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พอ พานtray on which items are offered to a Buddhist monkThe 30th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+พ (พ)
TIS-620 value: 0xพ (พ)

2881 Thai words on 58 Pages

Page 56
แพนหางphaaenM haangRnoun(airplane) tail plane
แพ่นphaaenFverb, transitiveto strike a heavy blow
[is] intrusive
แพนกphaH naaekFnounsector; division; department
แพนเค็กphaaenM khekHnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] pancake
แพนงphaaeM nohngM[alternate spelling of พะแนง]
แพนซี phaaenM seeMnoun[ดอกแพนซี] pansy
แพนด้าphaaenM daaFnoun[หมีแพนด้า] [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] panda; a panda bear
แพนโทธีนอลphaaenM tho:hM theeM naawnMnounpantothenol, vitamin B-5
แพมphaaemMproper noun, loanword, EnglishPam [an English given name]
แพมเพอร์phaaemM phuuhrMloanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] "Pamper", "Pampers"
แพร phraaeMnoun, adjective[pertaining to] silk
noun[ผ้าแพร] silk
แพร์phaaeMnoun, adjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] pear
noun[ต้นแพร์] pear tree
noun[ลูกแพร์] a pear
แพรเทียมphraaeM thiiamMnounrayon
แพรพรรณphraaeM phanMnouncolored silk finery
แพรเยื่อไม้phraaeM yeuuaF maaiHnounsheer silk
แพรเลี่ยนphraaeM liianFnounsatin
แพร่ phraaeFproper noun, geographicalPhrae, a province in northern Thailand with a 1995 population of 493,505 (rank 47 of 76)
verbto publicize; broadcast; make public; disseminate
แพร่กระจายผ่านทางอินเทอร์เน็ตอย่างรวดเร็วphraaeF graL jaaiM phaanL thaangM inM thuuhrM netH yaangL ruaatF reoMverb, phraseto go viral on the Internet
แพร่ข่าวphraaeF khaaoLverbto spread news; broadcast
แพร่เชื้อphraaeF cheuuaHverbto spread a disease; infect (someone)
แพร่พันธุ์phraaeF phanMverb, phraseto breed; multiply; propagate
แพร่ภาพ phraaeF phaapFverb[of TV] to broadcast; to telecast
แพร่ระบาด phraaeF raH baatLverb[of a disease] to spread; become an epidemic
แพร่สนั่นphraaeF saL nanLverbto spread; circulate; disseminate; propagate; get around; go around
แพร่สะพัดphraaeF saL phatHadjective, verb, transitiveto spread; become widespread; [is] widely talked about
แพร่หลาย phraaeF laaiRadjective[is] widespread; current
แพร่หลายphraaeF laaiRverbto spread out; extend; flow outward; permeate
แพร่กระจายphraaeF graL jaaiMverb, intransitiveto spread; circulate; disseminate; propagate
แพร่ง phraaengFnouncross-road; fork; junction
verb[of secret or confidential or classified information] to spread out; to break off; to branch off; to reveal
แพร่งนราphraaengF naH raaMproper nounPrang Nara (an intersection in Bangkok)
แพร่งพรายphraaengF phraaiMverb(of information or gossip) to leak; make known; spread; disclose; disseminate; reveal
แพร่งภูธรphraaengF phuuM thaawnMproper nounPrang Pootorn (an intersection in Bangkok)
แพรวphraaeoMadjective[is] luminous; sparkling
แพรวพราวphraaeoM phraaoMadjective, adverb[is] shiny; sparkling; dazzling; glittering
แพรวพราวphraaeoM phraaoMadjective[of a person] [is] tricky; wily
แพร็อกซิทีน phaaeM rawkH siH theenMformal, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] paroxytine
แพร็อกซิทีน เอชซีเอลphaaeM rawkH siH theenM aehtL seeM aehnMphrase, formal, loanword, Englishparoxytine hydrochloride; แพ็กซิล (Paxil)
แพลง phlaaengMverbto sprain the ankle, knee, or wrist
verbto twist; sprain; wrench
แพลทินัมphlaaeM thiH namM[alternate spelling of แพลทินั่ม]
แพลทินั่มphlaaeM thiH namFnoun, loanword, English[chemistry] Platinum, Pt, atomic number 78
แพลนphlaaenMverb[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] plan; to make plans; plan
แพลมphlaaemMverbto let out; protrude
แพล็ม phlaemMadjective, intransitive[is] protruding; showing a small part of; revealing a portion of
adjective, adverb[พล็อมแพล็ม] [is] (shining or appearing) intermittently
แพล็มตาหนูphlaemM dtaaM nuuRadjective, colloquial[is] post-pubescent (i.e. retractable foreskin)
แพ็ลเลเดียมphaenM laehM diiamMnoun[chemistry] Palladium, Pd, atomic number 46
แพละโลมphlaeH lo:hmMverb, transitiveto flirt with; to woo; to court
แพศย์ phaaetF[of the Four Castes in Code of Manu in ancient India's Hindu society] member of the third of the Four Castes; traders; merchants
แพศยาphaaetF saL yaaRnounprostitute
adjectivelustful; wanton; [of morals] loose; licentious; using feminine wiles
noun[ความแพศยา] prostitution (the institution)
แพะ phaeHnoungoat
noun, proper noun, colloquial[ปีแพะ] year or zodiac sign of the Goat
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