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ขอ ไข่eggThe 2nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ข (ข)
TIS-620 value: 0xข (ข)

3245 Thai words on 65 Pages

Page 32
ขี้ฉ้อตอแหลkheeF chaawF dtaawM laaeRadjective[is] dishonest; deceitful; habitual cheat
ขี้เซาkheeF saoMadjective[ขี้เซา] halfsleep; sleepy; sluggish; torpid
ขี้ตะกรันkheeF dtaL granMnoun[ขี้ตะกรัน] slag; residue; dregs
ขี้ตะกั่วkheeF dtaL guaaLnoun[ขี้ตะกั่ว] the scum that forms on the surface of molten lead
ขี้ตะไบkheeF dtaL baiMnouniron filings
ขี้ตั๊ว kheeF dtuaaHnoun, adjective[Isaan dialect] "Liar!" — to lie
ขี้ตาkheeF dtaaMnouneye snot; eye secretion
ขี้ตืดkheeF dteuutLadjective[ขี้ตืด] stingy; cheap; parsimonious
ขี้ตื่นkheeF dteuunLadjective[ขี้ตื่น] [is] excitable; alarmed
ขี้ตู่kheeF dtuuLverbto be apt or prone to make false claims
ขี้แตกขี้แตนkheeF dtaaekL kheeF dtaaenMadjective, phrase, colloquial[is] scared shitless; very afraid
ขี้ไต้kheeF dtaiFnountinder (used to light fires)
ขี้เถ้า kheeF thaoFnounash
ขี้เถ้ากลบเพชรkheeF thaoF glohpL phetHnounan activity which starts out good and end up bad
ขี้นก kheeF nohkHadjective, phrase, figurative, formal, idiom[usually preceded by ฝรั่ง ] fake; phoney; bogus; spurious; pretended; feigned; sham; low-class; inferior; insignificant; meaningless; worthless
ขี้นอกkheeF naawkFadjective, colloquial[is] provincial, straight off the farm
ขี้บ่น kheeF bohnLadjective[ขี้บ่น] to nag; nagging
ขี้บุหรี่ kheeF booL reeLnouncigarette ash
ขี้ปะติ๋วkheeF bpaL dtiuRadjective, colloquial, idiom[ขี้ปะติ๋ว] trifling; petty; trivial
ขี้ปากkheeF bpaakLnoungossip; wide-spread talk
ขี้ผงkheeF phohngRnountrash, rubbish
ขี้ผึ้ง kheeF pheungFnounbeeswax
ขี้ผึ้งทาริมฝีปาก kheeF pheungF thaaM rimM feeR bpaakLnounlip balm
ขี้ฝุ่น kheeF foonLnoundust; dirt
ขี้พยาบาทkheeF phaH yaaM baatLadjective[ขี้พยาบาท] vindictive; vengeful; wanting revenge
ขี้แพ้ชวนตีkheeF phaaeH chuaanM dteeMverbto remain quarrelsome after defeat; be a sore loser
ขี้ฟันkheeF fanMnounparticles in-between the teeth
ขี้มันkheeF manMadjective[ขี้มัน] [?] [southern Thai dialect] [is] stingy
ขี้มันkheeF manMadjective[ขี้มัน] [?] [southern Thai dialect] [is] playfully deceptive
ขี้มูกkheeF muukFnoun[ขี้มูก] mucus
ขี้มูก kheeF muukFnounsnot; mucus; boogers
ขี้เมา kheeF maoMadjective[ขี้เมา] drunkard; drunken; very drunk; often drunk
ขี้โม้kheeF mo:hHadjective[ขี้โม้] [is] boastful
ขี้โมโหkheeF mo:hM ho:hRadjective[ขี้โมโห] [is] resentful; easily mad; irritable
ขี้ไม่ออกkheeF maiF aawkLverb, phrase[is] unable to defecate; is constipated
ขี้ยาkheeF yaaMnoundrug addict
ขี้ยางลบkheeF yaangM lohpHeraser shavings
ขี้แย kheeF yaaeMadjective, colloquial[ขี้แย] given to crying; crybaby
ขี้ระแวงkheeF raH waaengMadjective[ขี้ระแวง] [is] suspicious; distrustful; doubtful
ขี้รังแค kheeF rangM khaaeMnoundandruff
ขี้ราดโทษล่องkheeF raatF tho:htF laawngFverb, phraseto deflect blame to someone else
ขี้เรื้อนkheeF reuuanH[ขี้เรื้อน] [is] mangy (of a dog)
ขี้โรคkheeF ro:hkFadjective[ขี้โรค] sickly; frail; weak; ailing
ขี้ลืม kheeF leuumMadjective[ขี้ลืม] [is] absent-minded; forgetful
ขี้เล่นkheeF lenFadjective[ขี้เล่น] [is] playful; joking
ขี้วีนkheeF weenMadjective[is] a whiner; a compainer; tempermental
ขี้สงสัยkheeF sohngR saiR[ขี้สงสัย] suspicious; dubious; doubtful; skeptical [the person with the feeling]
ขี้สงสารkheeF sohngR saanRadjective[ขี้สงสาร] overly sensitive [regarding the person with the feeling]; soft-hearted
ขี้หงุดหงิดkheeF ngootL ngitLadjective[ขี้หงุดหงิด] irritable; irritated
ขี้หมูราขี้หมาแห้งkheeF muuR raaM kheeF maaR haaengFphrase, colloquial[is] trivial; insignificant
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