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หอ หีบchest; wooden box; trunkThe 41st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ห (ห)
TIS-620 value: 0xห (ห)

3396 Thai words on 68 Pages

Page 20
หยั่งเชิงyangL cheerngMverbto probe; explore; sound out; test someone's feelings about; determine someone's reaction
หยั่งดูท่าทีyangL duuM thaaF theeMverbto probe; explore; sound out
หยั่งรากyangL raakFverbto root (around)
หยั่งรู้yangL ruuHverbto see, comprehend, enlighten
หยั่งลึกyangL leukHverb, phraseto penetrate deeply
หยั่งเสียงyangL siiangRverbto sound out; poll; explore
หยัด yatLadjectivesteady; standing
verbto percolate through; to drip or trickle down slowly
หยัดยืนyatL yeuunMverbto fight to the finish; never give up; remain steadfast
หยัน yanRverb, transitive, intransitive, formalto jeer; to make fun of; to mock; to laugh at; to ridicule; to scoff
หยั่มมาyamL maaMverb, colloquial[slang for อย่ามา] don't come
หย่า yaaLverbto divorce
verbto halt; to cease; to stop, quit, or give up
หย่ากันแล้ว yaaL ganM laaeoHverbdivorced
หย่าขาด yaaL khaatLverbto divorce; dissolve or annul a marriage
หย่านม yaaL nohmMverbto wean
หย่าร้างyaaL raangHverb, phraseto get a divorce; to divorce
หย่าแล้ว yaaL laaeoHadjective[is] divorced
หยางโจวproper nounYangzhou, a city in China
หยาด yaatLverbto drip
noun[of liquid] a small drop
หยาดน้ำค้าง yaatL naamH khaangHnoun, colloquial[informal name of] the Thai glyph อํ
หยาดเหงื่อyaatL ngeuuaLnoundrops of sweat; perspiration
หยาบ yaapLadjective[is] crude; coarse; rough; rugged
adjective[is] rude; vulgar; impolite; obscene
หยาบกระด้าง yaapL graL daangFadjectiverough; rude; harsh; base; coarse; vulgar
หยาบกร้าน yaapL graanFadjective[is] rough; coarse; not smooth; abrasive
หยาบคายyaapL khaaiMadjective, phrase, formal[is] vulgar; boorish; crude; loutish; churlish; coarse; crude; oafish; uncivilized; uncouth
หยาบช้าyaapL chaaHadjective[is] vulgar; coarse; common; uncouth
หยาบโลน yaapL lo:hnMadjective[is] lewd; indecent; obscene; filthy; salacious
หยาบโลนyaapL lo:hnMadverbrudely; indecently; obscenely
หยาบหยามyaapL yaamRverbto insult; affront
หยาบๆyaapL yaapL[alternate spelling of หยาบ ]
หยาม yaamRverbto insult; to deride; to slight; to despise; to look down on; to revile; to speak disparagingly (of)
หยามหน้าyaamR naaFverbto insult, view with contempt, scorn
หยามหมิ่นyaamR minLverbto insult; disparage
หยามหยันyaamR yanRverbto disparage; ridicule; hold in contempt
หยามเหยียดyaamR yiiatLverbto disparage; slight; disdain
หย่าศึกyaaL seukLverbto stop fighting; halt the fighting; cease fire
หยำเปyamR bpaehMadverbdissolutely; decadently; degenerately
หยิกyikLadjective[is] curly; wavy; kinky; wooly; frizzy
verbto pinch (with fingers)
หยิกเล็บ เจ็บเนื้อyikL lepH jepL neuuaHexample sentence"When you throw mud at someone, you get dirty too."
หยิ่ง yingLadjective[is] arrogant; obstinate; vain, conceited, overly proud, pompous, self-centered
noun[ความหยิ่ง] pride; arrogance; obstinacy; stubbornness
หยิ่งยโสyingL yaH so:hRadjective[is] arrogant, haughty, disdainful
หยิ่งยะโสyingL yaH so:hR[alternate spelling of หยิ่งยโส]
หยินyinRproper nounYin
หยิบ yipLverbto seize; pick up; take hold of; to grasp; to clasp
nouna handful
หยิบกระป๋องใส่กรวดออกมา แล้วเทกรวดเม็ดเล็ก ๆ จำนวนมากลงไปในเหยือก พร้อมกับเขย่าเหยือกเบา ๆyipL graL bpaawngR saiL gruaatL aawkL maaM laaeoH thaehM gruaatL metH lekH jamM nuaanM maakF lohngM bpaiM naiM yeuuakL phraawmH gapL khaL yaoL yeuuakL baoM baoMexample sentence"He picked out a can of gravel then poured out a large number of small pebbles into the pitcher while shaking the pitcher gently."
หยิบขึ้นมา yipL kheunF maaMverbto pick up an object
หยิบจับyipL japLverbto hold; touch; handle
หยิบฉวยyipL chuayRverbto snatch; snap
หยิบมะเขือยาวขึ้นมาสามลูก ราคาสี่สิบบาทyipL maH kheuuaR yaaoM kheunF maaM saamR luukF raaM khaaM seeL sipL baatLexample sentence"[I] picked out three eggplants; the price was 40 baht."
หยิบมือyipL meuuMverbto pick up a quantity of something with one's fingers
หยิบมือyipL meuuMnounan amount of something that can be picked up with one's fingers
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