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หอ หีบchest; wooden box; trunkThe 41st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ห (ห)
TIS-620 value: 0xห (ห)

3624 Thai words on 73 Pages

Page 21
หย็องyawngR[alternate spelling of หยอง ]
หย่องyaawngLverbto squat; sit in a squatting position
nounbridge of a stringed instrument
nountray for betel nuts and tools
หย็องแหย็งyawngR yaengRadjective[is] playing around; not doing something seriously; just fooling around
หยอด yaawtLverbto let drip; to pour a little at a time; to let drop little by little; to feed a small quantity; to insert [a coin in a jukebox (or any machines that take coins)]
หย่อนyaawnLadjective[is] sagging; slack; relaxed
adjectivedeficient; lacking
verbto slacken; loosen
adjective[หย่อนใจ] [is] (feeling) relaxed
noun[ที่หย่อนใจ] a place to relax
หย่อนใจyaawnL jaiMadjective[หย่อนใจ] [is] (feeling) relaxed
หย่อนใจสำหรับฉันคือ ไปในสถานที่ที่ตัดขาดตัวเองจากการทำงานโดยสิ้นเชิงyaawnL jaiM samR rapL chanR kheuuM bpaiM naiM saL thaanR theeF theeF dtatL khaatL dtuaaM aehngM jaakL gaanM thamM ngaanM dooyM sinF cheerngMexample sentence"My form of relaxation is going to a place which allows me to completely detach from my work."
หย่อนยานyaawnL yaanMadjective[is] flabby; loose; sagging
หย่อนยานyaawnL yaanMadjective[is] permissive; liberal
หย่อมyaawmLnounpatch; clump; cluster; tuft
adjective[หย่อม ๆ] [is] clustered; clumped together
หย่อม ๆyaawmL yaawmLadjective[หย่อม ๆ] [is] clustered; clumped together
หยัก yakLnounnotch; indentation
verbto make small cuts or notches, incise or make an incision, cut notches
adjective[is] serrated; wavy; notched; jagged; barbed; toothed
verbto curl, bend
หยักรั้งyakL rangHadjective[is] drawn up high; pulled up high; hiked up; gathered up (as for clothing)
หยักศก yakL sohkLadjectivewavy; curvy
หยักโศกyakL so:hkL[alternate spelling of หยักศก ]
หยัง yangR[Isaan variant of] ยัง  (see example) [or] ไร  (see example)
หยั่ง yangLverbto fathom the depth of water; to probe; to measure
verbto fathom the feelings of
หยั่งเชิงyangL cheerngMverbto probe; explore; sound out; test someone's feelings about; determine someone's reaction
หยั่งดูท่าทีyangL duuM thaaF theeMverbto probe; explore; sound out
หยั่งรากyangL raakFverbto root (around)
หยั่งรู้yangL ruuHverbto see, comprehend, enlighten
หยั่งลึกyangL leukHverb, phraseto penetrate deeply
หยั่งเสียงyangL siiangRverbto sound out; poll; explore
หยัด yatLadjectivesteady; standing
verbto percolate through; to drip or trickle down slowly
หยัดยืนyatL yeuunMverbto fight to the finish; never give up; remain steadfast
หยัน yanRverb, transitive, intransitive, formalto jeer; to make fun of; to mock; to laugh at; to ridicule; to scoff
หยั่มมาyamL maaMverb, colloquial[slang for อย่ามา] don't come
หย่า yaaLverbto divorce
verbto halt; to cease; to stop, quit, or give up
หย่ากันแล้ว yaaL ganM laaeoHverbdivorced
หย่าขาด yaaL khaatLverbto divorce; dissolve or annul a marriage
หย่านม yaaL nohmMverbto wean
หย่าร้างyaaL raangHverb, phraseto get a divorce; to divorce
หย่าแล้ว yaaL laaeoHadjective[is] divorced
หยางโจวproper nounYangzhou, a city in China
หยาด yaatLverbto drip
noun[of liquid] a small drop
หยาดน้ำค้าง yaatL naamH khaangHnoun, colloquial[informal name of] the Thai glyph อํ
หยาดฝนโปรยปรายในยามรุ่งอรุณyaatL fohnR bprooyM bpraaiM naiM yaamM roongF aL roonMexample sentence"The rain falls lightly in the early dawn."
หยาดเหงื่อyaatL ngeuuaLnoundrops of sweat; perspiration
หยาบ yaapLadjective[is] crude; coarse; rough; rugged
adjective[is] rude; vulgar; impolite; obscene
หยาบกระด้าง yaapL graL daangFadjectiverough; rude; harsh; base; coarse; vulgar
หยาบกร้าน yaapL graanFadjective[is] rough; coarse; not smooth; abrasive
หยาบคายyaapL khaaiMadjective, phrase, formal[is] vulgar; boorish; crude; loutish; churlish; coarse; crude; oafish; uncivilized; uncouth
หยาบช้าyaapL chaaHadjective[is] vulgar; coarse; common; uncouth
หยาบโลน yaapL lo:hnMadjective[is] lewd; indecent; obscene; filthy; salacious
หยาบโลนyaapL lo:hnMadverbrudely; indecently; obscenely
หยาบหยามyaapL yaamRverbto insult; affront
หยาบๆyaapL yaapL[alternate spelling of หยาบ ]
หยาม yaamRverbto insult; to deride; to slight; to despise; to look down on; to revile; to speak disparagingly (of)
หยามหน้าyaamR naaFverbto insult, view with contempt, scorn
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