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ขอ ไข่eggThe 2nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ข (ข)
TIS-620 value: 0xข (ข)

3245 Thai words on 65 Pages

Page 9
ขร้ำkhramFnouncasing, surrounding wall
ขริบkhripLverbto trim, prune, clip; hem;
ขรึม khreumRadjectivereserved; solemn
ขรึมขลังkhreumR khlangRadjective[is] awe inspiring, solemn
ขรุขระ khrooL khraLadjective[is] rugged; jagged; rough
ขรุขระkhrooL khraLadjective[is] uneven, bumpy, not smooth
ขลัง khlangRadjective[is] magically potent; sacred
noun[ความขลัง] magical power; alchemy; supernaturalism
ขลับ khlapL[euphnious prefix]
noun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] club
ขลับkhlapLadjective[is] shiny; polished; gleaming; lustrous
ขลาด khlaatLadjectivetimid; fearful; cowardly
noun[ความขลาด] cowardice
adjective[ขี้ขลาด] [is] cowardly
ขลาดกลัวkhlaatL gluaaMadjective[is] cowardly; faint-hearted; timid; fearful; spineless; yellow
ขลิบ khlipLverb, colloquialto circumcise; to remove or cut off the prepuce of (a male or female), the clitoris or labia of (a female) [especially] as a religious (mostly Islamic or Muslim) rite
nouna circumcised or cut penis
adjective[of a penis] circumcised
noun[การขลิบ] circumcision (operation)
ขลุก khlookLverb[is] immersed; busy; occupied; absorbed (with)
onomatopoeia[ขลุก ๆ] [sound of bubbling]
ขลุก ๆkhlookL khlookLonomatopoeia[ขลุก ๆ] [sound of bubbling]
ขลุกขลักkhlookL khlakLadjective[is] difficult, hard, not smooth, rough
ขลุกขลิกkhlookL khlikLadverb[in a noodle dish] with only a little water added
[is] small; little
ขลุบ khloopLnounball used in sports
ขลุม khloomRnounmuzzle for a horse
ขลุ่ย khluyLnoun[musical] flute
noun[ขลุ่ยอู้] [musical] Thai flute, largest sized
ขลุ่ยอู้khluyL uuFnoun[ขลุ่ยอู้] [musical] Thai flute, largest sized
ข่วงkhuaangLnoun[Northern dialect] terrace; open area
ขวด khuaatLnounbottle
classifier[numerical classifier for bottles and bottled substances]
ขวดแก้วkhuaatL gaaeoFnounglass bottle
ขวดนม khuaatL nohmMnounbaby bottle; milk bottle
ขวดนมเด็ก khuaatL nohmM dekLnounbaby bottle
ขวดยาkhuaatL yaaMnounmedicine bottle
ขวดใส่สบู่เหลว khuaatL saiL saL buuL laayoRnounliquid soap dispenser
ข่วน khuaanLverbto claw at; to scratch
ขวนขวายkhuaanR khwaaiRverbto try hard; to exert oneself; to make an effort
ขวบ khuaapLclassifier[numerical classifier for year of age, used particularly in counting a child's age]
ขวบปี khuaapL bpeeMnounanniversary
ขวย khuayRadjective[is] bashful; embarrassed; shy
ขวยเขิน khuayR kheernRadjective[is] embarrassed; shy; bashful
ขวยอายkhuayR aaiMadjective[is] shy; timid
ขวัก khwakLprefix[euphonious prefix]
ขวักไขว่khwakL khwaiLverb[ขวักไขว่] to move about in helter-skelter fashion
ขวัญ khwanRnounmorale; fortune; luck; courage; heart; spirit; prosperity; merit
nounwhorl of hair on top of the head; cowlick
nounanimistic life force; vital essence of all living things including plants and animals, especially crops
ขวัญใจ khwanR jaiMproper noun, personKwanjai; Qwan-jai [a Thai female given name] (darling, sweetheart, favorite, beloved)
ขวัญใจkhwanR jaiMnoundarling, beloved, favored candidate (politics)
ขวัญใจใจ หนึ่งในลูกน้องที่ผมชี้นิ้วสั่งได้ เป็นคนที่ผมชอบที่สุดkhwanR jaiM jaiM neungL naiM luukF naawngH theeF phohmR cheeH niuH sangL daiF bpenM khohnM theeF phohmR chaawpF theeF sootLexample sentence"Kwanjai, one of my employees whom I can order around is someone whom I like very much."
ขวัญชัย khwanR chaiMproper noun, personKwanchai [a Thai male given name]
ขวัญเสียkhwanR siiaRadjective[is] afraid; fearful; disheartened; unnerved; scared; demoralized
ขวัญหนีkhwanR neeRadjective[is] frightened; terrified; scared; startled
ขวัญหนีดีฝ่อkhwanR neeR deeM faawLadjectivefrightened; terrified; scared; startled
ขวัญหายkhwanR haaiRadjective[is] scared; startled; fearful
ขวัญอ่อน khwanR aawnLadjective, phrase, colloquial, idiom[is] faint-hearted; easily frightened
ขวัญจิตkhwanR jitLproper nounKhwanchit [a Thai given name meaning "darling, sweetheart"]
ขวับkhwapLadverbinstantly; suddenly; abruptly; rapidly
nouncrack of a whip; swish of a whip abruptly
ขวา khwaaRadjective, adverbright direction (opposite of left); right side
adverb[ข้างขวา] on the right; towards the right
adjective, adverb[เบื้องขวา] to the right
ขวามือ khwaaR meuuMadjective, formal, ancientright-hand; right hand
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