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นอ หนูmouse; mice; ratThe 25th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+น (น)
TIS-620 value: 0xน (น)

2839 Thai words on 57 Pages

Page 43
นึกไปถึง neukH bpaiM theungRverbto think of; to call to mind
นึกฝัน neukH fanRverbto imagine; dream; fancy; think; have an idea about
นึกไม่ถึงneukH maiF theungRverb, phrase[is] unexpected
นึกไม่ออกneukH maiF aawkLverb[is] unable to think of (something); to have no idea; can't figure out; can't work something out mentally
นึกไม่ออกว่าใครneukH maiF aawkL waaF khraiMexample sentence"I can't remember who that is."
นึกเล่นๆว่าเวลาใครถามว่ารถติดขนาดไหน เราจะได้ไม่ต้องอธิบายมาก... ติดขนาดคนเดินแซงneukH lenF lenF waaF waehM laaM khraiM thaamR waaF rohtH dtitL khaL naatL naiR raoM jaL daiF maiF dtawngF aL thiH baaiM maakF dtitL khaL naatL khohnM deernM saaengMexample sentence"I thought, when anyone asks me how bad the traffic is, I would not find it difficult to answer... it was so bad that pedestrians were moving [faster than the cars]."
นึกว่าneukH waaFverbthink that...; thought that...; suppose that...
นึกว่าเป็นคนดี กลับเป็นคนร้ายneukH waaF bpenM khohnM deeM glapL bpenM khohnM raaiHexample sentence"[I] thought he was a good person, but he turned out to be just the opposite."
นึกว่าวันนี้จะสร้างสถิติใหม่ ดูหนังคนเดียวneukH waaF wanM neeH jaL saangF saL thiL dtiL maiL duuM nangR khohnM diaaoMexample sentence"[I] thought that today would be a new record: [I] would be the only one watching the movie."
นึกหวัง neukH wangRverbto aspire (to); to hope (for); to look forward to; to desire; to long (for)
นึกออกneukH aawkLverb, phraseto think (of something); remember (something)
นึกออกได้neukH aawkL daiFverbto recall something forgotten
นึกออกได้แล้วneukH aawkL daiF laaeoHexample sentence"I remember now."
นึกออกไหมครับ?neukH aawkL maiR khrapHexample sentence"Can you remember this?"
นึกออกไหมครับneukH aawkL maiR khrapHexample sentence"Can you picture this?"
นึกเอา neukH aoMverbsuppose; conjecture
นึง neungMnoun, colloquial[colloquial spelling of หนึ่ง  (one)]
นึ่ง neungFverbto steam (food, for cooking)
นุก nookHnoun, verb, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] nuke; [contraction of] nuclear
นุขnookHNuk [a girl's nickname]
นุ่ง noongFverbto dress; don; put on; wear clothing; to get dressed; attire; clothe; garb; robe; slip on or into
noun[ผ้านุ่ง] a piece of cloth wrapped once around the body and tied in a knot
[alliterative suffix]
นุ่งกระโจมอกnoongF graL jo:hmM ohkLverb[of women] to wear a sarong-like skirt covering the breast
นุ่งเจียม ห่มเจียมnoongF jiiamM hohmL jiiamMexample sentence, idiom"Cut your coat according to your clothes."
นุ่งน้อยห่มน้อยnoongF naawyH hohmL naawyHadjective, phrase, colloquial[sexual connotation] [is] naked; nude; scantily clad
นุ่งผ้าจีบ ห่มสไบ มีเครื่องประดับ คอ แขนข้อมือข้อเท้าnoongF phaaF jeepL hohmL saL baiM meeM khreuuangF bpraL dapL khaawM khaaenR khaawF meuuM khaawF thaaoHexample sentence"[She] wears a pleated skirt and a breast cloth and dons jewelry on her neck, arms, wrists, and ankles."
นุ่งลมห่มฟ้า noongF lohmM hohmL faaHadjective, phrase[is] stripped completely naked; in the nude
นุงนังnoongM nangMadverbin a confused manner
นุช nootHnoun, poeticyounger sister; person that is dear to me; beloved; sweetheart
นุ่น noonFnouncotton
นุ่ม noomFadjective[is] soft; tender; gentle
นุ่มนวลnoomF nuaanMadjective[of behavior, manners, language, locution, etc] gentle; mild
นุ่มนิ่ม noomF nimFadjective[is] gentle in manner
นุ้มนุ่มnoomH noomFadjective[is] very soft; really soft; gentle
นุ่มเลnoomF laehMinterjection, colloquial[teen slang] Great!
นูกัวโลฟาnuuM guaaM lo:hM faaM[alternate spelling of นูกูอะโลฟา ]
นูกูอะโลฟา nuuM guuM aL lo:hM faaMproper noun, geographicalNukualofa, the capital city of ท็องกา  (Tonga)
นูน nuunMadjective[is] convex; bulging out; curving out; swollen
นู่นnuunFadverb[is] way over there
pronoun[ที่นู่น] [that place] way over there
นู่น นี่ นั่นnuunF neeF nanFpronoun, phrase, colloquialthis, that, and the other thing; this and that; et cetera; lots and lots of things
นู่นอะไรnuunF aL raiMexample sentence"What is that way over there?"
นู้นnuunHadverbyonder; way over there
นูแอกชอต nuuM aaekL chaawtFproper noun, geographicalNouakchott, a city in Mauritania
เนกขัมมะnaehkF khamR maHnoun[Buddhism] renunciation; giving up the world; escape from sensuality; absence of greed; independence of sensual desire and pleasures; self-denial; self-abnegation
เนกไทnaehkF thaiMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign word] necktie
เน็กไท nekH thaiM[alternate spelling of เน็คไท ]
เนกไทยnaehkF thaiM[alternate spelling of เน็คไท ]
เนกาตีฟnaehM gaaM dteefLloanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] negative
เนค naehkFnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] neck
เนคตารีนnaehkF dtaaM reenMnoun[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] nectarine
เนคไท naehkF thaiMnoun, formal, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] necktie
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