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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3369 Thai words on 68 Pages

Page 45
ติดเหล้า dtitL laoFadjective[is] addicted to alcohol
ติดเหล้างอมแงมdtitL laoF ngaawmM ngaaemMverbto be extremely (severely, seriously, fatally, irrecoverably, utterly) addicted to drinking; to be alcoholic
ติดอกติดใจdtitL ohkL dtitL jaiMadjective[same as ติดใจ]
ติดอยู่ก็แต่dtitL yuuL gaawF dtaaeLphrase"The only obstacle is..."
ติดอยู่ที่ปากdtitL yuuL theeF bpaakLadjective, adverbon the tip of one's tongue
ติดอยู่ในกิเลสdtitL yuuL naiM giL laehtLverbto remain attached to depravity; sensuality; lust; lustful desires; sins; human passion; unbridled desires
ติดอยู่ในใจdtitL yuuL naiM jaiMadjectivesuspicious; doubtful; subject to mental reservations
ติดอยู่ในใจdtitL yuuL naiM jaiMverbto remain suspicious; is untrusting
ติดอยู่ในโลกdtitL yuuL naiM lo:hkFverbto remain attached to the affairs of the earthly world
ติดอยู่ในหัวdtitL yuuL naiM huaaRverb, phraseto stick in one's head; [is] unable to forget
ติดอ่างdtitL aangLverbstutter (consistently)
ติดเอดส์ dtitL aehtLverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto have AIDS
ติด ๆdtitL dtitLadverb[ติด ๆ] consecutively
ติด ๆ กันdtitL dtitL ganMadjective, adverb, phraseconsecutively; successively; in sequence; running; sequentially; uninterruptedly; consecutive; successive
ติดดินdtitL dinMverbto live humbly; maintain a simple lifestyle
adjective[is] down to earth; unpretentious
ติดหมัด dtitL matLadverbimmediately; all at once; suddenly; abruptly; suprisingly
ติ๊ต่างdtiH dtaangLadverbsupposing; let's suppose...
ติติงdtiL dtingMverbto reproach; censure; reprove; blame; reprimand; criticize; blame
ติ๊นา dtiH naaMproper noun, loanword, EnglishTina [an English given name]
ติปาถะdtiL bpaaM thaLadjective[is] diversified; sundry; miscellaneous
ติ๋ม dtimRproper noun, person, colloquialTim [a common Thai female nickname]
adjective, colloquial[is] timid; shy; coy; girlish; sissy
ติ่มซำdtimL samMnoun, loanword, Chinesetim sum; dim sum; dimsum [a Chinese food style];
ติมอร์dtiL maawMnoun, proper noun, geographicalTimor
ติมอร์เลสเต้dtiL maawM laehtF dtehFproper nounTimor-Leste
ติรัจฉานdtiL ratH chaanRnounanimals (not including humans); an animal
ติรัจฉานกถาdtiL ratH chaanR gaL thaaRnounworldly talk; childish talk; aimless talk
ติรานา dtiL raaM naaMproper noun, geographicalTirana, the capital city of แอลเบเนีย  (Albania)
ติวdtiuMverb, colloquialto study or "cram" for an exam
verb[ติววิชา] to cram for an exam; attend cram courses
ติวเข้มdtiuM khemFverb, phraseto cram for an exam; provide intensive training
ติววิชาdtiuM wiH chaaMverb[ติววิชา] to cram for an exam; attend cram courses
ติ้ว dtiuFadverb[of revolving, whirling] very fast; dizzyingly
adverball abuzz; busily
nouna fortune stick
nouna counting tally marker
adjective[รัดติ้ว] excessively tight; skin-tight
ติวเตอร์dtiuM dtuuhrMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loan word] tutor
ตี dteeMverb, transitiveto beat; hit; strike; or whip
noun[การตี] [activity] hitting
(of a ticket) to purchase; (of a check) to write
morning hours between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.
to install; affix; attach; assign
verb[ย่อมจะตี] will inevitably hit
ตีก้น dteeM gohnFverbspank
ตีกรรเชียงdteeM ganM chiiangMverb[ตีกรรเชียง] to row (a boat); backstroke
ตีกรรเชียงdteeM ganM chiiangMverb, idiom[ตีกรรเชียง] to backslide; evade (e.g. on a promise or on one's responsibility)
ตีกรรเชียงdteeM ganM chiiangMverbto backstroke
ตีกรรเชียงdteeM ganM chiiangMverbto row with oars (as a boat)
ตีกรับdteeM grapLverbto beat a [certain] Thai wooden rhythm instrument
ตีกลองdteeM glaawngMverbto drum; to beat a drum
ตีกลองเพลdteeM glaawngM phaehnMnounsounding of a drum marking the hour of eleven
ตีกลับdteeM glapLverbto reject; return (an object)
ตีกินdteeM ginMverbto take advantage immorally; take unfair advantage of
ตีเกราะเคาะไม้ dteeM grawL khawH maaiHphraseto beat the drums as a warning
ตีขนาบdteeM khaL naapLverbto make a pincer movement; to attack from two sides
ตีขลุม dteeM khloomRverb, idiomto make a false claim
ตีขลุมdteeM khloomRtake what one is not entitled to; take something as one's own
ตีขลุมdteeM khloomRverbto assume
ตีไข่แตกdteeM khaiL dtaaekLverb, phrase[in sports] to score a point or goal coming from behind; score first
ตีไข่ใส่สีdteeM khaiL saiL seeRverb, phraseto sugarcoat, gild the lily, embellish, exaggerate
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