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ขอ ไข่eggThe 2nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ข (ข)
TIS-620 value: 0xข (ข)

3245 Thai words on 65 Pages

Page 8
ขยะมูลฝอยkhaL yaL muunM faawyRnounwaste; refuse; rubbish; garbage
ขยะสังคมkhaL yaL sangR khohmMnoun, idiom"The scum of the society."
ขยะแขยงkhaL yaL khaL yaaengRverbto feel disgusted; to feel repugnant; to feel repulsive; to revolt at the sight of something
adjective[น่าขยะแขยง] [is] disgusting; repugnant; detestable
ขยักkhaL yakLverbto withhold some (amount); to save; to keep back or hold back some (amount)
ขยักขย่อนkhaL yakL khaL yaawnLverb, adverbto waver; to fluctuate; to be uncertain; to be hesitant; to be wavering
ขยัน khaL yanRadjective[is] diligent; industrious; persevering; (mentally) hard-working
ขยันขันแข็งkhaL yanR khanR khaengRadjective[is] (mentally) hardworking; industrious; diligent; assiduous
ขยันขันแข็งkhaL yanR khanR khaengRadjective[ขยันขันแข็ง] [is] diligent; hard working; diligent
ขยันตัวเป็นเกลียวkhaL yanR dtuaaM bpenM gliaaoMadjective, idiom(physically) hardworking
ขยันตัวเป็นเกลียวหัวเป็นน็อตkhaL yanR dtuaaM bpenM gliaaoM huaaR bpenM nawtHadjective, phrase, colloquial, idiom(physically) hardworking
ขยันทำงานกับคนบ้างานต่างกันอย่างไรkhaL yanR thamM ngaanM gapL khohnM baaF ngaanM dtaangL ganM yaangL raiMexample sentence"How is a hard worker different from a workaholic?"
ขยันหมั่นเพียรkhaL yanR manL phiianMadjectivepersevering; persistent; industrious; hardworking
ขยันเหมือนมด khaL yanR meuuanR mohtHexample sentence, idiom"To be as diligent as an ant."
ขยั้นkhaL yanFadjective[is] intimidated (by); fearful (of)
ขยับ khaL yapLverb, transitive, intransitiveto move oneself; to move about; to reposition one's body; to budge
ขยับขยายkhaL yapL khaL yaaiRverbto move and expand or improve; enlarge;
ขยับขยายจนกลายเป็นสวนยางที่พร้อมจะให้ผลผลิตบนพื้นที่ถึงเกือบห้าสิบไร่khaL yapL khaL yaaiR johnM glaaiM bpenM suaanR yaangM theeF phraawmH jaL haiF phohnR phaL litL bohnM pheuunH theeF theungR geuuapL haaF sipL raiFexample sentence"He expanded [his holdings] until he had a productive rubber plantation extending some fifty rai."
ขยับเขยื้อนkhaL yapL khaL yeuuanFverb, transitive, intransitive, phraseto move; to budge; stir; shift
ขยับตัว khaL yapL dtuaaMverbto move oneself
ขยับตัวไม่ได้ khaL yapL dtuaaM maiF daiFverbcan't move one's body
ขยับออกไป khaL yapL aawkL bpaiMverbmove back
ขยาด khaL yaatLadjective, colloquial[is] fearful; intimidated; timid; horrified; afraid
ขยาย khaL yaaiRverbto expand; enlarge; amplify; inflate; magnify
ขยายความkhaL yaaiR khwaamMverbto explain; expand; amplify; explain in detail
ขยายความเกินจริงkhaL yaaiR khwaamM geernM jingMverb, intransitive, phrase, formalto exaggerate; to get blown something out of proportion
ขยายตัวkhaL yaaiR dtuaaMverbto expand; enlarge; inflate [intransitive]
ขยายตัวติดลบkhaL yaaiR dtuaaM dtitL lohpHverbto grow negatively; contract
ขยายผลkhaL yaaiR phohnRverbto extend results; magify and outcome
ขยายพันธุ์khaL yaaiR phanMverb, phraseto breed; propogate species
ขยายมุมkhaL yaaiR moomMverbto expand or broaden the angle
ขยายเวลา khaL yaaiR waehM laaMverbto extend for a time; to prolong; to belabor; to perpetuate; to delay
ขยายสำนักkhaL yaaiR samR nakHverb, phraseto expand [one's] presence
ขยายเสียงkhaL yaaiR siiangR[ขยายเสียง] to amplify (sound)
ขยายออก khaL yaaiR aawkLverbexpand; expand out; extend
ขยำ khaL yamRverbto knead with the hands, to blend together or co-mingle
ขย้ำ khaL yamFverbto masticate; devour; chew; mouth
ขยิบ khaL yipLverbto wink; to blink; to twinkle
adverbsuddenly; at once; in a wink; in an instant
ขยิบตา khaL yipL dtaaMverb[of a male gesture] to wink with one eye
ขยิบตาให้รู้เป็นเลศนัยว่าให้หยุดพูดkhaL yipL dtaaM haiF ruuH bpenM laehtF naiM waaF haiF yootL phuutFexample sentence"Wink to send me a hidden signal that I should stop talking."
ขยี้ khaL yeeFverbto crush; rub; mash
ขยี้กามkhaL yeeF gaamMverbto rape
ขยี้ตาkhaL yeeF dtaaMverbto rub one's eyes
ขยี้แผลkhaL yeeF phlaaeRverbto rub salt in a wound; aggravate
ขยุกขยิก khaL yookL khaL yikLverbto fidget; to squirm; to wriggle; to writhe
adjective[of handwriting] squiggly
ขยุกขยุย khaL yookL khaL yuyRadjectivejumbled; in a disorganized pile; messy
ขยุบ khaL yoopLadjectivesquiggly; wiggly; creeping like a worm
ขยุ้ม khaL yoomFverbto grab a handful; to scoop up with the hand
nouna handful
ขร.khaawR raawMproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for กรมการขนส่งทางราง] DRT
ขรก.khaawR raawM gaawMnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ข้าราชการ]
ขรม khaL rohmRadjective[is] raucous
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