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ขอ ไข่eggThe 2nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ข (ข)
TIS-620 value: 0xข (ข)

2888 Thai words on 58 Pages

Page 32
ขึ้นรา kheunF raaMverbto become moldy or mildewed
ขึ้นราคา kheunF raaM khaaMverbto increase the price
ขึ้นเรือ kheunF reuuaMverbto board a boat
ขึ้นโรงขึ้นศาล kheunF ro:hngM kheunF saanRverbto file a lawsuit
ขึ้นศาลkheunF saanRverb, intransitiveto go to court; to litigate
ขึ้นสนิม kheunF saL nimRverbto rust
ขึ้นสมองkheunF saL maawngRadjective[is] embedded in one's memory
ขึ้นสมองkheunF saL maawngRverbto firmly bear in mind; keep firmly in mind
ขึ้นสมองkheunF saL maawngRverbto enter one's brain
ขึ้นสวรรค์kheunF saL wanRverb, phrase, colloquialto go to heaven
ขึ้นสวรรค์kheunF saL wanRverb, phrase, colloquial, idiom[sexual connotation] to attain orgasm
ขึ้นเสียง kheunF siiangRverbraise the voice
ขึ้นหิ้งkheunF hingFverb, phraseto shelve; put out of the way
ขึ้นหิ้งkheunF hingFverb, phrase[of a politician] to promote to an out-of-power position
ขึ้นอยู่กับkheunF yuuL gapLverbto depend on
ขึ้นอยู่กับkheunF yuuL gapLadjective[is] under; [is] affiliated with
ขึ้นอยู่กับข้อเท็จจริงที่ว่า kheunF yuuL gapL khaawF thetH jingM theeF waaFverb, phrase, formalto depend on the fact that
ขึ้นอยู่กับสถานการณ์kheunF yuuL gapL saL thaanR naH gaanMverb, phrase[it all] depends; depends on the situation
ขึ้นคาน kheunF khaanMadjectiveuncontestable; having no opponent; nonpareil
adjective, colloquial[slang for] an old maid or a spinster (a woman who has never been married, especially an old or middle-aged woman
ขึ้นฉ่าย kheunF chaaiLnouncelery
ขึ้นต้นkheunF dtohnFto begin; commence; start
ขืน kheuunRverbto resist; disobey; oppose; insist on
conjunctionif [indicating a condition with negative consequences]
ขืนใจkheuunR jaiMverbto rape; act against someone's will
ขืนปล่อยไว้แบบนี้ ต้องแย่แน่ ๆ เลยkheuunR bplaawyL waiH baaepL neeH dtawngF yaaeF naaeF leeuyMexample sentence"If we leave it like this, something terrible will happen for sure."
ขืนไม่ยอมบอกความจริงอีก ฉันจะเลิกคบเธอจริง ๆkheuunR maiF yaawmM baawkL khwaamM jingM eekL chanR jaL leerkF khohpH thuuhrM jingM jingMexample sentence"If you still wouldn't tell me the truth, I'd break up with you for sure."
ขื่นkheuunLadjective[is] bitter-sour tasting
ขื่อ kheuuLnounbeam; stocks; horizontal piece of supporting wood of a roof; joist
noun, figurativerules; laws
ขุด khootLverb, transitive, intransitiveto dig; dig out; unearth; excavate
ขุดค้นkhootL khohnHverbto delve; dig out; excavate; explore; search; unearth
ขุดคุ้ยkhootL khuyHverbto expose; bring up again
ขุดโค่นkhootL kho:hnFverbto root out
ขุดโค่นkhootL kho:hnFverbto overthrow; bring down; oust; overcome; overpower; topple
ขุดโค่นถอนโคนkhootL kho:hnF thaawnR kho:hnMverbto overthrow
ขุดเจาะkhootL jawLverbto drill; bore; drill for oil or water
ขุดเจาะน้ำมันkhootL jawL namH manMverbto drill for oil
ขุดดินกินหญ้าkhootL dinM ginM yaaFverb, phraseto eke out a living; scratch out an existence
ขุดต้นไม้ต้นนั้นขึ้นมา ฉันจะเอาไปให้เพื่อน khootL dtohnF maaiH dtohnF nanH kheunF maaM chanR jaL aoM bpaiM haiF pheuuanFexample sentence"Dig up that tree, I am going to give it to my friend."
ขุดบ่อล่อปลาkhootL baawL laawF bplaaMverb, adverbto shoot fish in a barrel; easy pickings
ขุดรากถอนโคนkhootL raakF thaawnR kho:hnMverb, phraseto extirpate; abolish; annihilate; destroy; uproot
ขุดแร่khootL raaeFverb(of minerals, ore) to mine
ขุดหินปูนkhootL hinR bpuunMverb, phrasecleaning (one's teeth); to remove plaque (from one's teeth)
ขุดออก khootL aawkLverbto dig up; take out by digging
ขุน khoonRnoun, proper noun, person, pronoun, formal[the lowest rank of the ancient Thai civil nobility: ขุน, หลวง  (Luang), พระ  (Phra), พระยา  (Phraya), เจ้าพระยา  (Chao Phraya)] a regional ruler in the time before Thailand came under one sovereignity; sovereign; leader; head; chieftian; overlord; suzerain
noun[chess] the king
verb, transitive, intransitiveto feed; to nourish; to breed; to raise; to rear
adjectivebig; large; gigantic; great
noun, formal[ลูกขุน] jury; juror
ขุนเขาkhoonR khaoRnoun, poeticgreat mountain
ขุนค้อนkhoonR khaawnHnoun, proper nounThai name for the West Ham United F.C. (East London)
ขุนโจรkhoonR jo:hnMnounbandit chief
ขุนพล khoonR phohnMnounwarlord
ขุนพลkhoonR phohnMnounmilitary commander; army commander; military leader
ขุนศึกkhoonR seukLwarlord; warrior; military chief
ขุนให้อ้วนพีkhoonR haiF uaanF pheeMverbto feed and nourish until fat, plump and strong
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