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หอ หีบchest; wooden box; trunkThe 41st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ห (ห)
TIS-620 value: 0xห (ห)

3569 Thai words on 72 Pages

Page 67
แหลมคมlaaemR khohmMadjective[is] sharp; clever; shrewd; brilliant
adjective[is] sharp; razor-sharp
แหลมฉบังlaaemR chaL bangMproper nounLaem Chabang, a city in Chonburi province; the largest commercial port in Thailand
แหละlaeL[alternate spelling of ล่ะ ]
แหละ laeL[alternate spelling of แหล่ะ ]
แหล่ะ laeLparticle, colloquial[a colloquial particle used to emphasize what precedes it]
แห้ว haaeoFadjective[is] disappointed; frustrated
[ความแห้ว] disappointment; frustration
nountruffle sedge (Cyperaceae)
noun[ต้นแห้ว] water chestnut; water caltrop; any aquatic plant of the genus Trapa, bearing an edible, nutlike fruit, esp. T. natans
noun[ลูกแห้ว] fruit (or 'nut') of water chestnut
แหวกwaaekLverbto part; break into
to part; make a part in; separate
แหวกแนวwaaekL naaeoMverb[แหวกแนว] to innovate; create something new and original; break new ground
แหวกแนวwaaekL naaeoMadjective[แหวกแนว] [is] different from
แหวกว่ายwaaekL waaiFverbto swim around
แหวกแนว waaekL naaeoMadjective[is] innovative; different (from); creative; original; unconventional
แหว่ง waengLindented; dented; nicked; chipped; incomplete
แหวดแหวwaaetL waaeRinterjection[onomatopoeia] sound of a cat wailing; caterwauling
แหวน waaenRnouna ring (worn on the finger)
nouna circular metal washer
แหวนของคุณแม่แวววับทุกวง เพราะเวลาว่างคุณแม่ก็จะเอามาขัดอยู่เรื่อย ๆwaaenR khaawngR khoonM maaeF waaeoM wapH thookH wohngM phrawH waehM laaM waangF khoonM maaeF gaawF jaL aoM maaM khatL yuuL reuuayF reuuayFexample sentence"All of mother’s rings are sparkling because whenever she has some free time Mother can be found polishing them."
แหวนจักรนอกwaaenR jakL naawkFnounlock washer (with teeth)
แหวนแต่งงาน waaenR dtaengL ngaanMnounwedding ring
แหวนเพชรwaaenR phetHnoundiamond ring
แหวนล็อคสปริงwaaenR lawkH saL bpringMnounspring lock washer
แหวนสปริงwaaenR saL bpringMnounspring washer; lock washer; split washer
แหวนหมั้น  waaenR manFnounengagement ring
แหวนอีแปะwaaenR eeM bpaeLnounplain washer
แหววwaaeoR[euphonious suffix]
แหวววmaaeoMadverb[onomatopoeia] sound of a cat howling
แหวะ waeLverb, transitive, intransitive, colloquialto cut openly roughly; to rip open; to make an incision; to slit open; to carve into; to sever
colloquial[interjection] "Gross!" — "Ish!" — "Phooey!" — "Eew!"
verb, intransitiveto vomit
แห่แหน haaeL haaenRverbto parade; walk in a procession
แหะ haeLonomatopoeia[the sound of laughter] Ha!
โห่ ho:hLnoun, verb, transitive, intransitive, interjection, colloquial, sarcastic-humorous, onomatopoeiato boo, to hail; [onomatopoeia of the sound of a long undulating shout or cheer]; [an exclamation of contempt, disapproval, disapprobation or derision]
verb, intransitive, colloquial[calling or crying] shout, yell
โห่ร้อง ho:hL raawngHverbto cheer
โห่ฮา ho:hL haaMverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, colloquial[see โห่ฮาป่า]
โห่ฮาป่า ho:hL haaM bpaaLverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, colloquial[vi, vt] to boo and laugh loudly and derisively to mock someone; [n] n. derisive and rude laughter expressing contempt of a crowd or audience
โหง ho:hngRverbto die an unnatural and violent death
verbto lift up; to raise
โหงวฮี๊งngo:hR hengH[alternate spelling of โหงวเฮ้ง]
โหงวเฮ้งngo:hR hengHnoun, loanword, Chinesephysiognomy; physical characteristic (of someone); physical feature (of someone)
โหด ho:htLadjective[is] harsh-mannered; base; unmerciful; ruthless; heartless
noun[ความโหด] difficulty; trouble; hardness
noun[ความโหด] ruthlessness; savage; brutality; cruelness
โหดร้าย ho:htL raaiHadjective[is] atrocious; merciless; cruel; pitiless; ruthless; brutal
โหดร้ายทารุณho:htL raaiH thaaM roonMadjective[is] cruel, vicious, savage, unfeeling, merciless; in a cold-blooded manner
โหดเหี้ยม ho:htL hiiamFadjective[is] ruthless; brutal; pitiless; heartless; cruel
โหน ho:hnRverbto hang; dangle; swing
โหนบาร์ho:hnR baaMnounhorizontal bar to swing on for exercise
โหนรถเมล์ho:hnR rohtH maehMverb, phraseto hang on to the straps of a bus; hang from the outside of a รถสองแถว
โหนร่อน ho:hnR raawnFverbto hang-glide
โหนสถาบันho:hnR saL thaaR banMverb, phraseto use the the high social position of the monarch to make yourself feel superior
โหนสลิงho:hnR saL lingMverbto zipline
โหนกno:hkLnounbump; lump; protrusion; hematoma
adjective[is] protruding; swollen; bulging
โหนกแก้มno:hkL gaaemFnouncheekbone
โหน่ง no:hngLinterjection, loanword, onomatopoeia[sound of a gong]
โหม ho:hmRverbto exert; to strain; to call upon all forces
โหมกระหน่ำho:hmR graL namLverbto devastate; buffet; rage
โหมกำลังho:hmR gamM langMverbto gather forces
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