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แผนก  phaL naaekL 
contents of this page
1.department; division
2.[numerical classifier for department]

Royal Institute - 1982
แผนก  /ผะ-แหฺนก/
[นาม] ส่วนย่อย.
[นาม] พวก, หมู่.

pronunciation guide
Phonemic Thaiผะ-แหฺนก
IPApʰà nɛ̀ːk
Royal Thai General Systemphanaek

1.   [noun]
department; division

classifierแผนก phaL naaekL[numerical classifier for department]
synonymแพนก phaL naaekLsector; division; department
examplesแผนกต้อนรับphaL naaekL dtaawnF rapHhotel reception desk
บานแผนกbaanM phaL naaekLtable of contents
phaL naaekL khreuuangF dtaengL gaaiM booL rootL
men's wear department
saanR deeM gaaM phaL naaekL khaH deeM aaM yaaM khaawngR phuuF damM rohngM dtamM naengL thaangM gaanM meuuangM
The Supreme Court's Criminal Tribunal for Political Office Holders
saanR deeM gaaM phaL naaekL khaH deeM aaM yaaM phuuF damM rohngM dtamM naengL thaangM gaanM meuuangM
The Supreme Court, section for Criminal Cases for Persons in Political Positions
saanR deeM gaaM phaL naaekL khaH deeM aaM yaaM
Criminal Division of the Supreme Court
saanR deeM gaaM phaL naaekL khaH deeM lohmH laH laaiM
Bankruptcy Division of the Supreme Court
saanR deeM gaaM phaL naaekL khaH deeM raaengM ngaanM
Labor Division of the Supreme Court
saanR deeM gaaM phaL naaekL khaH deeM phaaM seeR aaM gaawnM
Tax Division of the Supreme Court
saanR deeM gaaM phaL naaekL khaH deeM yaoM waH chohnM laeH khraawpF khruaaM
Child and Family Division of the Supreme Court
saanR deeM gaaM phaL naaekL khaH deeM sapH sinR thaangM bpanM yaaM laeH gaanM khaaH raH waangL bpraL thaehtF
Division of Intellectual Property and International Trade of the Supreme Court
saanR deeM gaaM phaL naaekL khaH deeM singL waaetF laawmH
Environmental Division of the Supreme Court
saanR deeM gaaM phaL naaekL khaH deeM phuuF baawM riH pho:hkF
Consumer Division of the Supreme Court
saanR deeM gaaM phaL naaekL khaH deeM leuuakF dtangF
Election Division of the Supreme Court
แผนกจ่ายยาphaL naaekL jaaiL yaaMdispensary
phaL naaekL chookL cheernR laeH ooL batL dtiL haehtL
Emergency Room Department
แผนกผู้ป่วยนอกphaL naaekL phuuF bpuayL naawkFOutpatient Department
แผนกผู้ป่วยในphaL naaekL phuuF bpuayL naiMInpatient Department
แผนกผู้ป่วยหนักphaL naaekL phuuF bpuayL nakLIntensive Care Unit
แผนกรังสีกรรมphaL naaekL rangM seeR gamMRadiology Department
phaL naaekL haawngF bpaL dtiL batL gaanM thaangM gaanM phaaetF
Laboratory Department
แผนกศัลยกรรมphaL naaekL sanR laH yaH gamMSurgical Department
แผนกวิสัญญีphaL naaekL wiH sanR yeeMDepartment of Anesthesia
phaL naaekL gooL maanM waehtF chaH gamM
Pediatrics Department
phaL naaekL suutL naH reeM waehtF chaH gamM
Obstetrics - Gynecology Department
แผนกอายุรกรรมphaL naaekL aaM yooH raH gamMInternal Medicine Department
แผนกจักษุphaL naaekL jakL sooLOphthalmology Department
แผนกหู คอ จมูกphaL naaekL huuR khaawM jaL muukLEar nose and throat Department
แผนกเภสัชกรรมphaL naaekL phaehM satL chaH gamMPharmacy Department
แผนกจิตเวชphaL naaekL jitL waehtFPsychology Department
huaaR naaF riiaF raiM ngernM jaakL phaH nakH ngaanM thookH khohnM seuuH nangR seuuR phimM maaM aanL ganM naiM phaL naaekL
"The boss collected donations from all the workers to buy the newspaper for them to read in the office."
. ได้ข่าวว่าเธอเข้าวีนในที่ประชุมเมื่อวานนี้ ไม่กลัวว่าแผนกเราจะมีปัญหาเหรอ
daiF khaaoL waaF thuuhrM khaoF weenM naiM theeF bpraL choomM meuuaF waanM neeH maiF gluaaM waaF phaL naaekL raoM jaL meeM bpanM haaR ruuhrR
"I heard that you threw a fit in the meeting yesterday; aren't you afraid that our group will have a problem with this?"
. ก่อนร่วมงานควรเตรียมตัวให้พร้อมในการจำชื่อหัวหน้าแผนกต่าง ๆ เพื่อนร่วมงานต่าง ๆ ให้ถูกต้อง...
saamR gaawnL ruaamF ngaanM khuaanM dtriiamM dtuaaM haiF phraawmH naiM gaanM jamM cheuuF huaaR naaF phaL naaekL dtaangL dtaangL pheuuanF ruaamF ngaanM dtaangL dtaangL haiF thuukL dtawngF
"3. Before you get to the party you should prepare yourself by correctly memorizing the names of the various department heads and the other people attending..."
khaoR daiF leuuanF dtamM naengL bpenM huaaR naaF phaL naaekL
"He has been promoted to become the department head."
เอ็นจีโอปัจจุบันทำงานเหมือนข้าราชการอีกแผนกหนึ่ง รักษาโครงการที่ได้รับทุนสนับสนุนให้คงอยู่ต่อไปเป็นเป้าหมายหลักมากกว่าอื่นใดทั้งสิ้น ทั้งนี้ ยังไม่พูดถึงการแย่งผลประโยชน์กันเองอย่างหน้ามืดตามัว
enM jeeM o:hM bpatL jooL banM thamM ngaanM meuuanR khaaF raatF chaH gaanM eekL phaL naaekL neungL rakH saaR khro:hngM gaanM theeF daiF rapH thoonM saL napL saL noonR haiF khohngM yuuL dtaawL bpaiM bpenM bpaoF maaiR lakL maakF gwaaL euunL daiM thangH sinF thangH neeH yangM maiF phuutF theungR gaanM yaaengF phohnR bpraL yo:htL ganM aehngM yaangL naaF meuutF dtaaM muaaM
"Today’s NGOs operate like government institutions. Perpetuating programs for which they have received funding is their primary objective, more than any other motivation. And, we have not even discussed their unflinching efforts for their own personal benefits."
2.   [classifier]
[numerical classifier for department]

แผนก phaL naaekLdepartment; division
exampleประจำแผนกbpraL jamM phaL naaekL[of an official or government position] [is] sectional
This word contains an initial consonant cluster which follows the general clustered consonant tone rule. This is the common case for clusters in which: As shown in the phonemic transcription result, the tone of the syllable as a whole is determined by the consonant class of the first consonant in the cluster.

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