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ศัพท์และวลีที่ใช้ประจำวัน » ไม่สามารถทำได้
Useful Vocabulary and Phrases » Inability to Do Something (negative resultative construction)

กลั้นน้ำตาไม่อยู่glanF namH dtaaM maiF yuuL[is] unable to hold back one’s tears
กลืนไม่เข้าคายไม่ออกgleuunM maiF khaoF khaaiM maiF aawkL[is] in an awkward predicament; in a quandary; in a dilemma
กลืนไม่ลงgleuunM maiF lohngM[is] unable to swallow; can't tolerate
กัดไม่ปล่อยgatL maiF bplaawyLto take serious action; act tenaciously; refuse to let go
กินไม่ลงginM maiF lohngM[is] unable to swallow or consume
กู่ไม่กลับguuL maiF glapL[is] unable to answer a call to return; irredeemable; too far gone; unable to be changed; unstoppable; incurable
เก็บอาการไม่อยู่gepL aaM gaanM maiF yuuL[is] unable to hide one’s feelings
เกิดไม่ทันgeertL maiF thanMto be before one's time; happen before one was born
แก้ไม่ตกgaaeF maiF dtohkL[is] unable to solve (a problem, e.g.)
แก้ไม่ออกgaaeF maiF aawkL[is] unable to solve; unable to unravel
โกรธไม่ลงgro:htL maiF lohngM[is] unable to get angry at; unable to bring myself to get mad
ขบไม่แตกkhohpL maiF dtaaekL[is] unable to solve the problem
ขัดไม่ออกkhatL maiF aawkL[is] unremovable (as a stain); can't rub it out
ขาดไม่ได้khaatL maiF daiFcannot be without; must have
ขี้ไม่ออกkheeF maiF aawkL[is] unable to defecate; is constipated
เข้าไม่ถึงkhaoF maiF theungR[is] unable to reach or attain
ค้นไม่พบkhohnH maiF phohpH[is] unable to locate
คาดไม่ถึงkhaatF maiF theungRto be unable to anticipate
คาดไม่ถึงkhaatF maiF theungR[is] unexpected; unforseen
คิดไม่ตกkhitH maiF dtohkL[is] unable to think about; unable to figure out [what to do]
คิดไม่ถึงkhitH maiF theungR[is] unexpected; unable to anticipate; beyond one's comprehension
คิดไม่ถึงkhitH maiF theungRcannot understand
คิดไม่ออกkhitH maiF aawkL[is] unable to resolve; stymied
คิดอะไรไม่ออกkhitH aL raiM maiF aawkL[is] unable to get my brain into gear; can’t even get my head in motion; my brain refuses to work
คุมไม่อยู่khoomM maiF yuuL[is] unable to control
ใช้ไม่ได้chaiH maiF daiF[is] unusable; unacceptable; unable to be done; worthless
ซักไม่ออกsakH maiF aawkL[is] unable to be cleaned; impossible to wash out
ดิ้นไม่หลุดdinF maiF lootL[is] unable to stop struggling
ดูไม่จืดduuM maiF jeuutLto not look good
ดูไม่ออกduuM maiF aawkL[is] unable to comprehend; unable to make out [what something is]
เดาไม่ถูกdaoM maiF thuukL[is] unable to guess; cannot guess correctly
เดาไม่ออกdaoM maiF aawkL[is] unable to guess
เดินไม่เรียบdeernM maiF riiapF[of an engine] to run rough
ไม่ได้maiF daiF[is] unable to; cannot
ตั้งตัวไม่ติดdtangF dtuaaM maiF dtitLto muddle through; to struggle ahead; to soldier onwards
ตัดสินใจไม่ถูกdtatL sinR jaiM maiF thuukL[is] unable to make up one's mind
ตามไม่ทันdtaamM maiF thanM[is] unable to follow or catch up with; cannot understand what someone is saying
ตีบทไม่แตกdteeM bohtL maiF dtaaekLto play a role poorly; be unable to perform
ถ่ายไม่ออกthaaiL maiF aawkL[is] unable to eliminate; constipated
ถือไม่ไหวtheuuR maiF waiR[is] unable to carry
เถียงไม่ได้thiiangR maiF daiF[is] unable to protest; unable to disagree; cowed
ทนไม่ไหวthohnM maiF waiRcan no longer bear it; can't stand it
ทาบไม่ติดthaapF maiF dtitL[is] not comparable; not as good as
นอนไม่หลับnaawnM maiF lapLto have insomnia; can't sleep
นั่งไม่ติดnangF maiF dtitL[is] unable to sit still; to have ants in one's pants (to not be able to keep still because you are very excited or worried about something)
นึกไม่ถึงneukH maiF theungR[is] unexpected
