMverbto assemble together into a group; to rally or muster; to gather or combine into a group
รวมถึงruaamM theungRverbto include, comprise, embrace
รวมถึงruaamM theungRadjectiveincluding
...รวมถึงดูแลรับส่งเจ้าตัวแสบลูกชายหัวแก้วหัวแหวนของผมด้วย ruaamM theungR duuM laaeM rapH sohngL jaoF dtuaaM saaepL luukF chaaiM huaaR gaaeoF huaaR waaenR khaawngR phohmR duayFexample sentence"...including looking after Saep, our son, the apple of my eye."
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