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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3510 Thai words on 71 Pages

Page 43
ตำรวจหญิง dtamM ruaatL yingRnounpolicewoman
ตำรวจหนุ่มเต๊ะท่าอยู่บนสะพาน มองสาว ๆ เดินผ่านไปมาdtamM ruaatL noomL dtehH thaaF yuuL bohnM saL phaanM maawngM saaoR deernM phaanL bpaiM maaMexample sentence"The young policeman is posturing in a self-important manner on the bridge, watching the girls passing back and forth."
ตำรวจหลวงdtamM ruaatL luaangRnounthe sergeants at arms in attendance at the royal palace
ตำรวจออกปฏิบัติการโดยทันที หลังจากรับคำสั่งdtamM ruaatL aawkL bpaL dtiL batL gaanM dooyM thanM theeM langR jaakL rapH khamM sangLexample sentence"After receiving their orders, the police took immediate action."
ตำรวจเอาหลักฐานมาปะติดปะต่อกันขึ้นเป็นเรื่องราวที่สมเหตุสมผลdtamM ruaatL aoM lakL thaanR maaM bpaL dtitL bpaL dtaawL ganM kheunF bpenM reuuangF raaoM theeF sohmR haehtL sohmR phohnRexample sentence"The police linked together the evidence into a reasonable scenario."
ตำรับ dtamM rapLnouna recipe, a formula; a treatise; a pharmacopeia, a prescription
noun[เจ้าตำรับ] originator; initiator; creator; formulator
ตำรับตำราdtamM rapL dtamM raaMnountextbooks
ตำรา dtamM raaMtextbook; reference manual; treatise; recipe; prescription; formula
ตำรากล่าวว่านักษัตรหรือดาวฤกษ์มี ๒๗ หมู่dtamM raaM glaaoL waaF nakH satL reuuR daaoM reerkF meeM yeeF sipL jetL muuLexample sentence"Textbooks tell us that there are 27 constellations or groups of fixed stars."
ตำราทำอาหาร dtamM raaM thamM aaM haanRnouncookbook
ตำราอาหาร  dtamM raaM aaM haanRnounrecipe for a food dish; cookbook
ตำลึง dtamM leungMnounan edible ivy, Coccinia indica or Coccinia grandis, the ivy gourd, also known as scarlet gourd, tindora and kowai fruit is a tropical vine.
nounancient Thai monetary unit
nounThai measure of weight
ตำหนัก dtamM nakLnouna residential building in the royal compound
ตำหนิ dtamM niLnouna fault, a blemish, a flaw, a defect
nounbirthmark; scar; nevus; mole
verb, transitiveto blame; find fault with; reprimand; reprove; criticize
verb, transitive, intransitive, formalto condemn; to deplore; to censure
ตำหนิติเตียนdtamM niL dtiL dtiianMverb, phraseto reprimand; blame; reprove; reproach; rebuke; condemn; censure
ตำหนิเพื่อแก้ไข dtamM niL pheuuaF gaaeF khaiRverb, phraseto correct
ตำแหน่ง dtamM naengLnounposition; post; rank
nounlocation; place; (art and photography) point of interest in a scene
ตำแหน่งของเตาไฟที่ดีควรอยู่ในลักษณะที่ผู้ปรุงอาหารสามารถมองเห็นประตูทางเข้าdtamM naengL khaawngR dtaoM faiM theeF deeM khuaanM yuuL naiM lakH saL naL theeF phuuF bproongM aaM haanR saaR maatF maawngM henR bpraL dtuuM thaangM khaoFexample sentence"A good way to position a stove is such that the cook is able to easily see the entryway to the kitchen."
ตำแหน่งเด็กเสิร์ฟ ฟังแล้วไม่เท่dtamM naengL dekL seerfL fangM laaeoH maiF thehFexample sentence"A job as a waiter does not sound cool."
ตำแหน่งที่สุดบนท้องฟ้าdtamM naengL theeF sootL bohnM thaawngH faaHnoun, phrasezenith
ตำแหน่งบรรณาธิการบริหารทำให้ผมได้สัมภาษณ์คนค่อนข้างเยอะ และเห็นคนหลากหลายdtamM naengL banM naaM thiH gaanM baawM riH haanR thamM haiF phohmR daiF samR phaatF khohnM khaawnF khaangF yuhH laeH henR khohnM laakL laaiRexample sentence"My position as administrative editor has caused me to interview lots of applicants and see many people."
ตำแหน่งเป็นแค่ช่วงเวลาหนึ่งในการทำงานdtamM naengL bpenM khaaeF chuaangF waehM laaM neungL naiM gaanM thamM ngaanMexample sentence"One’s rank is merely reflection of one’s work position at a given period of time."
ตำแหน่งผู้นำdtamM naengL phuuF namMnoun, phrasehead; leader
ตำแหน่งรัฐมนตรีก็ย่อมมีคนผิดหวังสมหวังบ้างdtamM naengL ratH thaL mohnM dtreeM gaawF yaawmF meeM khohnM phitL wangR sohmR wangR baangFexample sentence"Some ministers will be disappointing while others will fulfill our hopes."