นึกไม่ออกneukH maiF aawkL[is] unable to think of (something); to have no idea; can't figure out; can't work something out mentally
บอกไม่ถูกbaawkL maiF thuukL[is] unable to explain; can't tell; can't say why; can't explain
บินไม่ขึ้นbinM maiF kheunF[is] unable to fly
ปลุกไม่ตื่นbplookL maiF dteuunL[is] unable to wake (someone up)
ปิดไม่มิดbpitL maiF mitHto fail to close completely; leave ajar
ปิดไม่สนิทbpitL maiF saL nitLto leave adjar; fail to close tightly
ไม่เป็น maiF bpenMcan not; can't; cannot; [is] unable to
ไปไม่ถึงbpaiM maiF theungR[is] unable to reach
ไปไม่ถึงbpaiM maiF theungR[has] not arrived
พร้างัดปากไม่ออกphraaH ngatH bpaakL maiF aawkL[is] quiet; unwilling to speak; (you can't pry a word out of him)
พูดไม่ชัดphuutF maiF chatHto not speak clearly
พูดไม่ออกphuutF maiF aawkL[is] unable to speak; is at a loss for words
ฟังไม่ทันfangM maiF thanM[is] unable to understand [one's rapid speech]
ฟังไม่ออกfangM maiF aawkL[is] unable to hear; can't hear; can't make out what he is saying
มองไม่เห็นmaawngM maiF henR[is] unable to see; cannot see; can't see (i.e. because the view is blocked or it is too distant)
ไม่ทันส่งmaiF thanM sohngL[is] not able to be sent (or submitted) on time
ไม่ไหวmaiF waiR[is] incapable; intolerable; not able
ยกไม่ไหวyohkH maiF waiR[is] unable to lift
ยิ้มไม่ออกyimH maiF aawkLto smile with difficulty
แยกไม่ขาดyaaekF maiF khaatL[is] unable to separate
แยกไม่ออกyaaekF maiF aawkL[is] unable to separate out; cannot tell (two things) apart
รั้งไม่อยู่rangH maiF yuuL[is] unable to be controlled; cannot be tied down
รับไม่ได้rapH maiF daiF[is] unacceptable; unable to accept as a fact
รู้เท่าไม่ถึงการณ์ruuH thaoF maiF theungR gaanMto be unaware of the facts or consequences; be oblivious, unaware
ล้างไม่ออกlaangH maiF aawkL[is] unable to wash it out
ลุกไม่ขึ้นlookH maiF kheunF[is] unable to stand up
เลี้ยงไม่เชื่องliiangH maiF cheuuangF[is] untamable (animals); [is] untrustworthy (humans); uncivilized; wild; barbaric; uncontrollable; lacking in discipline
เลี่ยงไม่พ้นliiangF maiF phohnH[is] unavoidable
ไล่ไม่ทันlaiF maiF thanM[is] unable to catch up with
วิ่งไม่ทันwingF maiF thanM[is] unable to catch up; unable to run fast enough
สตาร์ตไม่ติดsaL dtaadL maiF dtitL[is] unable to start; cannot start
สอบไม่ติดsaawpL maiF dtitL[is] unable to pass an examination; to fail a test
สอบไม่ผ่านsaawpL maiF phaanLto fail to pass (a test)
เสียบไม่เข้าsiiapL maiF khaoF[is] unable to plug in; can't insert
เสียไม่คุ้มsiiaR maiF khoomH[is] not worth paying for; not worth it
ใส่ไม่เข้าsaiL maiF khaoF[is] unable to insert; can't get it in
หลบไม่พ้นlohpL maiF phohnH[is] unable to avoid; cannot escape
หาไม่เจอhaaR maiF juuhrM[is] unable to find; to lose (something)
หาไม่ได้haaR maiF daiF[is] unable to find
หาไม่พบhaaR maiF phohpH[is] unable to find; to lose (something)
หายใจไม่ออกhaaiR jaiM maiF aawkL[is] unable to breathe; not breathing at all
หือไม่ขึ้นheuuR maiF kheunF[is] unable to protest; unable to disagree; cowed
อดไม่ได้ohtL maiF daiFcannot help but...
อดไม่ไหวohtL maiF waiR[is] unable to keep from (doing something)
อธิบายไม่ถูกaL thiH baaiM maiF thuukL[is] unable to explain; can't explain
อยู่ไม่ทนyuuL maiF thohnMcannot stand to remain
อ่านไม่ทันaanL maiF thanM[is] unable to read quickly enough to comprehend
aanL maiF ruuH reuuangF
"I can't understand what I'm reading." "I don't get this [what I am reading] at all."
อ่านไม่ออกaanL maiF aawkL[is] unable to read; can't make it (the words) out
เอาไม่ออกaoM maiF aawkL[is] unable to remove
เอื้อมไม่ถึงeuuamF maiF theungR[is] unable to reach

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