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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3510 Thai words on 71 Pages

Page 13
ตราบนั้นdtraapL nanHadverb[adverbial phrase at the end of a clause beginning with ตราบใดที่]
ตราบาปdtraaM baapLnounsin; guilt
ตราสัง dtraaM sangRverbto shroud; to wrap (in)
ตราสามดวงdtraaM saamR duaangMproper nounThe Three Seals
ตรำ dtramMverbto endure, suffer, or undergo (hardships)
adjective[is] enduring (hardships); suffering
ตริตรอง dtriL dtraawngMverbto reflect; meditate; ponder; think over
ตรินิแดด dtriL niH daaetLproper noun, geographicalTrinidad
ตรินิแดดและโตเบโก dtriL niH daaetL laeH dto:hM baehM go:hMproper noun, geographicalTrinidad and Tobago
ตริโปลี dtriL bpo:hM leeMproper noun, geographicalTripoli, the capital city of ลิเบีย  (Libya)
ตรีdtreeMadjective, loanword, Pali[Pali numeral] three; [usually used as a prefix] third; triple
noun, formal[of Thai Tone] high
noun, formal[ไม้ตรี] the third Thai Tone Marker; the High Tone Marker (อ๊)
proper nounTri [Thai male nickname]
ตรีปิฎก dtreeM bpiL dohkLnoun, phrase, formal, loanword, Palian alteration of พระไตรปิฎก
ตรีพรหม dtreeM phrohmMnoun, phrase, formal, loanword, Sanskritthe Triple Forms or ตรีมูรติ (Trimurti)
ตรีมูรติ dtreeM muuM raH dtiLnoun, phrase, formal, loanword, Sanskrit[Hinduism] Trimurti—the Three Forms—the great triad of Hindu gods comprising พระพรหม  (the god Brahma), พระวิษณุ (the god Vishnu) and พระศิวะ (the god Siva)
ตรีศกdtreeM sohkLnounthird year of the decade
ตรีโกณมิติdtreeM go:hnM miH dtiLnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] trigonometry
ตรีทูตdtreeM thuutFdisorder of the three humours of the body; in jeopardy; hazardous; critical ill; dying; on the verge of death
ตรีศูลdtreeM suunRnountrident; lance
ตรึก dtreukLverbto think; to ponder; consider; reflect; to deliberate
verbto waste; to use up; to lose; to run out of; to spend
noun[ความตรึก] notion; (character of) thought
ตรึกตรองdtreukL dtraawngMverbthink over; to meditate on
ตรึง dtreungMverbfasten to; pin to; affix to; bind; tie up
verbto transfix; to hold in a spell; to preoccupy
adjective[ตรึงใจ] [is] fascinated (by); takes great interest (in)
verb[ตรึงใจ] to impress,fascinate, affect, move, touch; take a great interest in
ตรึงกางเขนdtreungM gaangM khaehnRverb, transitiveto crucify
ตรึงกำลังdtreungM gamM langMverbto maintain a fixed position of strength
ตรึงเครียด dtreungM khriiatFadjectiveintense; serious; tense; stressed
ตรึงใจ dtreungM jaiMadjective[ตรึงใจ] [is] fascinated (by); takes great interest (in)
ตรึงใจdtreungM jaiMverb[ตรึงใจ] to impress,fascinate, affect, move, touch; take a great interest in
ตรึงตราdtreungM dtraaMverbto tighten; make tight; make taut; fasten down
ตรึงตาdtreungM dtaaMverbto please the eye; catch one's eyes
ตรึงตาdtreungM dtaaMadjective[is] pleased with
ตรึงตาตรึงใจ dtreungM dtaaM dtreungM jaiMverb, idiombe deeply enamored with
ตรึงราคาdtreungM raaM khaaMverbto fix the price; to peg the price
ตรึม dtreumMadverbabundantly; copiously; lots of
ตรุ dtrooLnounjail; prison; dungeon
ตรุษ dtrootLnounnew year's observance
noun[ตรุษฝรั่ง] Western New Year
ตรุษจีน dtrootL jeenMnounChinese New Year
ตรุษฝรั่งdtrootL faL rangLnoun[ตรุษฝรั่ง] Western New Year
ตรู dtruuMadjectivebeautiful; pretty; handsome
ตรู่ dtruuLadjectivevery early
noundawn; daybreak
ตฤณมัย dtrinM naH maiMnounturf
ตลก dtaL lohkLadjective[is] funny; comedic
noun, verbto joke, a joke, a comedy, fun
nouncomedian; jester
ตลกขบขันdtaL lohkL khohpL khanRadjective, phrase[is] humorous, amusing, funny
ตลกคณะนี้มีแต่มุกด้าน ไม่เห็นขำเลยdtaL lohkL khaH naH neeH meeM dtaaeL mookH daanF maiF henR khamR leeuyMexample sentence"This group's humor is composed of bad jokes; they are not funny at all."
ตลกจริงdtaL lohkL jingMinterjection, example sentence"(That's) very funny."
ตลกจริงdtaL lohkL jingMadjective[is] very funny
ตลกแดก! dtaL lohkL daaekLinterjection, example sentence, colloquial, vulgar, sarcastic-humorous"[showing disapproval to a person given to foolish, odd, coarse or undignified joking] What a buffoon!"
ตลกแดกdtaL lohkL daaekLverb, phraseto sponge off someone else; get something under false pretenses
ตลกบริโภคdtaL lohkL baawM riH pho:hkFverb, phrase, colloquialto sponge off someone else; get something under false pretenses
ตลกร้าย dtaL lohkL raaiHnouna bad joke; gallows humor; black humor
ตลกหลวงdtaL lohkL luaangRnounroyal jester; court jester
ตลบ dtaL lohpLverb[of a net] to throw; to cast; [of hair] to flip back
verbto pervade; permeate; diffuse
ตลบตะแลงdtaL lohpL dtaL laaengMadverbdeceitfully; fraudulently; treacherously; craftily
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