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มอ ม้าhorseThe 33rd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ม (ม)
TIS-620 value: 0xม (ม)

4075 Thai words on 82 Pages

Page 37
มื้อค่ำmeuuH khamFnounevening meal; supper; dinner
มื้อเช้าmeuuH chaaoHnounbreakfast
มื้อเที่ยงmeuuH thiiangFnounlunch; noon meal
มื้อเย็น meuuH yenMnounsupper; dinner; the evening meal
มื้อเย็นมื้อนั้นก็อาจเหลือเบะบะ meuuH yenM meuuH nanH gaawF aatL leuuaR behL baLexample sentence"That evening some food might be left over uneaten."
มื้อหนึ่ง meuuH neungLone meal
มื้อหนึ่งเป็นร้านซูชีที่ "แป้ง"พาไป ปลาชิ้นใหญ่มากจนแทบไม่เห็นข้าวmeuuH neungL bpenM raanH suuM cheeM theeF bpaaengF phaaM bpaiM bplaaM chinH yaiL maakF johnM thaaepF maiF henR khaaoFexample sentence"One meal, in a restaurant that Paeng took us to, was a sushi restaurant and had pieces of fish, so large that we could hardly see the rice."
มื้ออาหารmeuuH aaM haanRnouna meal
มุก mookHnounoyster
adjective[is] boastful
verbto pull a prank on; make a joke out of
มุกด้านmookH daanFverba bad joke
มุกดา mookH daaMnoun, formalopal
proper nounMukda [a Thai given name]
มุกดาหาร mookH daaM haanRproper noun, geographicalMukdahan, a province in northeastern Thailand with a 1995 population of 317,642 (rank 66 of 76)
noun, proper noun, formal, loanword, Palipearl
มุกดาหารหมอกมัว mookH daaM haanR maawkL muaaMnoun, phrase, colloquial, poetic(hazy foggy) moonstone
มุกเดน mookH daehnMproper noun, geographicalMukden, former name of Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning Province, China; the ancestral capital of the Manchus, who ruled China from 1644 to 1911
มุขmookHadjectiveleading; principal; front
nounfront porch; front balcony; verandah
noun, loanword, Paliface; visage
noun, loanword, Palipath; way; entrance
noun, loanword, Palimouth
noun, loanword, Palileader; head; chief
cunning trick
มุขmookH khaL[alternate pronunciation of มุข]
มุขตลกmookH dtaL lohkLnouna sense of humor
มุขตลกmookH dtaL lohkLnouna [usually spoken] joke or gag
มุขบาฐmookH khaL baatLnoun, loanword, Pali[pedagocial] a method of teaching in the ancient time in which knowledge is passed on by oral account. No written means or records.
มุขปาฐะmookH khaL bpaaM thaLnoun, loanword, Pali[pedagocial] a method of teaching in the ancient time in which knowledge is passed on by oral account. No written means or records.
มุขมนตรี mookH khaL mohnM dtreeMnounhigh-ranking (senior) government advisor
มุขยmookH khaL yaHnoun, loanword, Paliprincipal; leader; chief
มุขยประโยคmookH khaL yaH bpraL yo:hkLnoun[Thai grammar] main clause; independent (principal) clause of a sentence
มุง moongMverbto thatch; to roof
verbto crowd around; throng; gather around; rubber-neck
มุ่ง moongFverbto intend; aim at; set at goal of
มุ่งเน้นmoongF nenHverbto emphasize; focus on
มุ่งไปสู่moongF bpaiM suuLverbto head for; move in the direction of
มุ่งมั่น moongF manFadjective[is] engrossed (in); [has] immersed oneself (in); [is] absorbed (in); concentrating (on); working hard (on)
มุ่งร้ายmoongF raaiHverbto bear ill will; intend to do harm; have bad intention; bear malice toward somebody
มุ่งส่งmoongF sohngLverb, phrasedirect
มุ่งหน้าmoongF naaFverbto head (for); to head towards; to make for
มุ่งหมาย moongF maaiRverbto aim at or for; to intend; to mean; to endeavor; to attempt
มุ่งหวังmoongF wangRverbto aim for; to hope for
มุ้ง moongHnounmosquito net
มุ้งกันยุง moongH ganM yoongMnounmosquito net
มุ้งลวด  moongH luaatFnoundoor or window screen
มุ้งสายบัวmoongH saaiR buaaMnoun, colloquial, idiomjail; “the clink”; “lockup”; prison
มุ่งมาดmoongF maatFadjective[is] determined
verbto aim at; intend; expect; look forward to; desire; hope for
มุ้งมิ้งmoongH mingHadjective[is] is cute; adorable
มุด mootHverbto duck underneath; to burrow; to hide; to lodge inside
มุทะลุ mooH thaH looH[is] hasty; reckless; rash; impetuous
มุทิตา mooH thiH dtaaMnoun, formal, loanword, Palikindliness; benignity; rejoicing with others in their good fortunes
มุ่น moonFverb(of hair) to knot; to twist or roll up; to tie up in a bun
adjective[is] anxious; concerned; apprehensive; worried
มุม moomMnounangle
noun[of a street or room] a corner
noun[แมงมุม] spider
classifier[numerical classifier for corner]
มุมกลับmoomM glapLnounreflex angle; an angle of more than 180 degrees, but less than 360 degrees
มุมขนาด 90 องศาเรียกว่ามุมฉากmoomM khaL naatL ohngM saaR riiakF waaF moomM chaakLexample sentence"A 90 degree angle is called a right angle."
มุมคานmoomM khaanMnouncrossbar; support bar
มุมฉาก  moomM chaakLnoungeometric right angle; 90° angle; an angle of 90 degrees
มุมฉากจะมีมุม 90 องศาmoomM chaakL jaL meeM moomM ohngM saaRexample sentence"A right angle is equal to 90 degrees."
มุมถนน moomM thaL nohnRnounstreet corner
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