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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3510 Thai words on 71 Pages

Page 25
ตะโกdtaL go:hMnounDiospiros rhodocalyx
noun[ต้นตะโก] persimmon, genus Disopyros
ตะโก้dtaL go:hFnouna [type of] layered rice-flour coconut-milk pudding
nounnorthwest to southeast monsoon
ตะโกกdtaL go:hkLnoungenus apogon
ตะโกน dtaL go:hnMverbto call out loudly; cry out; shout; to yell; holler
ตะโกนเรียกdtaL go:hnM riiakFverbto holler; to call out; to cry out; to hail
ตะไกร dtaL graiMnounscissors (pair of)
ตะขบdtaL khohpLnoungovernor's plum, Flacourtia indica
ตะขอ dtaL khaawRnounhook
ตะขาบ dtaL khaapLnouncentipede
nouna bamboo scarecrow
ตะขิดตะขวงdtaL khitL dtaL khuaangRadjective[is] embarrassed; hesitant; [is] reluctant; bashful; shy; ashamed
ตะขิดตะขวงใจdtaL khitL dtaL khuaangR jaiMadjective[is] embarrassed; inhibited; ashamed
ตะเข้dtaL khaehFnouncrocodile
ตะเข็บ dtaL khepLnounthe seam of a garment, a weld, a joint
noun[a certain type of] centipede-like invertebrate
nounsand flea Orchestia agillis
nouna small flat shrimp, Peneus indicus
nouna crawling vine, Pothos scandens (Araceae)
ตะเข็บออก dtaL khepL aawkLadjective[is] inside out
ตะโขงdtaL kho:hngRnoungharial Gavialis gangeticus, gavial
ตะคริว dtaL khriuMnounmuscle cramp
ตะครุบ dtaL khroopHverbto catch; pounce (upon); seize, snatch or grab (at)
ตะครุบกบdtaL khroopH gohpLverbto tumble over; slip; fall down; take a tumble; take a fall
ตะคอกdtaL khaawkFverbto howl (at); to bellow (at); to reprove (someone) loudly or sharply
ตะคันdtaL khanMnoun, ancientcenser; a clay receptacle for burning incense
ตะคากdtaL khaakFnounilium; the pelvic brim bone
ตะคิว dtaL khiuMnouncramp; spasm
ตะคุ่ม dtaL khoomFadjective, adverb, colloquial[usually followed by ] [of a shadow or vision/visibility] indistinct, indistinctly; faint, faintly; vague, vaguely; obscure; undefine; looming
ตะเคียนdtaL khiianMnounironwood Hopea odorata
noun[ตะเคียนทอง] ironwood Hopea odorata
ตะเคียนทองdtaL khiianM thaawngMnoun[ตะเคียนทอง] ironwood Hopea odorata
ตะแคง dtaL khaaengMverbto tilt, to incline, to list, to lie at an angle or on one side
ตะแคงตีนเดินdtaL khaaengM dteenM deernMverb, phraseto act as a high-class person
ตะไคร่ dtaL khraiFnounmoss; lichens
ตะไคร่น้ำdtaL khraiF naamHnounmoss; thallophytic plant; lichen; algae
ตะไคร้ dtaL khraiHnoun[general] lemongrass
noun[ต้นตะไคร้] lemongrass plant, Cymbopogon flexuosus
noun[น้ำตะไคร้] citronella water; lavender water
ตะไคร้หอม dtaL khraiH haawmRcitronella
ต๊ะติ๊งโหน่ง dtaH dtingH no:hngLadjectivebeautiful; good
ต๊ะติ๋งโหน่งdtaH dtingR no:hngL[alternate spelling of ต๊ะติ๊งโหน่ง ]
ตะนาวศรี dtaL naaoM seeRnoun, proper noun, geographicalTenasserim [name of a mountain range between Southern Myanmar and Thailand]
ตะบอง dtaL baawngMnoun[ไม้ตะบอง] wooden club; cudgel
ตะบองเพชรdtaL baawngM phetH[alternate spelling of กระบองเพชร ]
ตะบอย dtaL baawyMadverb, colloquial, sarcastic-humorousslowly; slackly; lingeringly; leisurely; clumsily
ตะบันdtaL banMadjective[is] persistent; obstinate; stubborn; pig-headed; obdurate
to punch; box; hit; bop; sock; pummel; pound
nouna metal tube or mortar used in combination with a pestle in shredding betel leaves and areca nuts for chewing
ตะบิดตะบอยdtaL bitL dtaL baawyMverbto dawdle; be slow to respond
ตะบี้dtaL beeFadverb[alliterative prefix]
ตะบี้ตะบันdtaL beeF dtaL banMpronoun, adverb, phraseunceasingly; on and on
ตะบึงdtaL beungMverbto move on without stopping
ตะเบ๊ะdtaL behHverbto salute; to stand at salute
ตะแบงdtaL baaengMadverbstubbornly; contrary
ตะไบ dtaL baiMverbto file (with a tool)
nouna file (tool); a rasp
ตะไบขัดเล็บ dtaL baiM khatL lepHnounnail file
ตะไบทราย dtaL baiM saaiMnounemery board
ตะไบเล็บ dtaL baiM lepHnounnail file
ตะปบdtaL bpohpLverbto seize something from the air with a fast motion of the hand
ตะปัดตะป่องdtaL bpatL dtaL bpaawngLadverbangrily; peevishly
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