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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3490 Thai words on 70 Pages

Page 45
ติดฝนdtitL fohnRverbto be caught in the rain
ติดฝิ่นdtitL finLadjective[is] addicted to opium
ติดพ่อdtitL phaawFnounex-wife's children who live with their father
ติดพ่อ dtitL phaawFadjective[is] close—and often dependent—on one's father [implying derogation]
ติดพันdtitL phanMadjective[is] be infatuated with; in love with
ติดพันdtitL phanMadverbcontinuously
ติดพันdtitL phanMadjective[is] concerned with; involved with
ติดไฟdtitL faiMverbto kindle a fire (in the stove)
ติดไฟแดงdtitL faiM daaengMverbto stop or be stopped at the traffic light
ติดมือdtitL meuuMverbto carry (something); to bring something along
ติดแม่dtitL maaeFnounex-husband's children who live with their mother
ติดแม่ dtitL maaeFadjective[is] close—and often dependent—on one's mother [implying derogation]
ติดไม้ติดมือdtitL maaiH dtitL meuuMverb, phraseto bring along with; carry; bring
ติดยาdtitL yaaMnoundrug addiction
ติดยาdtitL yaaMverbto become addicted to drugs
ติดยาเสพติดdtitL yaaM saehpL dtitLverb, phraseto become addicted to drugs
ติดราชการdtitL raatF chaH gaanMverb, intransitiveto be bound by pressure of official business; involved in official business
ติดเรตdtitL raehtFverb[of books, films, conversations, etc] to be able to rated as sexually explicit [for example, the word ติดหม้อ]
ติดแร้ว dtitL raaeoHverbto get stuck in an animal snare
ติดโรค dtitL ro:hkFverbto catch a disease
ติดลบdtitL lohpHverb, transitiveto be in deficit to the amount of; to be on the debit side
ติดลบdtitL lohpHadjective[is] below zero (of temperature)
ติดลมdtitL lohmMverb[of talking or speaking] to speak profusely (continuously, continually, incessantly, eloquently, volubly, glibly, garrulously, loquaciously)
ติดลมdtitL lohmMverb[of a kite] to catch the wind
ติดลูกdtitL luukFverb, intransitiveto bear fruit; to fruit
ติดไว้ dtitL waiHverb, formalto attach; stick; connect
ติดไว้dtitL waiHadjective[is] attached; stuck
ติดไว้ก่อนdtitL waiH gaawnLverbto put on hold for a while
ติดสตางค์dtitL saL dtaangMverb[same as ติดเงิน]
ติดสอบdtitL saawpLverbto sit (for), do or have an exam (and thus can't go anywhere or do anything)
ติดสอยห้อยตามdtitL saawyR haawyF dtaamMverbto follow closely; to accompany
ติดสัดdtitL satLadjective, phrase[used of animals only; however, if used of humans, this idiom will be extremely caustic and vulgar] in heat; in rut; in season
ติดสายdtitL saaiRverb, phrase[is] on the line; speaking on the telephone; on another call
ติดสาวdtitL saaoRverbto be infatuated (obsessed, besotted, bewitched, captivated, carried away, enamoured, enraptured, fascinated, possessed) with/by a woman or young girl
ติดสำนวนdtitL samR nuaanMverb, transitiveto be in the habit of parading idioms; to be fond of quoting from or citing (the classics)
ติดสินบนdtitL sinR bohnMverbto bribe; to buy off; to corrupt; to grease the palm or hand of; to pay off
ติดแสตมป์dtitL saL dtaaemMverbto affix a stamp
ติดหญิงdtitL yingRverb[same as ติดสาว]
ติดหนี้dtitL neeFverbto owe money
ติดหนี้dtitL neeFadjective[is] behind in one's debt payments
ติดหนี้ติดสินdtitL neeF dtitL sinRverb, phraseto get into debt
ติดหนุ่มdtitL noomLverbto be infatuated (obsessed, besotted, bewitched, captivated, carried away, enamoured, enraptured, fascinated, possessed) with/by a man or young man
ติดหม้อdtitL maawFverb, colloquial, vulgar[impolite slang] to be very fond of (women's) vagina(s)
ติดหล่ม dtitL lohmLverbto be stuck in mud, to get stuck in the bog or quagmire
ติดหล่อdtitL laawLverb[used critically of a male] to be fixated on the desire to look nice, handsome, neat, fashionable and stylish all the time
ติดหลังแหdtitL langR haaeRverb[negative connotation] to get involved, พลอยฟ้าพลอยฝน (to suffer from or become mixed up with others [wrongdoers] without actual participation, to be involved with others). The expression ติดหลังแห has long been misspelled as ติดร่างแห - until the mistake has become widely, nationally, accepted. [rolleyes]
ติดหวัดdtitL watLverbto have or catch a cold; to catch cold
ติดหิดdtitL hitLverbto have scabies
ติดหูdtitL huuRverb[of expressions, buzzwords, songs, etc] to have become popular and been used a lot
ติดหูdtitL huuRadjective[of a song] [is] stuck in one's head; unable to stop hearing in one's mind
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