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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3409 Thai words on 69 Pages

Page 25
ตะเคียนทองdtaL khiianM thaawngMnoun[ตะเคียนทอง] ironwood Hopea odorata
ตะแคง dtaL khaaengMverbto tilt, to incline, to list, to lie at an angle or on one side
ตะไคร่ dtaL khraiFnounmoss; lichens
ตะไคร่น้ำdtaL khraiF naamHnounmoss; thallophytic plant; lichen; algae
ตะไคร้ dtaL khraiHnoun[general] lemongrass
noun[ต้นตะไคร้] lemongrass plant, Cymbopogon flexuosus
noun[น้ำตะไคร้] citronella water; lavender water
ตะไคร้หอม dtaL khraiH haawmRcitronella
ต๊ะติ๊งโหน่ง dtaH dtingH no:hngLadjectivebeautiful; good
ต๊ะติ๋งโหน่งdtaH dtingR no:hngL[alternate spelling of ต๊ะติ๊งโหน่ง ]
ตะนาวศรี dtaL naaoM seeRnoun, proper noun, geographicalTenasserim [name of a mountain range between Southern Myanmar and Thailand]
ตะบอง dtaL baawngMnoun[ไม้ตะบอง] wooden club; cudgel
ตะบองเพชรdtaL baawngM phetH[alternate spelling of กระบองเพชร ]
ตะบอย dtaL baawyMadverb, colloquial, sarcastic-humorousslowly; slackly; lingeringly; leisurely; clumsily
ตะบันdtaL banMadjective[is] persistent; obstinate; stubborn; pig-headed; obdurate
to punch; box; hit; bop; sock; pummel; pound
nouna metal tube or mortar used in combination with a pestle in shredding betel leaves and areca nuts for chewing
ตะบิดตะบอยdtaL bitL dtaL baawyMverbto dawdle; be slow to respond
ตะบี้dtaL beeFadverb[alliterative prefix]
ตะบี้ตะบันdtaL beeF dtaL banMpronoun, adverb, phraseunceasingly; on and on
ตะบึงdtaL beungMverbto move on without stopping
ตะเบ๊ะdtaL behHverbto salute; to stand at salute
ตะแบงdtaL baaengMadverbstubbornly; contrary
ตะไบ dtaL baiMverbto file (with a tool)
nouna file (tool); a rasp
ตะไบขัดเล็บ dtaL baiM khatL lepHnounnail file
ตะไบทราย dtaL baiM saaiMnounemery board
ตะไบเล็บ dtaL baiM lepHnounnail file
ตะปบdtaL bpohpLverbto seize something from the air with a fast motion of the hand
ตะปัดตะป่องdtaL bpatL dtaL bpaawngLadverbangrily; peevishly
ตะปู dtaL bpuuMnouna nail; a tack
ตะปูเกลียวdtaL bpuuM gliaaoMnounscrew
ตะปูควง dtaL bpuuM khuaangMnounscrew
ตะปูควงต้องใช้ไขควงไขdtaL bpuuM khuaangM dtawngF chaiH khaiR khuaangM khaiRexample sentence"Screws must be fastened using a screwdriver."
ตะปูตรึงรางdtaL bpuuM dtreungM raangMnounrailroad track spike
ตะปูหัวโต  dtaL bpuuM huaaR dto:hMnountack; pin
ตะพังdtaL phangMnounwell; pool; puddle; pond; depression; pit; basin; shallow lake
ตะพัดdtaL phatHadverbspreading out rapidly and endlessly; without stopping
ตะพานdtaL phaanMnounbridge [obsolete]
ตะพาบdtaL phaapFnoun[ตะพาบน้ำ] soft-shell snapping turtle, Trionyx cartilagineus
ตะพาบน้ำdtaL phaapF naamHnoun[ตะพาบน้ำ] soft-shell snapping turtle, Trionyx cartilagineus
ตะพายdtaL phaaiMnounhole in a nose of an ox or a buffalo through which a rope is run
verbto wear something over the shoulder
ตะเพิด dtaL pheertFverbto chase; oust; drive; eject or expel; chase away; drive away
ตะเพียน dtaL phiianMproper noun, formal[ปลาตะเพียน] a [specific kind of] fish
ตะโพก dtaL pho:hkFnoun[of the human body] hip, hips
ตะโพนdtaL pho:hnMnountwo-faced drum
ตะเภา dtaL phaoMnoun[a certain Thai] water bowl or cup
noun[ไก่ตะเภา] cochin [a Chinese breed of chicken]
noun[หนูตะเภา] guinea pig; Cavia porcellus
noun[ปลาตะเภา] [the fish,] sweet lip, Plectorhinchus pictus
noun[ต้นตะเภา] sugarcane, Saccharum officinarum (Gramineae)
noun[boat] Chinese junk
nouna southwest monsoon trade winds
ตะราง dtaL raangMnouncell; prison; jail
classifier[numerical classifier for prison cells]
ตะรุเตา dtaL rooH dtaoMproper noun, geographicalTarutao
ตะลอนdtaL laawnMverbto roam; wander; ramble; rove; range; walk all around; be busy running; go about (/here and there)
ตะล่อม dtaL laawmFnouna basket
noun[ตะล่อมข้าว] a small barn, a farm outbuilding to store rice
verbto rake into a pile
noun[a unit of volume equal to four เกวียน ]
verbto prevail upon; convnce
ตะล่อมข้าวdtaL laawmF khaaoFnoun[ตะล่อมข้าว] a small barn, a farm outbuilding to store rice
ตะลิงปลิง dtaL lingM bplingMnoun[ต้นตะลิงปลิง] [a tree with cucumber-like fruit] Averrboa bilimbi
ตะลีตะลานdtaL leeM dtaL laanMadverbfrantically; hastily; flurried
ตะลึงdtaL leungMadjective[is] dumbfound; stupefied; at a loss; stunned; taken aback; spellbound
noun[ความตะลึง] bewilderment
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