ติ dtiLverbto blame; criticize; disparage; reproach
noun[การติ] condemnation, censure, comment, review
ติโขนยังไม่ได้แต่งตัวdtiL kho:hnR yangM maiF daiF dtaengL dtuaaMverb, phraseto condemn something before knowing the facts
ติเตียน dtiL dtiianMverbto blame; denounce; to censure
ติเตียนได้ ไม่โกรธ อาฆาตกันdtiL dtiianM daiF maiF gro:htL aaM khaatF ganMexample sentence"You can be critical, but not angry or spiteful."
ติเตือน dtiL dteuuanMverbto blame; criticize; disparage; reproach
ติเรือทั้งโกลนdtiL reuuaM thangH glo:hnMverb, phraseto condemn something before knowing the facts
ติง dtingMverbto cross-examine
verbto admonish; criticize; reproach
ติ่ง dtingLnounoutgrowth; appendage; projection; protrusion
verbto protrude
ติ่งหูdtingL huuRnounearlobe
ติ๋งdtingRadjective[onomatopoeia] sound of dripping water
ติงต๊องdtingM dtaawngHnoun, adjective, interjection, colloquial[colloquial, perhaps crude] [is] crazy-headed; "(You) weirdo!"
ติ๊งต๊อง dtingH dtaawngHadjective, adverb, colloquial[colloquial slang, sometimes shortened as ต๊อง] being a space cadet; being a spaz; eccentric; odd; freakish; peculiar; quirky; strange; flaky; odd; wacky; lightheaded; forgetful; inept; being a klutz or clumsy person
ติงลี่dtingM leeFnoun[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] tingley (style of hat)
ติฉินนินทาdtiL chinR ninM thaaMverbto gossip maliciously; blame via whisper campaign
ติชมdtiL chohmMverbto criticize; comment; review; observe
ติณชาติ dtinM naH chaatFnoungrass
ติณสูลานนท์dtinM suuR laaM nohnMproper noun[family name of General Prem] Tinsulanonda
ติด dtitLverb, intransitive[of a person] to become (figuratively) fixated (on something); to think about (something) to an extreme and excessive degree; to be (figuratively) absorbed; to be obsessed (with someone or something); to be crazy or mad about; to be fascinated by
preposition[preposition usage] attached to; on
adjective[ติดใจ] [is] suspicious; doubtful
verb, transitiveto start, to light, to ignite, to light up or light (something) up, to kindle a fire
verb, transitive, colloquial[of diseases and serious ilnesses] to get, have, contract, catch, acquire, be afflicted with, develop, come down with
adjective, adverbconsecutive; successive; running; adjacent; next; adjoining; beside; bordering; cheek by jowl; close; near; neighbouring; next door; touching
adverb[ติด ๆ] consecutively
verb, transitiveto decorate; adorn; beautify; embellish; festoon; ornament; to do up (informal); color; furbish; paint; paper; install; renovate; wallpaper; to pin (a medal on)
adjective[is] close to; attached to; clinging to; adjacent to; side by side with; snuggled up to; enclosed within; (of traffic) [is] jammed
adjective[ติดใจ] [is] enthralled by; attracted to; enamored of; yearning for; in love with; crazy for
adjective[is] (physically) stopped; caught in; stuck; blocked; obstructed; interfered with; interrupted; halted; brought to a standstill
verb, transitive[is] addicted to; [has] formed a habit
verb, transitive, intransitiveto ask to travel along (in someone's vehicle); to ride along (with someone)
verb, transitiveto attach physically; to impress (a seal); to stamp; to affix; to stick; to fix; to glue; to hold fast; to fasten; to paste
verb, transitive, intransitiveto set (something) up (so that it) exists, remain, be alive or be there to stay
verb, intransitive[used of plants that bear fruits] to be successful in fruiting
verb, transitiveto be imprisoned; to be jailed; to be confines; to be detained; to be incarcerated; to be locked up; to be put away; to be sent down
verb, intransitive, adverba bit; rather; somewhat; pretty; quite
verb, transitive, intransitiveto owe or be indebted (committed or obligated to repay a monetary loan); to be in debt, to be in arrears to be obligated or indebted
verb, transitive, intransitiveto visit; to talk in order to make an agreement; to communicate; to go through
verb, transitiveto impart (color) by means of a dye
verb, intransitive[as a dye] to impart color
verb, intransitiveto become colored or absorb color when treated with a dye
verbto designate
verb[ไม่ติด] [of an engine] won't start
proper noun[ปลาติด] any one of several species of fishes belonging to Echeneidae (Echeneis, Remora, and allied) genera. Also called: Sucking Fish (E. naucrates), Shark Sucker - Echeneis naucrates Linnaeus; Swordfish Sucker - Remora brachyptera; Remora - Remora remora
ติดกระดุม dtitL graL doomMverbto button up an article of clothing; sew on a button
ติดกันdtitL ganMverb, phraseattached together; joined together ("joint"); next to each other
ติดกับ dtitL gapLprepositionadjacent; beside; against; next (to)
ติดกับdtitL gapLverbnext to; adjacent to; to be trapped; to attached to; to be stuck with
ติดกับดักdtitL gapL dakLadjective[is] caught in a trap
ติดกาวdtitL gaaoMverbto glue
ติดเก้งdtitL gengFverb, intransitive, colloquial[used of dogs only] the state in which a male dog's penis gets stuck in a female dog's vagina after they สมจร
ติดขบวนแห่dtitL khaL buaanM haaeLverbto be blocked by a float procession
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