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บำบัด  bamM batL 
contents of this page
1.บำบัดbamM batLto cure; to treat; to remedy; to get rid of; alleviate
2.การบำบัดgaanM bamM batLcuring, therapy

Royal Institute - 1982
บำบัด  /บำ-บัด/
[กริยา] ทำให้เสื่อมคลาย เช่น บำบัดทุกข์, ทำให้ทุเลาลง เช่น บำบัดโรค.

pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiบำ-บัด
IPAbam bàt
Royal Thai General Systembambat

1.   [verb, transitive, intransitive, loanword, Khmer]
to cure; to treat; to remedy; to get rid of; alleviate

bangM geertL phohnR naiM gaanM bamM batL rakH saaR
saL thaanR bamM batL phuuF bpuayL ro:hkF jitL
asylum; an institution for the care of the destitute or sick and especially the insane
chaiH naiM gaanM bamM batL rakH saaR
to be used in the treatment of
กายภาพบำบัดgaaiM yaH phaapF bamM batLPhysiotherapy; physical therapy
สถานบำบัดsaL thaanR bamM batLtreatment area
บำบัดทุกข์บำรุงสุขbamM batL thookH bamM roongM sookLto relieve suffering and bring about happiness
khliH nikL bamM batL rakH saaR phuuF dtitL yaaM saehpL dtitL
drug rehabilitation clinic
บำบัดโรคbamM batL ro:hkFto cure or treat an illness
raH bohpL bamM batL moonR wiianM glapL maaM chaiH maiL
recycling treatment system
เคมีบำบัดkhaehM meeM bamM batLchemotherapy
บ่อบำบัดน้ำเสียbaawL bamM batL naamH siiaRstabilization pond (in a water treatment plant)
นักจิตบำบัดnakH jitL bamM batLpsychotherapist
ธรรมชาติบำบัดthamM maH chaatF bamM batLnatural healing therapy
วจีบำบัดwaH jeeM bamM batLspeech therapy
บำบัดทุกข์ บำรุงสุขbamM batL thookH bamM roongM sookLto alleviate suffering and support happiness
phaaetF aaM saaR saL makL daiF meeM suaanL samR khanM yuuL maiF naawyH naiM gaanM bamM batL thookH phuuF jepL bpuayL
"The volunteer doctors play an important part in relieving the suffering of the sick."
baangM khohnM baawkL waaF khwaamM sookL kheuuM phohnR jaakL gaanM theeF daiF rapH gaanM bamM batL khwaamM dtawngF gaanM khaawngR dtohnM
"Some people say that happiness is the result of having ones desires fulfilled."
2. การบำบัด  gaanM bamM batL  [noun]
curing, therapy

exampleการบำบัดให้หายขาดgaanM bamM batL haiF haaiR khaatL[medical practice] curative care
jitL dtaL phaaetF dtawngF gaanM haiF phuuF bpuayL rapH khaawF saL nuuhrR naeH reuuangF gaanM nangF saL maaM thiH pheuuaF gaanM bamM batL thaangM jitL
"The psychiatrist wanted the patient to accept his suggestion to practice meditation as a mental therapy."
ผู้ชายที่มาเที่ยวเคยพูดกับเธอว่า "การไปสปาคือการบำบัดอย่างหนึ่ง ก็เหมือนการช้อปปิ้งนั่นแหละ"
phuuF chaaiM theeF maaM thiaaoF kheeuyM phuutF gapL thuuhrM waaF gaanM bpaiM saL bpaaM kheuuM gaanM bamM batL yaangL neungL gaawF meuuanR gaanM chaawpH bpingF nanF laeL
"A man who had come to be entertained by her once said, “Going to the spa is a type of therapy; its like going shopping."

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