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เลขที่หนังสือเดินทางlaehkF theeF nangR seuuR deernM thaangMpassport number
thaaF aaM gaatL saL yaanM sooL wanM naH phuumM
Suvarnabhumi Airport
khoonM meeM nangR seuuR deernM thaangM maiH
"Do you have a passport?"
khoonM yaakL jaL bpaiM gapL phohmR maiH
"Do you want to go with me?"
phohmR jaL dtawngF dtaawL weeM saaF
"I have to (go) extend (my) visa."
khoonM kheeuyM bpaiM theeF gawL saL muyM maiH
"Have you ever been to Koh Samui?"
โบอิ้งbo:hM ingFBoeing (a U.S. company and brand of airplane)
คนขายตั๋วkhohnM khaaiR dtuaaRticket seller
เจ๊ทเล็กjetH lekH[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword, "jet lag"]
ทางทะเลthaangM thaH laehMby sea; via sea
theeF khaaiR batL yuuL theeF naiR khaH
"Where is the ticket office?"
meeM khraiM saaR maatF namM thiaaoF bpenM phaaM saaR angM gritL maiR khaH
"Is there someone who can give us a guided tour in English?"
chuayF thaaiL ruupF haiF naawyL khaH
"Can you take our picture, please?"
haawngF naamH yuuL theeF naiR khaH
[spoken by a female] "Where is the restroom?" — "Where are the washrooms?"
theeF khaaiR aaM haanR yuuL theeF naiR khaH
"Where can we get something to eat?"
theeF khaaiR khaawngR theeF raH leukH yuuL theeF naiR khaH
"Where can we buy souvenirs?"
thaangM aawkL yuuL theeF naiR khaH
"Where is the exit?"
chanR saaR maatF chaiH inM thuuhrM netH theeF neeF daiF maiH
"Can I get Internet access here?"
raH hatL phaanL kheuuM aL raiM khaH
"What is the password?"
chuayF khiianR haiF daiF maiH khaH
"Can you write it down, please?"
neeF kheuuM buuhrM tho:hM raH sapL khaawngR chanR
"This is my phone number."
chuayF sohngL khaawF khwaamM khaawF muunM haiF chanR duayF naH khaH
"Please send me an SMS message with the information."
buuhrM tho:hM raH sapL khaawngR khoonM kheuuM aL raiM khaH
"What's your phone number?"
eeM maehnM khaawngR khoonM kheuuM aL raiM khaH
"What's your email address?"
chanR saaR maatF chaageF khaawmM phiuM dtuuhrM daiF maiR khaH
"Where can I recharge my computer?"
chanR saaR maatF chaageF tho:hM raH sapL meuuM theuuR daiF maiR khaH
"May I recharge my cell phone?"
กระดาษทิชชู่graL daatL thitH chuuFtissue; kleenex; napkin; tissue paper
แผงขายหนังสือพิมพ์phaaengR khaaiR nangR seuuR phimMnewsstand
gaL rooH naaM gepL raawngM thaaoH khaoF haawngF phakH duayF naH khrapH
"Please keep your shoes in the room."
การหยุดระหว่างทางgaanM yootL raH waangL thaangMstopover in a journey
การหยุดพักgaanM yootL phakHlayover; break (in a journey)
baawM riH waehnM thaaF aaM gaatL saL yaanM jaL meeM phuuF khaawyM sohngL aaM natH sanR yaanM haiF thaekH seeF khaoF bpaiM rapH phuuF dooyM saanR
"The area of the airport will have a person giving signals to taxis entering to pick up passengers."
ที่วางกระเป๋าtheeF waangM graL bpaoRluggage rack; luffage compartment
ชานชลาchaanM chaH laaMtrain platform [alternative spelling of ชานชาลา]
เที่ยวกลับthiaaoF glapLreturn trip
เที่ยวไปthiaaoF bpaiMoutgoing trip
เกาะยาวgawL yaaoMKoh Yao Islands, Phangnga Province, Thailand
khoonM kheeuyM kheunF khreuuangF binM maiR
"Have you ever been on an airplane?"
ไปฮ่องกง บินสายการบินไหนดี
bpaiM haawngF gohngM binM saaiR gaanM binM naiR deeM
"To go to Hong Kong, which airline is better to fly with?"
phroongF neeH phohmR dtawngF binM bpaiM chiiangM maiL gapL jaoF naaiM
"I have to fly to Chiangmai with my boss tomorrow."
phohmR maiF chaawpF nangF khreuuangF binM
"I don't like flying." "I fdon’t like traveling by plane."
nangF khreuuangF binM dtrohngM naiR bplaawtL phaiM theeF sootL
"Where is the safest place to sit in an airplane?"
กระเป๋าเดินทางล้อลากgraL bpaoR deernM thaangM laawH laakFwheelie luggage
กระเป๋าเดินทาง graL bpaoR deernM thaangMtravel luggage; suitcase; baggage; luggage
พร้อมล้อหมุนphraawmH laawH moonR[is] ready to roll; already to travel
หนังสือนำเที่ยวnangR seuuR namM thiaaoFguidebook
นกแอร์nohkH aaeMNok Airlines, a low-cost airline in Thailand
ออกเดินทางaawkL deernM thaangMto depart (for an airflight, for example); leave; take off
โลว์ซีซั่นlo:hM seeM sanF[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] low season
ต่อเครื่องdtaawL khreuuangFto transit (from one flight to another, e.g.); connect (with another flight)
ล่องเรือสำราญlaawngF reuuaM samR raanMto go on a cruise; take a trip on a cruise ship
ฝ่าไฟแดงfaaL faiM daaengMto run a red light
เจ๊ตjetH[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] jet

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